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We've had a couple of threads like this before, I think it's time to start a new one :D

1) Post in this thread to claim the user above. Please don't just draw art without claiming, you could put in all the effort and just get sniped by another user!

2) State which characters you would like drawn. It is acceptable to say "Please draw any of my characters" or list a couple of specific ones. It is preferred that you post multiple characters so the user after you gets a little choice, but this is not necessary.

3) Doodle the character above! While you should put in care and effort to your artwork, 100% refined and polished art is not required, this is a low pressure game. Please don't leave your recipient waiting more than two weeks to receive their art. Do not claim anybody else until you have completed your art.

4) Post in this thread with your artwork. State in your post that you are not claiming the above user, and for the next person to skip your post.

5) If you do not receive your artwork in 2 weeks please feel free to PM me.

I'll nominate two of my active characters:

And in addition !!! I will also doodle the person who claims me. This is so I don't just get free art for starting this thread!
I've been wanting to start drawing again and this feels like the perfect way to get back in the swing. It's a deadline but not as much pressure as the art trade. So I will claim Linus. I'll get him done as soon as I figure out where the heck my color pencils went. (or buy a new set)

As for me, I would love art of:
My newest character/love: Rixori
My big boi: Trazen
My kooky angel: Zedekiel
Rixori looks so super cute I'd like to draw them, I really enjoy colored sketching so this thread is an absolute delight, thank you for starting it Claine!

Some characters of mine that I wouldn't mind having some artwork for are:
Miss Hyde

Question: Just for clarity, so we don't edit our current post when the artwork is done but instead add a new post?
Claine Topic Starter

Kruhee wrote:
Question: Just for clarity, so we don't edit our current post when the artwork is done but instead add a new post?

You may edit too! But the reason I asked for a new post is because the thread will be bumped / a notification will be sent and this will save people from having to check the thread every so often for their piece.
Claine Topic Starter

A doodle of Dndmama's Trazen to thank her for claiming me :D


My art program automatically records timelapses so you can watch it here if you like!
Not claiming! Dropping art!

Whoo! I finished! It's a Christmas miracle!

Thank you so much for the Trazen sketch. He lookin' muscly as all heck. Love it. And here is your boy Linus in return. I apologize in advance for the color of his skin. I couldn't find my old hundred some odd box of color pencils so I was relegated to the selection in my son's art box.

Claine Topic Starter

Aaaa thank you so much! And please don't worry about it, I wouldn't have even noticed the skin tone!!

(Next person, please claim Kruhee!)
I'm not claiming just dropping off a long overdue pic! Sorry it took so long, Dndmama, here is your adorable character Rixori who was so much fun to get to draw!! <3
Well, I'm already working on some for her.... but I'll claim Kruhee. lol

But I can pop out flat colors and a cute sketch a lot faster than trying to do really intricate colors. 🤣

I'll attempt Miss Hyde. :3

If anyone wants to claim me, I'd like something of Cat, Nora, or Rain. 😊
Art Drop!

Miss Hyde for Kruhee!
I'll draw something for you, Ramika! <3
Hexblading ill draw something for you once I've had some rest 😴

Hope this doesn't stretch out the thread too much! A small doodle <3
Also @fiesch, thank youuuuuu ;A;
I’ll steal fiesch if no one has
Claine Topic Starter

I'll claim Leighoflight

I'll just pick one of your characters unless you have a few favourites in particular. Feel free to PM me or shoot me a message on Discord!

I'll throw up West
And Adael

A couple of my oldies
I'll give West a shot!

(And thank you, Hex!)

As previously stated - If anyone wants to claim me, I'd like something of Cat, Nora, or Rain. And why not, I'll add Cosima too. 😊❤️
Sorry it isn't better Hex, my tremor started acting up again I uh include pls forgive me for butchering your character meme with dangos included


(when I am feeling better I will prolly be revisiting this)
I'll claim Cat!

I'd prefer art for Nine or Guren here.

I claim Nora or Sonora Hale from Ramika! If anyone wants to sketch Rin here, that’d be cool. Arundriel or Aranath could be fun to sketch as well. Elves.
(( Psst. Pantrane. You're supposed to claim the person above you. Ramika already got claimed. You are supposed to do Birdy. ))

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