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Kudos for Raerae

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • It has been a long long time since I've even roleplayed with her. I'll tell you that I miss it terribly. Her characters are always dynamic and her loyalty is so refreshing. However, her RPR design skills? Top notch. If you're looking for someone to design something amazing to represent your character? This is the person to go to! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Michonne

  • I really cannot get enough of this darling lady! She makes beautiful and creative character layouts, I always ask her for more! Rae and I have made so many great stories together, I simply cannot get enough of them! With our characters going on epic adventures, discovering new places and continuously growing together gives me such joy! I live and breathe everything our characters do, and I look forward to seeing what happens in their next chapter! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Avelithe

  • I commissioned them for an rpr template. The wait time was sweet and progress was swift. They had the patience of a saint throughout the editing process and made me feel comfortable even though I felt like I was constantly poking them to tweak this or that. Now I have a lovely new custom that I can't for everyone to see. Thanks! Kind and understanding Helpful - Dothraki

  • Miss Rae of Sunshine, my dear! Turns out, I have the longest rping history with this girl right here. I was completely oblivious to it. But leave it to sweet Rae to deliver a plot twist that not even I could imagine. She is kind hearted, understanding, and has a sense of humor that goes swimmingly with my own. It has been a pleasure writing with you over the many many years and I can only hope 2020 holds a lot more rps between us. Cheers, love. Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Corvin

  • Sweet, silly, intelligent and wonderful. Rae is a goofball with a bright inner light which inspires me time and time again to be a kind person. She's supportive, inspirational and down to earth. Her characters are all very neat and watching her talent grow over the years has been a great adventure. I'm so grateful for her friendship, and I find myself continually taken aback by her sharp wit. I love you, my lil breadstick. Helpful Great sense of humor - Mina

  • While I haven't talked to Rearae in a while they were still one of the best RPers I have had the pleasure of gaming with, not only are they a fantastic wordsmith, but Raerae is great to talk to OOC as well, being funny and witty until the cows come home. If you want a puntastic time with a truly spectacular person please don’t hesitate to drop them a PM, you won’t regret it. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Kruhee

  • Raerae is one of those people who's really a pillar of the RPR community at this point. Where would we be without her vast library of lush templates? She's brought a creative spark to so many characters, all without asking a thing in return. Helpful Creative ideas - Auberon

  • Raerae is a true delight. She makes wonderful templates; her characters are beautiful and creative and her writing is top tier. I talk with her a great deal OOC, she is always sweet and understanding. I am lucky to count her among my friends and RP partners as he creative style spices up my life <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Mipps

  • Sweet, patient, with a wealth of imaginative ladies in her roster and graphic design skills that are second-to-none, Rae is always ready to add a little color into our role-playing world, either from within or behind-the-scenes! I look forward to more games in the future, and I will always return to her whenever I want to throw a little extra pop and pizzazz onto my profiles! (And you should, too!) Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Rigby

  • Oralie Case (played by Raerae)
    Oralie is an amazing character with a sassy assertive personality. She has a great sense of humor, full of her own dark secrets, responds to situations realistically to her character, pairs well for long term scenarios and always drives the plot forward. She is well written and an absolute delight to play with. Her player is also very kind, understanding, a great writer, long posts, full of creative ideas and makes for great OOC conversation. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • Raerae is a gem. Not sure if I could name a person who has been more patient with all my nervous quirks. She's got reserves of understanding and she is one of the best writing partners I've ever had. Imaginative and flexible with plots, meets you where you're at and knows how to keep things moving and interesting! She's good for most any theme. Dramatic twists and turns? Done. Humor? This lady's got it. If you get the chance to write with this one, don't pass it up, you'll have a blast! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Scuz

  • You're so imaginative, Rae, and I genuinely enjoy creating with you because it's always a collaborative effort. You're a wealth of ideas, but it's your eagerness, enthusiasm and excitement for what is written that I love most of all. No matter how long it's been, we fall right back into things with the same spark that's always been a part of our stories. You and your girls keep me coming back for more! - emroidz

  • How long have we known each other now? You've always been my soft place to land. I need you to know how much being able to depend on the fact that you will always be there, in littles or lots, means to me. I hope, in these past few months, you've seen a change in me, because you're one of the ones who deserves it the most. Your unwavering support, compassion, and patience never goes unnoticed. And now it won't go unacknowledged or under appreciated! - emroidz

  • I may hate making RPR pages, but Rae's Templates make me hate it a little bit less! She is extremely talented and wholly invested in giving her customers a unique, custom tailored product, as well as a pleasant commission experience from start to finish. She brings visions to life, willing to go above and beyond to make even the smallest details just right. You will not find another template builder better than Rae, especially for the price. I don't go anywhere else, and you shouldn't either. - emroidz

  • Fantastic work! Rae wasted no time in producing a thoughtful, artistic, innovative template specifically tailored to my wants and needs. She finished this incredibly responsive and beautiful template in just hours within being commissioned. I really appreciate the hard work she put in to make sure it was something I loved. Speedy and affordable! 10/10 would share my breadsticks with. - Mina

  • I’ve had the pleasure of commissioning this lovely lady for a few profile designs in the past. She’s a great person to work with, and puts a lot of time and love into these profiles to help give your character a bit of that extra spice. Not only is this lady creative, she is an outstanding role player and a great partner, and one of the most patient people I know. She is a blessing. I can’t wait to see what more wonderful things she has in store! - Avelithe

  • Rae is a wonderful person, and an amazing mentor. She's helped me figure out so much with coding templates on RPR and has been wonderful in helping me find resources to work with. She's really patient with me, and laughs with me when I make simple mistakes because I've been staring at the code for too long. Her characters are interesting and she's great to plot with and her OOC banter is tops. - Cami

  • An update to Rae’s kudos is long overdue as my previous acclaim mentions nothing of her unique talent for crafting some of the most eye-catching templates I’ve ever seen, nor does it acknowledge how much I truly adore each and every one of her lovely ladies. That being said, she’s become a very special person to me over the years and you’ll have no regrets roleplaying with or commissioning her. - Lune

  • Rae is something special. She's so smart, she's super talented and yet continually remains humble, friendly, and helpful. She's helped me with a lot of things from code questions, idea bouncing and just the things I've learned from observing her craftsmanship as a storyteller. What I admire most about Rae as a writer is the flawless knack she has for versatility. She has a gal for everything and knows how to make them fit perfectly, it's a quality I hope to attain myself someday! <3 Love you! - Mina

  • How long has it been since we've known it each other? Too long. Hah! No, I love this woman. Her RPR coding is the bomb. Which is usually why I always try to spend money with her templates above all else. Her roleplay style is unique and can grab your attention! The characters are never the same, even though they might SEEM that way. Which is what I envy. She has that sleeper style of writing that knocks you out with surprise from a curve ball from her character. - Michonne