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“...Should I guard her? Since I have all the stuff, you traveled lighter.”

“ you honestly think she helpless?” He pretends to bandage her. “ let’s go.”

“I don’t think she’s helpless, no, I just... I don’t know. Let’s go.” He shrugged, following after Pan.

Pan go ran to a nurse. I’m sorry we are brand new..we need to get medical supplies but don’t have the clearance.” They nodded and took them to the primary doctor. Who talked with pan who gave a very convincing story.

Brady stood nearby, staying quiet. He just simply observed his surroundings, his hand on the gun in his white coat’s pocket.

He grabbed all the medicine he could take before pan yanked you in. Just before a pill or of fire went down the hall.

He looked surprised from the fire that suddenly sprouted. “Welp, she did her job well.” Brady said as he stuffed some medicine in his deep pockets.

“Grab only the ones you know are safe. I will grab slings casts and stuff like that.” He went to a closet.

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > The Darkest Minds