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The Duchess (played by Kim)

Although no one could remember there being an estate on the bluffs overlooking the Bay of Ice, that was the address on the gold-embossed invitations that were received.
Your Presence is Humbly Requested for
a Winter Masquerade
A Magical Evening of Revelry
Mysteries and Competitions
Masks Required
Come if You Dare!

- La grande-duchesse de L'hiver

On the appointed evening, the trees part to reveal a grand manor, its eaves softly glowing with tiny, flickering white lights. Surely some form of enchantment? The adjacent field has been prepared for a banquet, filled with cloth tents embroidered with holly, tables laden with food and sweets rim the area, and a band plays beside a temporary wooden dance floor, their music intermingling with the sound of crashing waves far below. The whole is bathed in the hushed blue light of a full moon.

masquerade.pngInto this scene steps the Grand Duchess de L'hiver, a coy smile on her lips below her elegant mask. Before her, she gently holds aloft a white rose.

She proceeds to a small table at the center of the glade, and gently places the rose into the air above it -- it hangs there, suspended by some invisible force, and then there is a shimmer and a glass dome has formed over the rose. Is it your imagination, or does the rose now pulse with its own light?

"Welcome, one and all! So long as this rose remains in bloom, this glade is enchanted to attract the best of everything one could want at a party -- the best interlocuters, the best dancers, the best comedians, musicians, chefs, wits, beauties, sweethearts -- They will come from all over, perhaps even from other planes, to bask in the light of our little winter masquerade! But be warned - this enchantment is powerful, and there may be other forces attracted to it with less noble aims. If you wish the party to continue, make sure our rose remains until its bloom is spent!"

With that, she claps her hands, the band strikes up an energetic waltz, and a sudden warmth descends on the bluffs despite the biting winter wind that flows from the ocean below.
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((Welcome to this official real time masquerade! This RP chat will be open for 10 hours to ensure that all time zones are able to pop in for at least a moment or two. We hope to see a variety of characters, an inclusive atmosphere, and an ever-changing cast to interact with.

We strongly encourage you to make a new, anonymous character to attend with! The setting is a masked moonlit gala in winter, high-fantasy renaissance, but time travelers & dimension hoppers are welcome. You may attend with any of your existing characters if you really want to -- All characters will be required to wear a mask, but that is the only restriction - bring me your dragons, your halflings, your vampires! All characters are welcome, provided they don't destroy the venue.

When the masquerade is over, the masks come off! Everybody can announce who they played after the masquerade ends, so that you can connect with your newfound friends and disappear down the plot bunny's tunnel to make new stories.

Remember - be respectful of your fellow players, and do your best to promote a fun and exciting RP environment for all comers.))
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((And remember, you can use the "launch chat" button to interact with this forum topic as a live chat instead of needing to refresh all day. ;) ))
Tabetha Marrowheart (played by GingerHades)

Like a lonely shadow drifting across the frozen tundra, one of the first guests had made her arrival. And... she did so quite loudly.

"Oh, what a glorious venue! Such a marvellous display!"

Theatrically, a cloaked figure wearing a plain black masquerade mask announced her presence, as if she were trying to draw as much attention to herself as possible. But why would she do such a thing, if so much of her identity was hidden by her garb, which was looking a little worse for wear?

Carefully observing the banquet with eyes hidden with sheer fabric as white as snow, she began whisking her way around the field, as if looking for people who could bask in her glory.

"Ah... But who might have put such a beautiful gala together? Show yourself, darling!"
Koi (played by HONEYBLOSSOM)

Silently stepping in, she stared around.
Mimi (played by Ultimate.Gaymer)

Holding her invitation reverently in both hands, Mimi gazed around at the splendor surrounding her. She wasn't sure why she had been invited to this Masquerade party, or how she had even gotten there after accepting said invitation, but to be quite frank, she didn't care! This event seemed like a great adventure! Lots of fun! Very exciting! All that good stuff. She hoped to meet new friends and generally have a blast.
She had put on her very favourite dress for the occasion, a knee-length one with a swirling skirt and puffy sleeves. It was a bubblegum pink in colour and decorated with enough ruffles and sequins to make her giddy just by looking at it. Her mask was pink and sparkly too, because of course it was, and her curly pigtails bounced as she turned her head from side to side, observing the venue and any guests that wandered in.
Koi (played by HONEYBLOSSOM)

Koi held a pink, jeweled mask, and she headed over to to the field, stepping around and marveling at decorations
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

