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What would you like the RPR to get in 2019?

Normally on January 1st I'd post a list of my goals for the RPR in the upcoming year.

And even though I have plenty of ideas for things to do and ways to get more done, I thought this year, I'll mix it up --

If you were going to write the list of features and priorities you'd want to see the RPR receive in 2019, what would YOUR wish list look like?

I can't promise I'll do everything on your lists, but I do promise you'll have a major influence on what gets worked on this year! :)

Community Feedback

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  • SexySultryBabe

    January 11th 2019


    Anti and anyomous kudos
  • Dark_Goddess

    January 10th 2019


    Being able to add accents over letters in my characters' names in the links. Optional auto-renewal of Epic Membership.
  • Mina

    January 8th 2019


    I'd love for "user created" to be a subcategory in the templates section. It already has tags for dark, light, nature, etc. I like to browse what's new from time to time so this might make that easier.
  • Michonne

    January 3rd 2019


    Mobile flexibility increased.
  • Kim

    January 3rd 2019


    @SunnyD - Just about everything is on the table in terms of improvements, there, although not everything at once, if that makes sense.

    BTW, on the view and sort characters page, click and drag your characters into various categories, or use the filter dropdown to see them in specific orders. This page gets progressively more useful the more characters you have. :)
  • SunnyD

    January 3rd 2019


    With the newest News post out, I hope a reshuffle of the site is on the table (and not just making the UI design different). Browsing and navigating RPR feels... off somehow, I find some pages take more clicks to get to than they really should and other pages are slightly redundant - what's the point of "view and sort characters" via the Dashboard when the only thing I can do there is edit one character individually? I usually get to that page by clicking the pencil icon on the Dashboard anyway. Character sorting has similar, magnified problems (unable to do actions in batch, having to navigate several clicks into a character to change one thing, then having to do it again for another, that sort of thing).
  • StaticNightmares

    January 3rd 2019


    I'd like a feature for when you add someone to the chat, only the owner/maker of that chat has to approve the vote before they're let in. It becomes tedious for me when I want to add someone to a chat I made and I have to wait usually up to a week for that person to be voted in.

    Oh! And can like, a chat feature be made for groups? The forums are fine to roleplay on and all, but I personally prefer chat roleplays instead of forum roleplays.
  • RazleDazle

    January 2nd 2019


    There is a function where everyone gets a birthday message. I think it might be neat to include anniversary messages of when the people joined RPR. For example,

    'Hello from your character. You have been RP'ing with us for a year. Happy Anniversary!'

    Or maybe something to add to their dashboard that denotes how long they have been active on RPR. Not sure how difficult that would be to figure out, but it's a thought.
  • Claine

    January 2nd 2019


    Happy New Year Kim!!

    I know this is a long shot but It's like map functionality like on Roll20. Art the moment we're pretty much using two sites for one RP.

    I'd also like the dice roller updated so you can input your own custom number (roll a "d61" of that's how many options you have)

    I'd like to see the return of the art trades!

    And also seconding/thirding whatever foreign characters in character names.
  • BunBunUke

    January 2nd 2019


    I would like an opportunity to share the stories I’ve written with a chance for donations... that’s about it...

    Happy new year :)
  • Dunedain-Ranger

    January 2nd 2019


    Happy new year Kim!

    My request is simple and is something I mentioned in a thread earlier. That is to seperate the ‘buying/selling’ from the ‘sharing’ threads in the ‘Art and Creativity’ forum.
  • SexySultryBabe

    January 2nd 2019


    Anyomous kudos.
  • PrettySir

    January 2nd 2019


    I also add my vote in on foreign language letters in titles and page titles. It would be so helpful!!!
  • PrettySir

    January 2nd 2019


    As one of a groups admins, I'd really like to have some more privacy options for groups. I know we can change it in, what seems to be, only 3 separate settings, but I'd really like it if we could control more about who can see the pages.

    What I mean is that if we set the group to TOP SECRET and that people can only see the group itself if they're invited, they can't see any of the groups pages. Which means, if they're applying to join the group, they have no idea what the lore is about if we have it set to TOP SECRET. It would be extremely beneficial to be able to let invited applicants see the lore while also maintaining the extra privacy of a TOP SECRET group. This added availability would be amazing.

    On another addition to groups, I'd love it if we could actually control if people under certain age restrictions that we set for the group couldn't even consent to seeing the group until they hit a certain age range. This may be a personal opinion, but I ultimately find it unsettling at times when there are little ones who can consent to seeing adult content. If I'm setting up that adult content for adults I'd much rather control who my audience really is when they're looking at groups.

    In no way am I saying that younger users should be barred from anything adult, but I feel like it would provide a really great amount of comfort to adults who don't want to share with younger underage users in very niche areas. I have my personal privacy set up to not receive messages or friend requests from anyone under the age of 18, because I prefer it to be that way. It's for my comfort, and I would love to be able to also extend that comfort into the groups that I create as well.

    2018 was meant to be a year focusing on changing and updating groups themselves and fixing certain areas, and I personally don't feel I saw much in the way of that happening. I know this year has been extremely hectic for Kim and much to do with Staff as well, so I'm not upset by any means, but I had to admit I feel that the updates were really lacking. I can't even really think of an update that took place to benefit groups? With things happening like Kim moving(I think that was this year?), her PO Box fiasco, the great CRASH of RPR. I don't mean to sound rude at all when I mention that I didn't see much happening, because holy crap Kim had a lot to handle in the mean time. So, please don't get me wrong, I am not at all disappointed or bothered, but I am instead hopeful that perhaps this year will be better and Kim will have a chance to do so much more relaxing and working on RPR. <3

    That being said, I'd also reaaally love it if the groups were fixed so we could actually see the member list in the order in which members joined. After messaging Kim about this, I found out that it just doesn't put people in any particular order and just throws them in the list where ever it feels. lol I think it's hilarious, but I'd love if it could be put into a proper order to know when and who joined! It'd be amazing to not only see the order in which people joined, but maybe also update to the date in which someone joined as well. That would be amazing. With the application process, we as admins can see when someone was accepted, but all other users don't know unless we tell it ourselves.
  • Kim

    January 2nd 2019


    This has been so inspiring! Thank you everyone! Keep 'em coming :D

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