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Other Characters (played anonymously)

More pictures to establish the scenery if you'd like to see!

"What called you here?"

There is a man sitting in a tree just outside the garden, he has long, flowing hair and a long robe with beautiful illustrations on them. "Whatever did, I thank them. Welcome to my garden, and please enjoy your stay." He gives a warm smile before waving.


- Please attempt to use proper grammar
- Please attempt to use 3rd person
- Absolutely no chat format (ex. Character: hello *they smile*)
- No OOC Drama, and keep IC drama minimal
- Anonymous characters are allowed as well as non-anonymous characters
- Censor any f-words, keep it PG-13
- Follow the RPR rules (and its' public forum rules also)
- Have fun, and please PM if you have anymore questions
- The man (Porter) who owns the garden is not a interactable character, but a greeter, rather
- No dice rolls, it'll make things confusing
- There is a risk if you do not follow these rules, you (and your character) will end up in the Kicked Out lists

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Caedis Lacrimosa (played anonymously)

Caedis is laid on one of the benches that are in the courtyard, watching the clouds pass above through the star-shaped hole in the courtyard's gazebo. He seemed to be enjoying himself for a change. A cat has also walked to the bench to lay down next to him, purring.
He was in the orchard and he reached up and picked a peach and began eating it. The would walk around idly and seemingly at peace at the moment, the urge to destroy everything related to Mishima wasn't at the forefront of Jin's mind, at least at the moment. He brought the peach up to his mouth and took another bite as he cautiously looked around.
Caedis Lacrimosa (played anonymously)

Caedis sat up, stretching, before gently picking up the cat and holding it in his arms.
"Soft little cat.." He said with a gentle voice, looking at the cat as he pet its' fur.
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((It is a great honor to have my topic as an affiliate, Vee!))

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the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois marched into the garden as if he had his own little parade.

He had one specific reason to be here, and it was to step on any unsuspecting flowers out of the fact he was just a mean little turd.

Alois noticed a perfect one, one growing out of the path alone, then ran up to it to step on it as hard as he could with his boot, wearing a wide, mean smile on his face. "Haha! Didn't see that coming, did you?" He told the flower.
He would continue idly walk through the garden and eating the peach. He would approach the fountain and would then sit on one of the benches facing the fountain and he simply watched the water.
Selene (played by st4rz)

Selene positioned herself in one of the cherry trees, sitting perfectly balanced on a thick branch, occasionally reaching up to pick a few cherries, careful to spit out the seeds.

She wore a wide-brimmed sun hat with an extremely strong sunscreen, making sure she didn't burn in the sunlight since she was a vampire after all. She did her best to remain covered completely while still being comfortable.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois was getting ready to stomp on another flower, but he saw Selene with her wide-brimmed sun hat and stopped. He found the hat really pretty and elegant, but he didn't stop for long to look at it, because he continued to go back to stomping on flowers.

He would probably do this until he was told to stop or he got bored.
Selene (played by st4rz)

Selene, noticing Alois stomping on the flowers, sat up and tilted her head slightly in confusion.
“Pardon me, but do you have some sort of grudge against those poor flowers? You like Godzilla trudging through a metropolis the way you’re stomping..” She light-heartedly chuckled, her fangs momentarily catching the light, causing her to tilt her hat forward some to provide more shade for her face.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois looked up at Selene. "The hell's a Godzilla?" He said, before sliding his foot over a flower he squished, in attempts to hide it.

"Also, why would I be stepping on flowers? Huh?" Alois nervously laughed, looking around. It was very obvious he had been doing it, mainly because he had been seen doing it quite a few times, but he would pretend as if he wasn't and that he was a sweet, perfect little angel. (And anyone who knew Alois, knew that was a bloody lie, in-fact, the pentagram on his tongue pretty much proved that.)
Selene (played by st4rz)

"There's a trail of stomped flowers behind you.." I said, hanging upside-down from the tree, pointing out the squished flowers.
"And Godzilla is a... oh how do I put this.. it's a monster character humans developed. It's a reptile of some sort that was mutated by radiation. Quite interesting, but not scary--"
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois face flushed with red, embarrassed. "Damned trail of stomped flowers." He whispered underneath his breath.

And to the explanation of Godzilla, he responded, "Sounds stupid." He then proceeded to walk away from his trail of stomped flowers.

"Have you ever met a demon? Now those are scary." He smirked, attempting to climb the tree Selene was hanging upside-down on, but struggled.
Selene (played by st4rz)

"Yes, indeed I have. My uh.... half brother. Yeah, half brother. He's actually really nice, at least to me and I assume you, too, are a demon?" Selene asked, sitting up on the branch, leaning down and holding her hand out to offer him some help up.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois laughed, "Hell no! But I've made a deal with one." He smirked, then stuck out his tongue, which had the pentagram of the demon's contract on it.

He then grabbed her hand to help himself up the tree, he managed to get sat down on one of the lower tree limbs.
Selene (played by st4rz)

"Ohh, interesting." She muttered to herself once he was sat on the branch just a few below her. "Tell me if it's none of my business, but what was this said deal for or about?" Selene asked curiously, looking down at him.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois sat, kicking his legs gently. He pursed his lips, taking a moment to think. (Quite a first. Thinking, that is.)

"Well, long story short, I lived with a bad person who did bad things, and I made a deal with this demon to get away from this bad person." Alois said, his voice low as he looked down at the ground below.

Alois looked at Selene and then raised a blonde brow, saying in a joking manner, perhaps to deal with thinking about what he had to explain, "What about you? Are you a traumatized mess too, or?
Selene (played by st4rz)

"In a sense, yeah. I'm about.. ohh about 120 something years old. Vampire obviously-" She said as she opened her mouth, showing her fangs then closes my mouth again. "My ex was a vampire and dated me to basically use me as a food supply. Well, when I found this out, I tried to kill him but instead accidentally consumed some his blood after he had bit me, one thing lead to another and I became the very thing I tried to kill. Ironic, huh?" Selene said, looking up through the branches at the clear sky.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Alois laughed. "Wow, you're old!" He said, though he didn't mean it in his usual mischievous way, in-fact it didn't even seem he meant anything bad about it at all.

"That sucks about the ex though. Pardon the unintended pun." He frowned. "It is very ironic."

Alois went to adjust himself to sit more comfortably on the tree branch and nearly slid off the damn thing. If he hadn't grabbed onto the tree the branch sprouted from as quickly as he did, he would have fell.

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