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The bell rang, and Jackie shot up, having fallen asleep in the middle of class. She gathered her stuff and lazily dragged herself out of her seat, still groggy, and made her way to the door as everyone else left the class. "I need to sleep more." She grumbled as she headed into the hall way.

She dropped by her locker and grabbed her stuff out of it. "Hey Jackie." Came a voice. Jackie turned to see a girl named Kat. "You doing anything this weekend?" Kat asked. Jackie shook her head. "Nah, just, probably sleeping in. Since tomorrow's Saturday thinking of binging all those giant monster movies I got last week." Jackie said. "Well, instead of being up til six in the morning, wanna go hang out tomorrow?" Kat aksed. "OOOH! We could BOTH binge all my giant monster movies!" Jackie said eagerly. "Uh.... I mean.... I'd rather do something else, honestly." Kat said, clearly not interested.

"What movie you wanna start with? We could watch the original Gorganth movie! Thato ne's one of my favorites!" JAckie said.
Baku (played by Dreath)

Much like a startled cat Jackie leapt up as the bell rang. A pen resting on her hand flying over to hit a young man sitting in front of her in the shoulder. He had black hair that stretched below his ears and tanned skin with dark eyes mid way between green and brown. He wore a simple grey shirt, shirt sleeved buttoned shirt and jeans. As she got up and quickly made her way out he slowly packed up his things. His name was Blake and unlike Jackie he was advancing well in his studies and could stay awake during a day without needing to rest like some kind of narcoleptic feline. Putting the flung pen on her desk as he got up he wandered out with books under his arm.

Blake, instead of leaving wandered up to the teachers desk.
"Mr. Williams could I bother you for a moment before leaving? Would you be able to look this over for me real quick." Blake asks pulling out a book and opening it to a two page spread of some form of written piece. The rest of the students were pouring out with Jackie having already left before the bell stopped ringing.
Once Blake took the spread from Mr. Williams, he went out into the hall, hunting down Jackie before she left. "Jackie, I really odn't want to watch a giant monst-" Kat began, before Jackie's rambling interrupted her. "Then there's Cetatitan, she's like this giant whale monster thing, and we could start with her movies cause, hoyl crap she throws buildings!" Jackie said excitedly. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Came Mr. Williams' voice. JAckie froze. "Uh... hi, Mr. Williams." Jackie stammered. "You wouldn't happen to wanna watch a giant mosnter movie this weekend would you?" She asked.

"Ms. Corren, could you please follow me back to the class room? I would like to speak with you." Mr. Williams said. Jackie sighed, slumping forward as Mr. Williams headed off. "What'd you do this time?" Kat asked. "Nothing." Jackie retorted, following Mr. Williams back to the class room. "So, care to tell me why you fell asleep mid way through the class, again?" Williams asked. "I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately." Jackie began. "I was up all night.... uh.... studying! All I've been doing for the passed month after I got out of class." Jackie lied. "Jackie, your highest grades in this class are C's." Williams said, immediately seeing through the lie.
Baku (played by Dreath)

Blake was sitting off at a desk to the side with a book in his hands. He scanned over the page but was paying attention to Jackie and Mr. Williams. He was asked to stay back too but rather than stare at them he'd play dumb and look like he was otherwise occupied while they spoke. Though he was interested in why he was asked to stay for this. It was rather impromptu.
Jackie blinked. "That's why I've been studying?" She offered. "If you were really working to improve your grades you wouldn't be falling asleep in class." Williams said. "Take Blake here for example." Willaims said, indicating Blake. "Not only does he take his school work seriously, but because he takes his school work so seriously, he's an advanced student. From what I've been made aware of this is the one non AP class he has." Williams explained.

Jackie frowned and glared at the floor. She already got enough of this stuff at home. "You could be doing much better than you are now if you just tried. You could even ask your younger sister for help. She's arguably more advanced than even Blake is, not only taking high school courses whilst she's old enough to be in middle school, but taking the AP classes, and even a few college level classes." Williams said. "So?" Jackie asked, her frown only getting worse. "So, I would like to appoint Blake as a tutor for you until your grades improve. I'll be informing your mother of this as soon as you leave. From this point on, I'd like for you and Blake to meet after class for an hour or two to review your lessons from the day." Williams said. Jackie didn't respond. "Are you ok with this, Blake?" Williams asked.
Baku (played by Dreath)

Taking everything with a discreet smugness Blake learnt what he could regarding Jackie. The comments on her sister being younger and ahead of him earnt a roll of his eyes. Feeling a little taken back by it he let it go by without a word or comment. Though he was caught off guard with being assigned Jackie's tutor. Fumbling with his book he nearly dropped it and closed it as he looked to his teacher.
"Well this is. Unexpected." He said taking a moment to process after having it sprung on him.
"I mean I could, it would be a fun challenge." He says looking to Jackie and trying to wonder why it was sprung on him without warning.
"I don't need a tutor." Jackie retorted. "Your grades say otherwise." Williams said. He turned to Blake. "Well, I know this is a little sudden. Would you be able to get me an answer by Monday?" Williams asked.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Well I can surely work on it. It could be fun even if I go over it again. Would it be this class alone?" He asks regarding future details.
Mr. Williams shook his head. "I've spoken with her other teachers, and she's not doing much better in their classes." Williams said. "I don't need a tutor." Jackie repeated. She didn't wait for either Williams, or Blake to say anything before jsut walking out of the class room.

