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Amelia Walker

LotusFlower Female Complicated girl with rough childhood

Selena Garcia

LotusFlower Female The queen of crime


LotusFlower Female A huntress from T-‘a’Ţăs’múr


LotusFlower Female The nomadic performer who wishes to explore the beauties and mysteries of the world

The Shadow

LotusFlower Female Deadly assassin ready to take anyone down

Uri-taell tu Asakuru Sugapoppi

Anonymous Female "The world is so out-of-order and full of imbeciles..."


Michi Female A mischievous witch always looking for her next source of entertainment~!

Ja'vassa Anair

KansasVenomoth Male A Khajiit Dragonborn with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.


Anonymous Male Not an ordinary storm


DeathandtheMaiden Male The Moonwashed Bard


kairiroset Female A young dragonling, who lost her parents but continues to preserve life.

Alice Walker

Anonymous Female Fallen hero turned Assassin

Arlo Vetillon

Wytchrose Male Monster Hunter


Goblet Cisgender Male Enforcer of the Syndicate. Assigned mantle: sheep/goat.

Skyler Shadeclaw

Skyran Female A curious dragoness who finds herself in the midst of prophecy and a thousand-year grudge against her kind.

Erica Norvik

Anonymous Female I'm a shy rural girl having moved to middle-class suburb of a big city. PM or write a guestbook comment if you want to RP.


Siduri Male Learn all you can, because you never know who will need your advice.

Kakurine Auckt

FeatheredFantasy Female A very short woman born from curious circumstances. She is an embodiment of Empathy.


Anonymous Male

Red Kai Griffin

Icysoul Male "I'll help you, you just have to give me something. I don't do anything for free, ya know."

Kyrael Autumndawn

lexiconflinger Male A sweet, somewhat vain and flirtatious red dragon who loves mortals.

Ahlayn Bloodwing

lexiconflinger Male A brilliant alchemist and toxicologist and prominent nobleman who seeks to further his legacy.


lexiconflinger Gender Fluid A dashing mercenary with morals who works in Silvermoon City.

Arvex Galerian

RemanLongtail Male Once just a warrior in a large demonic army, he has now set out on his own, seeking adventure.


sassykitten417 Cisgender Female A sassy girl who only yearns for adventures.

Nightmare Sans

JetStorm Male Prince Of Darkness