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Kudos for Galaxy-Star

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Just want you to know that I really enjoy reading your character profiles; I think they're super cool and the ideas are so creative! Also, I love a lot of the music you've used as inspiration. Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Galaxy-star to not only a friend but a rp partner for years now I wanna say happy anniversary to our friendship we have been friends for awhile now helping each other out I appreciate you and our rp thank you so much for being there. She has many qualities unfortunately I can only choose 2 but all of those qualities fit her. Kind and understanding Fast responses - DevinGardner

  • She is always on point and fun to rp with. She is great too talk to as well as rp with I have such fun role-playing with her that I'm having a tough time putting into words how much I wish other people experience the same awesomeness from her Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Jangel13

  • Galaxy-Star was so kind to give me my first ever kudos! But truth is she deserves some of her own not just in return for giving me one. Gala is a delightful RPer filled with fun ideas and sincere interactions between their characters. I joined our group around the same time as her, and I have loved to see her grow. Outside of RP she is kind and an absolutely incredible artist. Im always interested to see what she will be doing next! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Luxo

  • Galaxy-Star is absolutely amazing~ She writes really fast and gives nice posts and is always willing to plot and plan things out. She also is spectacular OOC to talk with and discuss things with, I always enjoy seeing a response from her. She is also really creative with ideas and her characters are very interesting! (Not to mention her artistic abilities are very good too~) Kind and understanding Fast responses - Section

  • Galaxy is a writer with incredible potential. At first I admit that I was skeptical to write with her, but I had good hunch about it and decided to take the plunge- I have not regret my decision. In the relative short time that we've been writing she has improve dramatically and she's only going to get better! An incredibly talented writer, a wonderful artist and an excellent friend to boot. I look forward to all our stories together. -Stray Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • this girl is astounding! her character portrayal and ability to keep up with the plot in an interesting manner, just aaaah shes amazing. i get excited just reading her replies. hit her up, it'll be worth it i promise. Wonderful writer Concise posts - haneulseongie

  • Hello guys I just wanted to say that this girl here is very sweet and kind, I love rping with this girl right here because of the fact that she always and I mean always has a new idea for a rp or way to keep the rp going. I highly suggest a rp with her I'm positive u wont miss out. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - DevinGardner

  • I've been RPing with her for awhile and I can say that she is great to play with.
    Interesting characters and stories behind them, and just an overall pleasant person to RP with. Creative ideas Long-term partner - ragemachine

  • Weeeeeeeeee another Kudos cause holy hecc she's amazing and underrated! She knows how to keep an rp going,and interesting! She makes one of the best roleplay buddies in the holy heccing world! Dis Bean is a great friend,and like the best person to talk to! So the question still remains.... wHy dOeSEnT sHe hAVe mOre KudOs yEt - TheDuckDuttches

  • She is a great person to role-play with!She was one of the first people I role-played with! She's a joy to talk too also! I'm glad I got to role-play with her! - TheDuckDuttches

  • She is so awsome. She's one of the best role players here. She makes me laugh and smile everytime we talk. Galaxy star I want you to know that you are amazing and funny and sweet. And that ou make me light up every time I talk to u have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful life :) - Starwarsfan

  • She's a nice friend and a great roleplayer. I love making up rps with her, and just having fun all together. She's a thumbs up in my book! - CoyBoat275

  • Galaxy-star is a chill and fun person to rp with, she replies fast, is always friendly and is great fun to talk with in generall ^_^ - Goldenflash_andy

  • This gal is an amazing role player,every time we role play I can visualize what the characters are saying and doing - GalaxyStar