Williams shook his head and sighed. "Go ahead and think over it some over the weekend. If you have any questions don't be afraid to shoot me an email or something." Williams said. "You can leave now." He added.
Baku (played by Dreath)

Blake nodded and said goodbye to his teacher as he went to his locker.
"Sprung it on you too huh?" He asks Jackie as he leaves the room and heads to his locker. The halls were clearing out and only a few stragglers were left now
"Yeah, he did." Jackie retorted. "And like I said, I don't need a tutor, so don't bother. I can fix my grades by myself." Jackie said, mostly to just reaffirm that she could fix things on her own.

Elsewhere, in what looked liek a large fortress in the middle of a desert, a portal appeared above the fortress. "Crossing test number 22 started." Spoke a distorted voice. It originated from a shadow-like creature with yellow glowing eyes, as it fiddled with a console. A much, much larger dark mass began to move up to the portal. "Let's hope this works this time. Master's getting tired of the constant failures." The being at the console spoke.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Well clearly he thinks otherwise if he's assigning me to you. Didn't even know they could do that?" He said closing his locker and clicking the lock shut.

The portal started similar to an aurora and quickly developed a strange glassy look. A glass like film went over it which crumbled away leaving a ring that resembled crusty glass of various colours as the strange shattering shards faded. The colours grew more defined and stable.
"Systems stabilizing. Breach occurring in three, two, one." Claimed another shadowy figure with a more crackly voice that stood by an elongated terminal.
"Obviously he can." Jackie said, before the two continued on to leave. "And now I get to go home to another lecture from my mom about how 'I need to be more like my little sister'." Jackie grumbled as they headed out the front doors.

The dark mass moved up towards that glass-like film, and pressed into it. As it pressed into the film, a shock wave shot through the air. "Breach is still stable." Spoke another of the shadowy beings. A few seconds passed, before a terminal sounded an alarm, As the dark mass moved into the glassy film, cracks quickly began to spread across it. "The breach is destabilizing!" Spoke one of the shadowy beings.
Baku (played by Dreath)

"Wouldn't she make a better tutor then me?" Blake asks as the two wonder out before getting ready to part ways outside the school.

"Systems critical, gateway failing and failure imminent. Cut the power before it completely reverberates." One cries out as the terminals show numerous red bars and warnings flashing.
The dark mass quickly retreated as the glass y film cracked more and more. One of the shadowy beigns darted to a button on a wall and pressed it, shutting power to the generator off. The film collapsed into a small ball before it dissipated, letting out a powerful shock wave. A loud angry roar escaped fro the dark mass as it condenced into a more humanoid form. "What failed htis time?!" It demanded from one of the smaller shadowy beings. "The breach became usntable. Again." It explained.

In the distance a tall humanoid being watched the facility. They had greyish skin, with some portions of their body having a rocky carapace.

"Probably, but she doesn't have any classes with Williams." Jackie said. "So he can't really make her do anything." Jackie said. Suddenly, Jackie yelped as she felt a sharp pain in her head. Blake would feel a similar pain.
Baku (played by Dreath)

The one by the elongated terminal knelt to one knee in it's blank looking form and spoke.
"My lord the portal wasn't able to stabilize due to us trying to force our way through. The resistance of the worlds are too great and we can't produce enough energy to force our way through." It says with head lowered in hopes of avoiding ire from the rage filled mass.

"That figures, bit of a low blow calling her out to get to you." Blake says feeling a bit sorry for her if Jackie was intentional about wanting to improve. As she grasps her head Blake feels dizzy and closes his eyes. A strain similar to a migraine suddenly hitting him.
"What the hell?" Jackie asked, rubbing her head as the pain subsided. "What was that?" She asked, confused. "You ok?" She added.

The Dark figure leto ut an angered groan. "Than find out how we can cross over!" He hissed.
Baku (played by Dreath)

Blake stumbled back but regained his footing and opened his eyes as the pain faded.
"You two?" He says rubbing his temple. "Sudden headache too?" He asks.

"My Lord if our research is to be believed then we need a fault line between the worlds. Places where the barriers are naturally weaker. However the only places I'm aware of are with. Him." The kneeling figure says remaining coy with names. Sensing his masters aggression he quickly stands straight. "We shall double our efforts to find such a line my Lord."
"Then get on with it!" The Dark bein hissed.

Jackie nodded. "Yeah. That was weird." She said looking around. "Well, see ya." She said before she continued on.
Baku (played by Dreath)

With a quick bow the figure runs off. Behind them several other entities remain and follow after silently.

"Yea, bye." Blake says blinking tightly. "Weird." He says heading down the street towards his home. As he goes he looks around casually and notices how oddly quiet it is. Though he doesn't think much of it at the moment.

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