As some unseen clock is heard to strike the hour, a grin spreads across the Duchess' face. Lifting her skirts slightly, she proceeds confidently to the center of the glade, and does a slow turn to see who her first guests might be. She hasn't even completed that one turn around when a thoroughly flamboyant elf appears. Ah, a woman after her own heart. "I'm so glad you think so!" the Duchess cries, sailing across the venue to Tabatha, wafting the faint smell of peppermint behind her. "It is I, the Duchess de L'hiver. There's nothing I like more than an enthusiastic guest!" and just like that, another guest is arriving, and the Duchess is turning to clasp Koi's hand and draw her closer. "My, are you cold, or simply gorgeous? Please, come meet my new friend..." here she glances subtly to Tabatha, waiting for a name with a soft smile.
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((Sorry Mimi, I'll get you in my next post too! :D))
Lilandra Eule (played by Mirafin)

Lilandra seemed to appear out of next to the glade, her black gown sweeping the glade. Everything about her appearance was perfectly arranged, from her wavy white hair to the delicate black lace mask hiding her amber eyes. After a moment to look around, she stepped forward.
Koi (played by HONEYBLOSSOM)

"Oh..?" She turned her head to where The Duchess was looking, and gave a small wave with her free hand at Tabatha
Mini Might (played by Dragothemonk)

Mini Might hops through the door looking around at all the tall people and finds himself a seat on a counter where he wont get stepped on and just watches the people in masks waging his little dragon tail.

((sorry dont got picture for him yet working on it))
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((No worries, pictures not required!))
Tabetha Marrowheart (played by GingerHades)

"The Duchess!" Tabetha exclaims, like she had been thoroughly shaken by the introduction, somehow. "Why, what a pleasure it is to meet you!"

Enthusiastically, Tabetha bows to both her and to Koi, who had just acknowledged her. "It's an honour to have been invited here today! I have travelled a long way to make it here today. My name is-"

A sudden pause. Tabetha hummed to herself, like she had suddenly forgotten her own name. Peculiar...

"Mmmm.... Marrowheart! Tabetha Marrowheart! Yes, that is who I am."
Koi (played by HONEYBLOSSOM)

"Tabetha Marrowheart? That is quite a interesting name- where do you come from then?" she asked the woman curiously
Something about her drew her in. Perhaps it was her mysterious demeanor, or her strangely dramatic personality. Either way, she wanted to know more
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

"My most excellent friend Tabatha Marrowheart," continues the Duchess, as if there had been no pause whatsoever in her speech. She seems completely heartfelt about saying this, as if she had known Tabatha since their childhoods together. "And this, of course, is my dear friend..." here leaving a pause for Koi to introduce herself to Tabatha Marrowheart.

"Oh my, there are guests arriving at quite the pace, please excuse me for just a moment," continues the Duchess, inclining her head graciously to Tabatha and Koi and sailing toward some of the new arrivals.

"My dear, you've outdone yourself, what a triumph of sequins," she sing-songs out as she approaches Mimi. "Do a spin for me, won't you?" From the corner of her eyes, she keeps an eye on yet more arriving guests, taking note that she must greet them too. But for now, her attention is given to Mimi.
Tabetha Marrowheart (played by GingerHades)

"I- Eh..." Tabetha stammered, like she wasn't expecting such a question on behalf of Koi. "Why, I come from a faraway land! One you likely have not heard of. A secret society full of elves!"

As the Duchess went off to go greet the new arrivals, Tabetha continued to focus on Koi. "And who might YOU be?"
Mimi (played by Ultimate.Gaymer)

"Sure!" Mimi chirped, spreading her arms and doing a theatrical twirl. The skirt of her dress swirled elegantly around her legs, the sequins glinting in the light in iridescence. "Hi everyone, I'm Mimi!" She said, perhaps a bit too loudly. "Omigosh! This is the fanciest party I've ever been to! Big thanks for the invite!" She continued ecstatically. She gazed around at all the guests, offering a smile to everyone who was present. To Tabetha in particular, she said, "You look, like, sooooooo dark and mysterious... Love that! Love it so much, oh my gosh!"
Lilandra Eule (played by Mirafin)

Lilandra walked boldly forward to where the others had gathered. Standing before the duchess, she performed a perfect curtsy. "My thanks for your invitation, Your Grace," she said.
Koi (played by HONEYBLOSSOM)

"A faraway land..? That sounds like a fairytale..." She began to trail off, before responding to Tabetha's own question
"And I'm Koi. Just Koi, really, I'm unsure of my last name" she paused, taking in a breath

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