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Hello there, and welcome to RPR!
We're glad to have you and hope you enjoy your time on this site!

I am Pendanati, a fellow (relatively) new user and in my brief time here I've met so many wonderful people and experienced numerous amazing roleplays. So have no fear, you'll definitely find what you're looking for with us!

If you're interested or in need of this information, I have some quick tips and advice for getting started on this site!

○ Never be afraid to reach out to someone! We're a friendly bunch here.

○ Make sure you keep all 18+ content marked as mature, and all adult-themed roleplay searches in the "Adults Only" forum. You can adjust your settings to only receive messages from those aged 18+ too, to avoid complications.

○ Making it clear what you're looking for in roleplays is a huge help to us! For example, "I'm a third person writer, who enjoys novella styled posts."

○ Just be yourself and most importantly, have fun out there!

You just landed on RPR.. Dust yourself off! Welcome!

Good to hear you’re so experienced, it means you’ll settle in quick, welcome to RPR!

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Forums > Introductions > Hello everyone