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Even when Yuri engaged in other conversation, he never let his gaze wandered far from his parents. He still couldn't believe that they entered this kind of life as if his own involvement was somehow destined. Even Lemon kept them in her stares, for which Yuri felt grateful for. By the time that the dinner ended, Yuri decided that he could never forgive his step-mother, and apparently, Lemon felt the same way.

As soon as the door closed behind them, she started to laugh, leaving Yuri out of breath and struggling to understand what happened. "What you just did? All you said was goodnight, so-!" Yuri didn't have a chance to finish the statement though as Lemon tumbled to the ground in her room, pulling him down with her. He started to push himself up but froze when he saw the way the dress framed her body, her hair haloed around her head. "Lemon...?" Scrunching back slightly, he watched as she crawled closer. For all that the motion sent his heart skittering, he couldn't escape either. His limbs felt locked, his mouth cotton-dry. "What do you mean by stay with you? I don't plan to run anymore, but I don't think that's what you're talking about, is it?" His voice dropped to the barest whisper and yet, he still didn't push her away.

Lemon’s cheeks are flushed as she listens to Yuri’s answer. She leans in closer to her heart beating faster and faster as her lips brush his ear. “Good don't run from me ever again …” she lets those words linger a moment before she continues “also my zipper is stuck again” Lemon quickly pecks Yuri’s cheek before she flung herself backwards in a fit of laughter. After a few moments Lemon stands up and holds her hand out to a rather dazed Yuri. Lemon knew it was wrong to steal that kiss but she saw a chance and she had to take. It was the first time Yuri has ever let his guard down and now it was hers forever and it could never be taken from her, even if Yuri does leave one day. After helping Yuri up lemon walks to the couch pulling out sheets and blanket for Yuri “for tonight because we both know you can’t go home tonight, I'm gonna change out of this thing” Lemon starts yanking on her dress as she walks toward her closet by the time she walks into it and closes the door she ends up just ripping the dress off and throwing it in a pile. She slowly pulls on an oversized sweatshirt and leggings. She digs in a bottom drawer finding a matching pair supper fluffy socks. Lemon comes out of her closet to see Yuri still with a look on his face she can't quite place.

For one second, Yuri's eyes went wide before he dropped his head back against the floor, suppressing a laugh. "Of course your zipper got stuck. Geez, Lemon..." She stalked away laughing while he just laid on the floor with his limbs splayed out like a piece of roadkill. This girl was dangerous for his heart. Stringing him up one second, she let him go flying the next. He wondered if she found it fun. "And I suppose you're right that I can't go home. Maybe tomorrow, but..." Even then he knew it was risky and far too awkward after tonight. He didn't want to, but he might have to take her up on the offer of staying forever.

While Lemon went to change, he peeled off his jacket and laid it across a chair before starting to spread the blankets out. It only hit him then that Lemon stole a kiss. It left him baffled so that when Lemon returned, he couldn't help but question it. "Hey, Lemon...could it be that you like me?"

Lemon was taken off guard by Yuri’s question and her eyes started to dance as searching for the right answer. Finally her lips parted “oh Yuri” she eyes grow darker and darker. Lemon closed the distance between them each step she took was deliberate and finally she was face to face with yuri. Slowly she reached her hand cupping his face “you already know the answer” she held his eye contact finally dropping her hand to her side. A smile crossed her face as her cheeks grow flush with nerves. “Now you that you have stopped playing stuoid have 3 options, 1) kiss me and we figure out the rest, then you and I put on theses matching fluffy bear socks 2)put on these fluffy bear socks and we pretend this never happened and go about business as usual and 3) you try to leave or run away … then my men hunt you down drag you back and I force you to wear the bear socks and you spend a night in the dungeon. It's your choice Yuri” Lemon always covered everything with humor but she really did wanna see him in the socks, it would at least be a good consolation prize, when she was almost positive he wouldn't reciprocate her feelings.

Yuri stood there stunned, his mouth open when Lemon closed the distance between them. Even when he suspected this himself, it didn't prepare him for the words that came. And what a strange mix of words they were. On edge and expecting a proper confession, it took a second for Yuri to even process the options that Lemon gave him. When he did, his brow furrowed as he let out a short laugh. "You are absolutely absurd." Shaking his head, he let the humor remain for one second more before his expression smoothed over with seriousness.

