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As the title suggests, I'm offering to draw people's character's for free again, something I've done previously in another thread.

Quick disclaimer, I intend to make a video out of it and post it on my youtube channel.

Here's an example of what I might make: here.
And here's the playlist for all of the drawing and talking videos including the previous ones from RPR.
Finally, a link to the actual image files themselves for all the RPR characters.

So what do I need from you? A description of the character and their backstory.
Just give me something to talk about in the video.

All credits will be given as appropriate and I'll be happy to throw in a link to your character's page in the video's description as well.

I get a video and you get some black and white art! Its win win!

As a helpful someone suggested, here are some additional rules.

1. Only one character per player.
2. No anonymous characters.
3. The character actually needs a character page.
4. You either need to have Roleplayed with the character or at least intend to Roleplay with them.
5. Ensure all parts of your character sheet is safe to post on youtube. 18+ stuff is nice but there's a place and time for everything.
Cécile (played by Claine)

Oh wow!! I was actually thinking of your little videos a couple of days ago! Thank you so much for offering this again!

Would you please consider my character Cécile?
Dash (played by BERDIEBerd)

Could possibly consider my OC Dash? She has a lot of info and I have RPed her a lot. Her backstory isn’t yet quite finished but I am planning to get more of it done throughout the week!
Oh man, I remember you drawing some of my friends' characters in those videos! I'd be honoured if you would take the time to draw this old coot here. He's probably the only character I have who's profile is somewhat finished.
Glad to see you bringing this back! I follow your YouTube channel and enjoyed this series. Here is the Operator. She's a sci-fi character that is sort of a parody of Doctor Who and set in a universe that is inspired by Douglas Adam's HitchHiker's Guide series. If I ran a game with a formal rules system, it would be the old Tales From the Floating Vagabond system.

PS- if you look on the Sci-fi board here, you can find 2 games that were started with her and paused.
Ophelia (played by Veliona)

I never did anything like that, but i would like to try. I would love you to see draw my OC.
Hello! I think this is an awesome idea. And if you can I would love to see you draw my forest Nymph
Melody (played by Thatnerdychick)

May I suggest the lovely melody, an AI with a love for art produced by the athena company and ran by its proprietary ai core. She sees everything in the world with a child like WONDER.
freebiewitz Topic Starter

Hello everyone,

So far I have the following characters for my to do list:

1. Cecile
2. Bender of Iron Will (and isn't that a band name?)
3. Ophelia
4. MythneRosewood
5. Melody

To owners of Dash and The Operator, when checking them out, I was redirected to a warning screen telling me about NSFW stuff.
I know there are tonnes of kids out there who swear all the time but I just want to be more safe then sorry at the moment.
If you have any other characters you'd like me to draw and talk about, then please don't hesitate to post again.
Fair enough. There are a few F bombs in the back story.
How about her sidekick, Yoo-nit?
freebiewitz Topic Starter

U.N.I.T. 35235236466-0001A wrote:
How about her sidekick, Yoo-nit?

Ha! Yoo-nit.
Love the name, and perfect. Added to the list.
freebiewitz wrote:
2. Bender of Iron Will (and isn't that a band name?)

By the looks of it, it isn't, so if you're ever going to diversify and start a band it's up for grabs, my man!

Just send the royalties to my home address and we're good.
What about Emperor Fulkan
freebiewitz Topic Starter

Bender Of Iron Will wrote:
freebiewitz wrote:
2. Bender of Iron Will (and isn't that a band name?)

By the looks of it, it isn't, so if you're ever going to diversify and start a band it's up for grabs, my man!

Just send the royalties to my home address and we're good.

I more meant "Isn't that a band name" as "Man! That's an awesome band name!" which I guess can be hard to get across with only a few words.

Also Emperor Fulkan has been added to my to do list.
Avessia (played anonymously)

You know, why not. This stuff is always fun. May I offer Avessia? I hold her very dear to me, and she is one of my favourite characters I've ever had.

Her profile explains a lot, but also there is more to her. I can give a brief-ish summary:

Avessia is human but at the same time she is a spiritual being. She is sent to different worlds and such in order to stop some certain evil from happening. Once that task if fulfilled, she 'dies' (and if not, she will 'die' at 21 years of age). However, it's not dying per se. It's more so disappearing into time and space. Her 'deaths' vary. Sometimes she literally will just fade away and other times it seems like a genuine death. Avessia is considered a time witch due to what she does. Her first life was in my fantasy world, Kuuj Coer. She was found by the king, washed up on shore when she was around 2 years old. She couldn't remember anything about where she came from, but she was taken in by the king and grew up as part of the royal family. She spent her whole life trying to perfect her time traveling abilities (this was before she actually knew about her true purpose in life) so she could travel back in time and find out where she came from. However, she overestimated her abilities at a point and when she finally did travel back, she only got a glimpse of her origins before she faded away completely.

And, of course, after that, she was transported to another reality/world. She remembers everything from her past lives, but she can not talk about them. Her name also varies depending on where she goes, but it always starts with an A. However, in honour of her first life, she has everyone call her Avessia. She continues this process over and over, and she does not know when it will finally be over.

If you are okay with drawing her, I would prefer to see her drawn in her first life form which is a medieval fantasy era. There are references in her profile.
Ai Li Shen (played by MissLumina)

How about her?
freebiewitz Topic Starter

Ai Li Shen wrote:
How about her?

Sorry, when I click the character it comes up with a warning about a bunch of mature stuff.
In the mean time, everyone who is safe for work has been added, I'll be reopening once I work through this frankly large backlog first.
freebiewitz Topic Starter

And I've done it!

I've drawn Cécile!

Check out the video here.
Claine Moderator

Thank you so much for drawing my character! :D :D

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