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Gibbit (played by Degu)

VampireDwarf gave me a wonderful idea with their game!

What CURSED ITEM would the character above you drop?

This is an item that appears to do something, but instead inflicts negative or inconvenient affects on the receiver (e.g. an instrument, that when played makes everyone nearby try to kill you, or a necklace that makes you only able to turn left that can't be removed, or clothes that are only visible to the wearer).

Be as silly or as serious as you want! and looking at character profiles is encouraged.
Aldo (played by Rigby)

A cursed decoy diadem that could either drain or give life at random.

The crown will drain and store the user's life force within itself for as long as it's worn. But if fully charged, it will instead puckishly bestow said life in the form of (probably inconvenient) vines and sprouts in the wearer's general vicinity until emptied, again.
Vaidya (played by AJ_89)

A cursed Moretta mask that adheres to the user's face and cannot be removed.

Although it renders the wearer completely immune to all forms of mind-control, it also slowly drains their life-force replacing any (light or healing-aligned) magical abilities they may have inherit, with necromantic ones (either a boon or a curse in its own right). Eventually the user will transform completely into a wight, or other undead lifeform.
Suthern (played by Vicious)

A cursed dupatta that makes the person wearing it turn into a berserker, that can only be removed by those who truly love the individual it is worn by.

The dupatta gains the wearer great beauty and admiration by those who see the one wearing it, but upon seeing those the person loves, it sends them into a fit of unmatched rage and fervor to kill those that would or could, wound the heart. Eventually the user will die from battle or what some claim, a broken heart.
Quinne (played by Rook)

A cursed demon's eye said to enhance one's magical spells regardless of the sort.

Unfortunately, beneficial spells such as healing are reversed and holy magic inflicts intense damage on the wearer.
Evren (played by Rigby)

A cursed paintbrush that no matter the effort or medium will only manage to reproduce increasingly poor and confusing copies of Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.

The rate and precision of this forgery increases in the presence of lords, royalty or clergy.
Catriona MacKenzie (played anonymously)

A cursed necklace
Zeta (played by Rigby)

A cursed copy of the Journal des Dames et des Modes, chock-full of a variety of French fashions. The curse itself is nothing TOO severe - except that once one opens it, one must constantly read it. It's attached. One must wander around with one's nose constantly in this issue. Forget that dominant hand.

The fashions within are also several months out of date.
Daniel Tempest (played by HybridRoleplayer23)

A cursed bowl of Hummingbird ramen that forces you to only eat that for the rest of you're life.
Lithium (played by HelpIranoutofideas)

I guess a bunch of cursed superhero shirts that when they wear it, if it's Hulk, they think they are Hulk, and so on...
Lexi (played by Lucretire)

Rainbow Scarf (Cursed) - a beautiful multicolored scarf that raises all contest stats on a Pokémon to the maximum. However, said Pokémon cannot be used in battle for the rest of your journey, nor can they learn or forget any moves or use any consumable items (Potions, Rare Candies, Berries, etc.). This item is unremovable once held.
Zaharah (played by hexblading)

Cursed Choker - This item looks very stylish. Roll a wisdom saving throw as it compels you to put it on. If you fail, you willingly don it, and find that it steals your voice. You can only sing in harsh and rough tones.
The Nothing (played anonymously)

Cursed Shield, you may be protected, but your own sword will be your demise
Azura'ellys (played by CrystalDisc)

Nothing™. That's right! Absolutely Nothing™. Look to your left, friend. See that junk sitting over there? You now have an uncontrollable urge to hoard as much of it as you can. That's how much Nothing™ you have. At least that's Something™!
Sonia Brown (played by Skyran)

Doppelganger Doll

It looks a little like yourself, but different in a way that's unsettling. It doesn't seem to do much at first, but slowly you begin to grow nervous with each passing day. You can no longer look at yourself in the mirror without feeling a strange sense of paranoia. You see a figure at the edge of your vision--but when you turn to look, it is gone. You feel like you must stay on the move, or it'll catch up to you. What's "it," you ask? It... it looks like you. But it can't be you, can it?
A Useless Throwing Knife

You could have the best aim in the world, but that doesn't matter with the useless throwing knife. You could fling this glittering little blade at a point-blank target and it'll hardly nick them, if it hits at all.

The worst part? The curse spreads. Let the throwing knife remain in the company of other tools or weaponry for a little too long, and they'll start to exhibit the same effect. Imagine not knowing your equipment's even cursed- it could trigger a real crisis of confidence, couldn't it?
Iceberg Titanicia (played anonymously)

The medical guide of death

Even though you're the best healer or doctor, this medical book always leads to the death of a person, even if you say the spells right, or do the procedure right.

However, the curse sometimes spreads with a 40% chance, if you place it near anything medical. Hopefully it won't, or maybe it will.
Lynx (played by CrystalDisc)

Frozen Explosive?! Instead of booming into a blaze of glory, this blood-chilling device will freeze over everything in a mile radius upon activation. The worst part? The accursed effect can't be undone, and there's a fifty percent chance every hour that it'll malfunction and go off! A figure like the legendary Medusa or King Midas would be proud.
Joseph Berryman (played anonymously)

Cursed Fedora, wear it and you permanently become a flamingo
Gary Stu (played anonymously)

Cursed Cowboy Hat! Wearing it makes you cripplingly lazy!

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