"Speaking seriously though, I've never been in love. I'm not used to kissing or thinking about people in that way. I want to like you Lemon. Maybe I already do. It's just..." He waved his hand in a vague manner. Nevermind that Lemon's options didn't account for explaining himself. They accounted for actions that he had no intention of settling into. A part of him couldn't take her threats seriously anyway. "Maybe I'm not meant to love people like that? But I don't want to ignore the fact that someone does like me like that..."

Lemon stood there dumb socks in hand she knew that statement would send Yuri in a tailspin she just didn't assume he would take her so seriously. Lemon caught herself almost rolling her eyes as Yuri stammered and tried to process everything. Finally Lemon held up her hand hoping he would just stop and as Yuri paused for air or maybe to think Lemon interjected before he could start again "Stop, for god's sake please stop," a slight laugh came out of Lemon. "You are overthinking and justifying everything again," Lemon took a few steps closer, This time she intentionally invaded Yuri's space as she wrapped her arms around Yuri's waste her head fitting perfectly under his chin. Lemon felt his body tense up, has he started to pull away and say something. Lemon’s hand shot up to shhs his mouth and her other hand gripped a bit tighter. LEmon squeezed her eyes tightly closed as she inhaled everything about him. “Look give me this moment, there is no black and white with love, no right and wrong way to love … we are all just winging it” Lemon let out a long sigh before continuing “now when I step back and let go of you... There will be no expectations we will keep living, taking each day as it comes and that may mean one day we are together but for now I’m happy ... I get you as my friend. Also, you will put on these awful matching socks I found to indulge my absurdness” With a last soft squeeze Lemon opens her eyes drops her hands and steps back from Yuri. She holds up the ugly teddy bear socks that match hers with a large smile on her face but her emerald eyes had a tinge of red to them.

Yuri feels dizzy with all the information that Lemon keeps pumping into his brain. Every time he thinks that he can escape from her suffocating presence, she steps closer and short-circuits his brain again. Is he really overthinking all of this? He just wants to find a solution that makes everyone happy and that doesn't normally come by winging it. Yuri does not wing things well. As Lemon's words sink in though, thinks that maybe, that is what he has to do. He gives Lemon one last look before he closes his eyes and counts to three. When he opens them again, his mind is clear and something like a smile on his face.

"Yes, of course you're right. And you know that I will always be thankful for our friendship," Yuri said as he took the socks. Sitting on the couch, he slid them on, wriggling his toes to show off the soft texture. "I don't think talking about romance will solve anything so, for now, we just...wing it." He sighed, unable to keep the wry smile from his lips. "I don't suppose you have any sweat pants that will fit me in there though? To match the socks?" He could sleep shirtless, but his dinner clothes definitely wouldn't serve well for pajamas if he was to sleep here.

Lemon clasp her hands together and lets out a little squeal “So cute and as for the clothing just hang on” Lemon looks around on the floor for her phone. She finally finds it snatching it up and dialing a few numbers “Hey Anna, Yuri would like some sweats for tonight and let's think about something for tomorrow as well, Yes,measurements are in his file, also can you bring up some tea and cakes from Chef.” Lemon let out a small giggle and a few more quick words before she hung up. Lemon looked over and smiled at Yuri “my head maid said she will have a girl bring them up in ten minutes give or take a few” Lemon looked back down at her phone see she had four missed calls and about a dozen text from Bronx, Lemon just sighed throwing her phone on her bed knowing Bronx must be drinking again. Lemon climbed on her bed tucking her legs under her and holding a pillow tight suddenly Lemons words came flowing out like water “Yuri, Tomorrow has my stomach in knots, it is my first time among lower families and members as the head. Also, I have know idea how to deal with your parents, see uncle Bob brings in alot of money to the family. Therefore,I can’t make Auntie Lee mad or Uncle Bob may use that money to back Bronx.” Lemon let out a long moan and fell backwards.

"Thank you," Yuri smiled when Lemon hung up the phone. It still amazed him how easily any commodity could be made with this family. Back home, wasn't he always the gopher that went for late-night grocery runs? Filled up the car with gas? Now he was in the position of power.

