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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Kyle (played anonymously)
    Creative and well thought out character. Not just another shapeshifting beast thing-a-mo-bob. Honest effort and actual conscious thought have been applied and personified into this one man. If you haven't had a chance to rolepay with him, you should really hop on the train. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Grimm (played by Taciturn)
    One word. Fantastically knowledgeable man that will give you a by blow to the brain if you're into Greek lore and lycanthrope lore. He's amazingly delicious for his classical portrayal of the werewolves in original creation, to putting a twist on it that not every other werewolf (or writer via stories) have done. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Project Sol (played anonymously)
    I love the fact he's always so willing to jump in and help. Be it, taking on a slave to individually train for a specialty item he's knowledgeable about that I failsauce on. To the point he's always happy to throw out his two scent about something that might need adjusting! Honestly a very decent and almost twisted character you'll want to get to know! - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Jihan (played by CrescentNomad)
    This character? Right here? Catch him any time you can. Literally or roleplay wise. Not just some other pretty whey face whimpy boy, a genuine well thought out character that's phenomenal in his presentation. Just.. I can't express it. You have to experience the Jihan to get it. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Is flat out awesome. Either format, the man is a wonderful and inspirational person to be around. Never doubting where you actually stand Oocly with him to the point of always questioning what going to happen Icly around him. He keeps you on your toes and is a fresh face in any roleplay. Just drag him kicking and screaming in, and it suddenly a whole new dimension! You should definitely take the time to get to know him. It's always a wonderful surprise :) - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Sexy,stunning and amazing. And we're just talking about the person first! Seriously creative person and imaginative. You either love to love her, or love to hate her <3 - TheCoffeeWolf

  • As I'm more of a returning costumer to her works of art than a friend I still have to say that AD is a very friendly person. Not only very creative when it comes to art in general, but also in the characters she plays. Brilliant <3 - Lyssic

  • An amazing mind that's always seeking out new answers and ways to fix things. Not to mention the individualism she puts into every character. And realism,lets not forget that. Just a really over all amazing person to get to roleplay with, a bigger heart than any Saint, and amazing. If you get the chance to know her don't turn it down. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Now this fella right here... Best kind of RP you'll find and you won't regret it. Worth staying up hours on end for a bunch of fun, trust me. Ha ha! - Vanessa

  • The Ibblybeast, singular and unique in nature and full of the most profound herring-related wisdom, is a grand creature worthy of adoration, praise and regular ceremonial offerings. I highly recommend paying appropriate tribute, lest it come in the night and steal your shoes. (Legend says it's a bloody good roleplayer, hilarious, clever and absolutely fabulous company, to boot.) - ARCHITECT

  • She is one of the nicest people I've ever had the fortune of knowing, and I've known her for.. five or six years now. She's caring, considerate, generous. One of the best friends in the world. - Eri

  • Well, she's just plain beautiful, ain't she? Quite genuinely one of the most subtly eloquent writers I've had the opportunity to roleplay with, and she always manages to convey her bright, warm personality through your screen. Poke her. She might squeak, but you won't regret it. :3 - -No

  • Warning: This woman has a deadly sense of humor. Talking with her many induce belly laughs, laughing until you cry, and possibly, literally rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. Literally, you will have no ass after you spend time around Shawn, because she'll probably claim it. And you know what? She should. She deserves it. - unlikelynominee

  • -No
    I've had the fortune of knowing Lu for little over a year now, but after talking with her a few times, it felt like we'd known each other for years. An intensely wise, and, at times, frighteningly witty and intelligent individual. This woman has literary insight that few have the fortune of even beginning to develop with their characters. A brilliant mind, and a lovely heart, you're missing out if you don't talk to her. - unlikelynominee

  • To say the very least, this gent right here has a colorful imagination. He easily transforms the quirky into endearing, and his quality of writing makes the RP experience with him something both beautiful, and relate-able. He has so many unique ideas and characters, and he proves to be just as fascinating and hilarious out of character as he is in character. - unlikelynominee

  • Phaedrus Metus (played anonymously)
    Salve! Bonvs miles tv fui :) Or in other words, great character! Good to see someone sticking to authenticity. - Yuka

  • He is an extraoridinary Rp partner, he immediatly added an opposing force into the rp that I was working on. He is equally excellent when in comes to character interactions. Ideally passionate when it comes to his words and style. - fallensiner

  • Roleplay with Nazhosh is a deeply sensual experience. I liken it to when you put your feet in one of those tanks, and all the little fishes gather around and suckle away your flesh. The words of each post gathers around my heart, and carefully erodes until all is smooth and suitable for flip-flops again. God I... wow, I'm getting really emotional, I'm sorry. Can we stop recording? - Resurrectionist

  • Kim
    Kim & one of my characters baked me the most loveliest cupcake ever for my birthday. I shall name him... Googlies and then lovingly devour him. Thank you! <3 - Copper_Dragon

  • Brutal, one word really. Strong. I have never had the pleasure of knowing someone quite like Brutal. A friend throughout the ages, no matter what. - Lyssic