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I am super DUPER interested and have wanted to roleplay in this setting for a very long time.

Pretty awesome to see all this interest in Wild West! :)

bumping this!

Hi, I'm really interested in this!

I’ve always been a Wild West fan, so I’m BEYOND interested!

If it’s still open, of course!

Sent invites out! This is still open.


You know it. I hope it succeeds brilliantly!

Is this still open? I'm interested in joining

bumping this!
we’re starting to finish up the lore and the RPR group.

I'm interested if this is still open!

Same here! If you need my player account to send me an invite, just shoot me a dm or let me know here :)

I’m super interested! I can create a character for this right now.

I would like to join

Weird west with this much interest? Count me in! Let me know if still open. Currently no characters explicitly for the setting but will happily make one

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Forums > Looking for RP > Interest Check - Wild West RP