"Lemon..." He sighed and pulled himself up to perch on the bed's edge. He wasn't close enough to invade on Lemon's space, but still close enough for such an intimate conversation. "You're the strongest and bravest person I've ever met. You know what you want and every time I think it's impossible, you improvise with a smile. What do you have to worry about?" He grasped Lemon's hand, giving it a squeeze. "And even though I know I'm not much for conversation and balancing power, I will be by your side. I won't make my parents angry either although I'm still worried by that. I really had no idea my step-mother was like that..." He shook his head, but he refused to get tied up in knots himself over this. It was his turn to be the strong one.

Lemon's face smiled a wide smile as she thanked Yuri for his kind words. Lemon had to remind herself she had been trained since birth to hold this position but it was still intimidating at times. However, His words helped her regain some strength. The knock on the door caused lemon to spring up and pulling her hand from Yuri’s. As she opened the door a small maid and a large Bruce stood in the doorway. Lemon let the small girl come in with the bags and food to set up her small table in the corner of her room. As Lemon turned to follow the Maid the large Bruce excused himself and stated that he needed to discuss something. Lemon looked at the bruce and following him into the hall where she left the door cracked. There were some shouts and a nasty scolding coming from Lemon toward the Bruce. “What do you mean he is hear,....” The sounds faded in and out finally Lemon burst back into her room past Yuri to fling open her curtains to see the drunk Bronx passed out in the front pathway to the house, while his luxury sports car crashed into the front gate as the snow started to fall. She stomped back toward Bruce the muscle on her neck pulsing and her eyes full of rage “You idiot, You can't leave him in the snow, Just put him up for the night and Yuri will help you with any further questions ” Lemon whips her head at Yuri then back at the Bruce “That means do something including fixing the gate before I wake up tomorrow, Make sure it all gets done, or I swear to God I will literally devour someone.” Lemon slams the door as the maid and the Bruce leave. Lemon starts to pace and mumbled under her breath “stupid stupid, buthead” With a grown Lemon grabs her phone and starts reading the text after a few moments she looks up to see Yuri. She was so blinded by rage and normally alone that Lemon forgot Yuri was still there. Lemon set her phone down and padded her hands on her pants, trying to regain her composure. “Well Bronx is here”

When the maid and the Bruce entered, Yuri gave them a curious look but focused on the clothing that the maid had brought in. It looked like Lemon needed to talk with the Bruce so he took the time to go change in the sweats. However, it didn't take long for raised voices to reach his ear. He paused outside the closet door, leaning against it and just breathing. What in the world were they talking about? Who was here? As soon as he finished changing, he went back into the room just in time for Lemon to spin back in and throw open the curtains.

"Lemon, what-?" Yuri trailed off as he got a view of outside. Right. There was no need to question that. "Jesus Christ!" he cursed, fingers digging furrows into his forehead. How could this kind of thing keep happening left and right? He knew this was a mob family, but the disasters piled up way too quick. "Lemon?" He had to repeat her name twice because she appeared completely lost in her text messages and rage. The theory was only proven when she did look up and seemed surprised by his presence only a single foot away.

"Yeah, I saw. So...what are you doing about it?" he stated after a moment's pause.

Lemon’s next words came out a bit coarse it must have been the stress of the day. “It's Your job to deal with it, Make sure the Bruces take care of it and him before I wake up” Lemon slowly sunk to her knees and tears started to slowly roll down her face. She quickly tried to wipe them away and not look at Yuri for a moment but finally Lemon mumbled “I didn't mean to snap, I just wanted to eat cake and get some sleep tonight” Lemon’s eyes are tinged with red. How can Lemon explain why Bronx would crash into the front gate, it’s the same reason she won't directly attack Bronx. They have a long complicated history, this was the boy she grew up with, who used to live in her home, he saw her awkward years but most of all was there for everything with her mother. Now her and bronx can't even be in the same room. There was no way Lemon could explain all that to yuri and him not be more skittish than he already is. Lemon starts to speak again “This isn't the first time he’s gotten drunk and blown up my phone, Its happened several times over the past year, since the engagement was called off” she sighs and shakes her head “However, He has never shown up like this, I believe it's because of you Yuri, He is scared that maybe for once in my life I’m strong and happy without him.” Lemon pushes off the ground and climbs on her bed under her covers.

(I copied all of our last few of our posts from our rp in case the reboot loses the conversation.)

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