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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Absolutely brilliant and a sweetheart. Between plotting, wonderful roleplaying, or plain bullshitting there is always fun to be had. Creative in every aspect, no character is ever the same, I love her mind! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Stoner

  • I was taken aback by how well this elusive individual managed to stalk me better than I stalked them. Cool to talk to and definitely funny. Winning me over being the first to quote lyrics to my favorite song, they are very observant and definitely full of surprise as everything they touch platinumize. <g> Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - KingTai

  • Koro is a sigma chad, so cool ong. I actually haven't roleplayed with rem before, but i have known rem through a really good friend of mine and i have seen how creative and expressive rei are. Rei are a excellent writer, good with asthetic design, and over are a pretty chill and nice person!! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Deltarunner

  • This mad lad? Awesome. Absolutely brilliant. Koro's roleplay style is amazing and just a really good pal in general. I highly recommend at least talking to rem! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Foxfarer

  • Absolutely beautiful. Utterly hilarious. Incredible writer, with so many ideas for stories and plots. I adore you, Lizzo. You and Tink are just like sunshine, or maybe even moonlight. You shine so bright, and have made my time in this community incredible. ilu Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Fire

  • Veil (played anonymously)
    Absolutely wonderful, the way they engage with characters and express their own is poetic and beautiful. Helpful, kind, understanding, and respectful. Knowledgable and spectacular in their use of vocabulary--I learn new words with them frequently. They are a treat to roleplay with and absolutely worth the time. Kind and understanding Helpful - Kieva

  • Words can not begin to describe what this wonderful creature means to me <3 one of my oldest and dearest friends from the very early days of Furcadia. From writing wild stories and characters together to being OOC support. Having the chances to both draw her amazing creations and writing with them has been a gift I will always cherish. She manages my shyte and keeps me sane. Helpful Long-term partner - Shaddy

  • Mirah (played by Shaddy)
    I have know this woman from the very early eras of Furcadia, our friendship and characters have stood together through the test of time. Her art and idea's are just as amazing as she! A storyteller through her writing and an all around magnificent person. Through thick and thin she has always been my light and has guided me through the trenches. Much love and respect for one of my OLDEST friends, and partner. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Themuse

  • Since I reached out to Alauntyrr, they've been the first to be able to keep up with my hyper post flow. And that really makes me happy because I haven't even lost interest in our plot yet, which is uncommon for me.
    I really appreciate their character, and they're posting flow! Concise posts Long-term partner - SillySpider

  • I was going through some of my old role plays and stumbled across one with JustAStory.

    Her replies are phenomenal and drive the story forward in a way that is exciting and fun. When we wrote together I was on the edge of my seat ready for more. I hope that we complete our story one day.

    10/10 recommend. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rigormortiful

  • Delilah (played anonymously)
    Although our one and probably only interaction was brief, it felt a bit therapeutic to briefly mourn and commiserate with another person who had lost their wife. Take care of yourself, Delilah. Kind and understanding Helpful - VoliminalVerse

  • I've rp'ed with vee before using bennet and it was a blast! vee is kind, honest, and creative! if u want somene to rp with Vee is ur person! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - GU7TMUNCH3RZ

  • Skep (played by Foxfarer)
    This skeleton is great, i love em! They are especially descriptive with playing him and you can tell the character means a WHOLE lot to them! I just wanna hug the skeleton so bad, he needs one man Kind and understanding Long posts - Deltarunner

  • They have a good special personal understanding of the character and of course they re amazing at playing him! Very much cannon! Alot of passion with playing this smort boy!! Drives the plot forward Long posts - Deltarunner

  • Skep (played by Foxfarer)
    It’s clear as day how much passion Pax has for writing Skep! His scenes are emotional and genuine, not to mention how amazing of a character Skep truly is. Definitely one of my favorite characters to RP with, and one of my favorite people to RP with, too. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Sunstruck

  • Caleb is amazing! I originally met him when doing my posting in the Introductions, welcoming people, when I noticed his profile picture being a character I knew. Upon checking the profile, Caleb was indeed into that Fandom, so I ended up PMing him and we've been RPing and having fun! I really recommend playing with Caleb, he's awesome and even has neat characters to choose from as well. :) Kind and understanding Fast responses - varian

  • Varian is an extremely nice person and excellent at roleplay too! I've only done one roleplay with them, but he is phenomenal at it. Along with that, he is extremely nice and just a cool guy to talk too! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sunstruck

  • If you haven’t at least talked to this guy, you’re really missing out. They are an awesome person to talk too and even though I have not roleplayed with them myself they are obviously an amazing writer. Also a lover of rats! How could it get any better than that? Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Foxfarer

  • Farer and I haven't roleplayed, but we chat a bit in DMs. They are a very friendly fellow, who is not only extremely fun to talk with but has amazing taste in games and franchises as well. I wish you all the best, Pax. :D Kind and understanding - DumboOctopus

  • Not only Masquerade is a wonderful and exceptional friend but also she is a marvelous writer as well. She is both super kind and understanding and her writing style are magnificent, her dialogues are magic, and the way she controls her characters in the story is sensational and excellent, and she is one of the top roleplayers on the site. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad