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Epic Week Address 2019

Community Feedback

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  • Dragonfire

    April 22nd 2019


    <3 <3 <3

    Epic Week is - usually! - more about the players and less about our characters, FlowerCup. (Although I'm sure that some people might choose to do roleplays based around the events, too!) We all put our heads and swords and/or axes and/or guns together and go on a site-wide adventure. This help article has some more information on what we're likely to encounter...

    ...Although I'm very much looking forward to seeing what these surprises are that Kim has mentioned. :D
  • FlowerCup

    April 22nd 2019


    Yo idk what crazy stuff is gonna happen but im excited, this will be my first epic week!! I do wat to include all my muses (which i only have 2) i can do that cant i? Or would i have have to stick with one?
  • Moki

    April 22nd 2019


    yasssss! can't wait for it to start!!
  • Caliburn

    April 22nd 2019


    Once more unto the breach dear friends!
  • Prescience

    April 22nd 2019


    Unfurl the banners, saddle the horses and marshal the forces. Epic week cometh as the wind before the storm. Our enemies will quail before us and the puzzles will be undone by the wit and skill of the mighty denizens of this illustrious place. On, on, ride to victory!
  • Mori

    April 22nd 2019


    RPReboot would be a neat name for RPR.2!

    I'm looking forward to participating in Epic Week this year! I'm sure it's bound to be an amazing event.
    Thank you all for your hard work in preparing for Epic Week Kim!
  • ChaosRain16

    April 22nd 2019


    This will be my second Epic Week. I had fun the first time, and I can't wait to see what this Epic Week entails. *jumping up and down, flapping arms* So excited! :D
  • Smithie

    April 22nd 2019


    Can't wait to see this year's epic week 😆
  • Pirate

    April 22nd 2019


    9 years. I can't believe it's been that long. My god, I'm getting old, but hot damn if I'm not excited for epic week!
  • Dylan

    April 21st 2019


    Nine years! Aaah! That is amazing! I can't believe it's nearly been ten years. That is so amazing to see. <3
  • Novalyyn

    April 21st 2019


    You are determined to ensure I am flattered again every year, aren't you? XD

    I think Epic Week is my favorite holiday. <3
  • Mercyinreach

    April 21st 2019


    So excited for epic week, so excited for RPR 2.0 eventually. Just beyond pumped. Ups and downs alike, RPR is a place I hold very dear to my heart. My writing has improved immensely how creative this site allows me to be is the reason I finally followed my passion and decided to become an author. I am just...over joyed and humbled to be here since 2016 and see myself still being here, Goddess willing, when I am rocking on a porch and typing on RPR via holograms.
  • SmewQueen

    April 21st 2019


    I dunno what to do tho... ;-;
  • Cass

    April 21st 2019



    Also to friends who are concerned about spidery-type monsters. Kim has thought of that too! Go to dashboard -> Your Settings -> Under "Comfort and privacy" you'll see the following option: I have arachnophobia (During Epic Week, replaces spidery monsters with something else) that you can toggle on the little box to replace arachnid monsters with something else! ;)
  • CloudWanter

    April 21st 2019


    SO EXCITED!!!!

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