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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • SanityCatch is another one of my best friends from the online world. She's really nice and it's great fun to have conversations with her ooc! <3 - Loki

  • Asa (played by SanityCatch)
    Asa is a really fun character to play with! His special abilities make certain situations very interesting! He's really sweet and extremely friendly, he's willing to accept just about anyone as his friend! - Loki

  • Neji (played by Rubix)
    Neji is a really funny wolf! He loves hunting squirrels, even though he's easily ten times their size. He's a lovable goof, and for a wolf he's really easy to get along with! Just don't feed him any bad cupcakes! - Loki

  • Jon Blackstone (played by Rubix)
    Jon is a little on the quiet side, but that isn't a bad thing! He cares a lot about his friends and it shows. He's nice and fairly approachable, it's easy to make friends with Jon! - Loki

  • Ianto (played by Rubix)
    Ianto is a little gruff at first, but he's got a heart of gold. Being a tiger he's a bit awkward around humans, but give him a chance to open up and he could be the best friend you've ever had. - Loki

  • Draeval (played by Rubix)
    Draeval is one of the most awesome time travler's around! He's a little quirky but that's just part of his charm! Get to know him and the fun will never stop. :) - Loki

  • Mitchell (played by SanityCatch)
    Talk about a brainiac! No worries, he's extremely awkward so the brilliance is perfectly normal. Wait...that makes sense right? I think it fits anyway, moving on. Mitchell IS brilliant, he made a freaking TARDIS! So yeah, he is pretty much amazing and not nearly as socially awkward as Sheldon. - Rubix

  • Asa (played by SanityCatch)
    Oooooo gurl! Asa is sassy, he's also classy, and a little... Ahem. While Asa has the goofiest personality stemming probably from his love of everything dinosaur he's a little dirty but hey aren't the best things? Rawr! I love you Asa! - Rubix

  • Gabriel (played by Loki)
    Gabe is an often misunderstood character, but he's a wonderful one. Emotional and sweet oftentimes he gets lost in the crowd, but when he loves you and lets you into his world he's one of the best characters you can be around. - Rubix

  • Elsie (played by Loki)
    Talk about a heart of gold. Elsie has the most devotion, the most loyalty, and the most unconditional love there is around. She has passion for helping orphans, she has a love for her husband that is pretty much unmatched by anyone ever, and though a ditz at times she always finds a way to weasel (cutely) into your heart. - Rubix

  • Chiara (played by Loki)
    Most people think Chiara is boring, but the fact is that she is a remarkable intellectual with a heart the size of the universe. While she does guard her love somewhat, she opens up her home to every creature great and small (and oddly shaped). She has true passion and just requires you to seek her out. - Rubix

  • Branwen (played by Loki)
    Branwen is a difficult character in the respect that she puts up a wall against everyone else. However, when you peel back those layers (like an Ogre or a parfait or an onion) you find a shining little star. Who would also like to steal shiny things. She's got a true character depth that is just waiting for someone to unlock it. - Rubix

  • Drac is really cool. I've only RPed with him briefly a couple times, but the character seems really interesting and he's very kind. I've enjoyed every RP I've had with him and his back history is interesting! - CelestinaGrey

  • ULRIN IS FULL OF AWESOME AND EXCITEMENT. Really though, Ulrin is actually a really neat, interesting character. Very cool and interesting. Just like his player! - CelestinaGrey

  • Siuloir (played anonymously)
    There will never be a more amazing clockperson than Edward. He is the most amazing, adorable, loveable, cute, sweet, funny, silly, quirky person in the whoooole world. P.s. The hat. The hat is always amazing. - CelestinaGrey

  • Hello everyone. Look at your Sith Lord. Now back to Darth. Now back at your Sith Lord. Now back to Darth. Sadly, your Sith Lord isn't Darth. But if he stopped being a wimpy pansy and wore amazing hats and spoke with a British accent, he could almost be like Darth. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're on a RPing site with the Sith Lord your Sith Lord could be like. Anything is possible when your Sith Lord is Darth and not a pansy. - CelestinaGrey

  • I have finally started an RP with her, and I'm absolutely loving the character Cerridwen. Way cool, very interesting and fun to RP with. I'm always glad when I see a post from Niki! She is a great, sweet person and she's just been so amazing. I'm glad I've finally gotten the chance to talk to her more and share the love of...ARTEMIS FOWL!!! <3 - CelestinaGrey

  • So much in depth information on her page! Awesome character art! If I had a character that would work in this era I'd totally rp with her :D - Pineapple

  • Has absolutely no business being jealous, with his mad art skillz. HAS HE FORGOTTEN HIS SUPER POWERS? - Pyrroglaux

  • The Snail (played by Kim)
    When I told my boyfriend, who is very skeptical about roleplaying, that I knew someone who played a snail, he declared me mad. Then I showed him this very character and his protests were silenced forever, his enthusiasm irreversibly sparked. That, is how splendid this character is. - Pyrroglaux