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I'd give them a mint first. (Lol contradictions)

FADWY hug a live turkey?
Darth_Angelus Moderator

Yes, to give it a false sense of security before putting it in the oven ;)

FADWY, feed me chocolate?
Yea okay.

FAWDY lick the bottom of my foot?
If you washed it first and scrubbed really hard..

FADWY not say anything out loud for a week?
*If I could talk, I would say yes.*

*If I could talk, I would ask this: FADWY take a dump on the balcony?*
Yes. Just for good measure, I'd come back after taking some turbolax, and then just let loose.

FADWY go to an anime convention dressed as a dragonball z character, and whenever you had to use the bathroom you played some of the more 'epic' music used in the series while on the john, and scream like mad while you were in the middle of it, and when you exited the WC, you'd have blonde hair? Not that I've ever thought about doing it.
Already had. Vegeta mad hard crap ftw!

FADWY sing 'Devils Never Cry' to interrupt your country's president Emporer persons state address speech Thingy?
Yes, and I would use a megaphone while lighting firecrackers,

FADWY box a Wallaby?
Kim Site Admin

Yes. Right after I finished coming up with my wrestling persona, sewing a costume, and selling tickets to the match.

FADWY box a honey badger?

He's craaay-zey.
I have a habit of not scouting my opponent first so to hold true to that I won't watch the video yet and say yes. Somehow I think I'm gonna regret that choice.

FADWY dress like a snake to fight a mongoose?
Only if it's sequined with pink bows. I don't think I could ever do anything that bizarre without looking the part.

FADWY tell me you love me?
Only if you gave me a heck of a good reason too. A 69 z28 might do the trick. Heh. And it'd be in a total no homo type of way.

FADWY enter a junk yard full of vicious dogs with raw meat hanging from various parts of your body?
Darth_Angelus Moderator

Only if I can send in some honey badgers first, to keep the dogs occupied ;)

FADWY read out loud every entry in a phonebook?
Only if I was really bored of watching honey badgers chase junkyard dogs. Heh.

FADWY play Texas hold em poker in your birthday suit with noone but people of the same gender playing as well?
Kim Site Admin

FAD? I think I'd do it for free.

FADWY go to school/work in your pajamas? Or if you don't sleep in pajamas, then any fuzzy pajamas with cows and moons on them will do.
Are you kidding? I'd do that for a Klondike bar! Heh.

FADWY, in aforementioned pajamas go and insult dog the bounty hunter knowing he's backed by an army of angry chipmunks?
I would, but while he was asleep and the rabid chipmunks were sleeping in their crates.

FADWY would you act out Monty Python's Fish License in real life at the local Licensing Depo?

Darth_Angelus Moderator

Next time I go somewhere and the staff are unhelpful, absolutely!

FADWY give me a dollar?
I would, but only if it's in Canadian currency or Quid.

FADWY make change?
Nope. But you can give me the dollar you want change made for. Heh.

FADWY curl up in the fetal position and start screaming about the voices in you head being back inthe middle of a busy store when they say something over the intercom?

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