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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Sorrisky is always attentive and more than understanding when it comes to your needs. It almost feels like getting a custom fit when it comes to his plots and he is always willing to put up with just about anything I dish out. Not only can he take it, he can for sure dish it back. His long posts and wildly creative ideas are always a treat; not to mention his amazing use of resources and well-thought out original characters. I recommend him for any of your fantasy needs! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Eniiko

  • I have been writing with Eniiko going on for two years. Eniiko is a delight to write with as they are attentive, decisive, and are keen to communicate with you at all times depending on what is happening. They are always willing to develop well thought out writing opportunities and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for that long-term RPing experience. 10/10 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Sorrisky

  • So I have only been RPing with TheArcticAngel for a little while now, but I am so very glad they found my forum post. They are understanding and kind, and they surprise me with the things they do, and how they make my characters do things I orignally never thought they would do. They are making me see my characters in a new light and I love that. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aggy1231

  • It will always be difficult to say in 500 characters what MissPixie means to me. They are sweet, loving, caring, creative, and a whole mess of positive descriptors that I need to expand my vocabulary to even touch on. I could think of no other person I would wish to embark on starting a group with, nor who would care as much about our little community as MissPixie. Since we opened Hollow Peak I’ve learned that even the worst day working beside them is better than the best day without them there. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Kruhee

  • As of writing this (9-3-2020), it's been one month since I've launched a group on RPR with Kruhee...and I cannot put into words how proud I am to see it thriving! All of the hard work and dedication and creativity that Kruhee has put into everything shines so brightly. Hollow Peak would not be the place it is without Kruhee's charisma, charm, joy, laughter, dedication, and love. Thank you for embarking on this with me and your friendship through everything. You are amazing. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MissPixie

  • We are pretty pretty early on in our rp but I can tell it’s going to be a lot of fun they have a very good way with words and story telling and just goes amazing with my taste in rp (it’s like there reading my mind) they know how to progress without making it feel drawn out or boring it, I love their ocs and storytelling for sure Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ILoveAlexTurner

  • Makes interesting characters with inner turmoil that make you want to help them. Able to pull you into the mind of his characters and fun to rp with. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - EndPhase

  • His characters are very endearing! He's gifted at building plots efficiently, with an economy of words, which allows for a frequent responses and flexibility. I recommend you roleplay with him sometime. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Abigail_Austin

  • I made a new friend! This is my new friend! I very much like my new friend. He's a nerd just like me and we talk about all sorts of things but mostly we talk about our characters because they are the best. Eamon is adorable and I want to hug him stupid and ditto for Krogoth. So glad he came to me of all people to get back into rp! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • You know who I miss? Petro! I miss this guy so much! I miss his amazing posts (TheyarenottoolongIlovethemallshutup). I miss his adorable and quirky characters. I miss the way he used BBCode to give all his posts that extra level of life. I miss his friendly OOC chit chat. I miss his humor and his warmth and his charm. Such a good person and a good writer. He's even sending me great rp partners, like what?! Just really felt the need to say this guy is the best and thank you! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • Such A really nice person, helpful and willing to teach someone about fandom rp's. Also a great long term partner with fast replies. 10/10 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - WhatIsMyLifeATGA

  • What can I even say about LlamaMama? They are a beautiful writer and their posts always captivated me, I can’t even look away until I’m done reading it! Hey give such life and depth to their character that it’s hard to imagine they’re not real. The RP we have going on is hands down one of my all time favorites, and their kind words make me feel better when I’m self conscious about my writing. Keep up the amazing work you beautiful soul! Wonderful writer Long posts - VoidedCharisma

  • Have been Roleplaying with hanns here for about a month now and might I say that she creates some of the most interesting plots I have seen! She is very thorough in her work and is very lenient with posts taking longer. I have to say that the RP I am in with her is very enjoyable and it is a highlight to my day to wake up and see a post from one of our fellow RP members! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - 2pointO

  • Eli
    This person is perhaps one of my all time most favorite human beings to ever exist and I feel so graced to have her in my life. Our rps are never boring and we always chatter on the daily to the point I can't imagine going a single day without talking to her. She's absolutely wonderful and has been my rock through a lot. <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Tar_Pit

  • It was a pleasant surprise to receive a message from Sauron and start an RP with him. He's a wonderful writer and the plot we formulated together is absolutely delightful. And that's not mentioning that he's a swell guy- kind and understanding and I'm always happy to hear from him OOC. I highly recommend RPing with him! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Gear

  • Pip is a incredibly dedicated roleplayer. The mere fact she sat for half a day in pain with her lower back to roleplay with me and my friends shows tenacity that most don't have. I met her through Har and I have little to no regrets do far! She's kept communication up with me and understood what I'm looking for from the get go. Thank you Pip! Fast responses Long-term partner - Michonne

  • She's an amazing artist. And a amazing friend. Its unbelievable I have yet to give her kudos. Although we've always been respectful to each lately Stormtropa has shown her truer colors. She's even a part of my Twitch community and everyone adores her because despite her love for gore and darker things....she deep down inside is this precious Lily. I love you Stormtropa! Thank you for being a dear friend of mine. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Atropa is a girl that hit me out of no where. One day we just clicked and its been great ever since. I love how she sends me memes and cat gifts whenever I check in on her. She's an amazing artist with her dark style that is sure to make you fall for her even more. She has always flattered me my enjoying my characters and species as I her art and characters. You are a blessing girl, a dark one but a blessing none the less. <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Nekomanics

  • Cass is literally as beautiful at writing as she is in looks. She's a great girl and always has something creative to work with. Sometimes it's nice just to say "Hi how are you." and other times its just as amazing if asked to write with her. She's funny, kind and not to mention a babe! Look out she'll sweep you off your feet. Cass you truly are an amazing woman and i'm more than grateful to have met you years ago. <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Nekomanics

  • First off let me start out by saying Silver literally is an amazing person. I truly love this beauty more than most people would know. We started off rocky unsure of one another only to blossom into something many would not think possible. Silver you are a beautiful and old soul with the capability to surpass most writers I have ever encountered. I truly can't wait to start a story with you once more. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Nekomanics