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Luhtun Atratus (played by Samiakki)

Luhtun was used to these types of people. There were many among the Al Bhed. Perhaps they should even seek out their own tattoo artist, if they were ever so inclined.

In the meantime, with a relaxed expression, they offered their input.

His small, pointy chin held between thumb and index, Zero looked the lanky, fire-haired person up and down, his trembling red eyes squinted as if that would make Luhtun reveal all their deepest secrets. Talking about other people was mad fun and stuff, but Z knew that he would get only one shot at this, with one word.

Whew, tough game! There were many words he could give them. He wasn’t awesome at taking picks, even less so if it concerned commenting on one person’s very essence of being! What if he came off as insulting, or boring?

”Umm.. laid-back! Wait, did that count as one word? Was he doing this right?!
Now, there were a lot of words Eleanor could have used to describe Zero, even judging by the brief time they spent together after having rescued him from those blistering deserts. Upbeat. Sanguine. Inquisitive. Energetic. So many ways to describe this boy and all of his optimism. Even in a bad situation, he was raring to get up and help her with her research. It was... admirable.

With a warm smile, Eleanor gave Zero a gentle pat on the shoulder. "Enthusiastic."
He smiled widely at her and looked at his kitten Piano "so cool! Right, Piano?!" The small kitten let out a chirping mew.
Ciel (played anonymously)

This person here reminded him a bit of his gardener, Finny. "Familiar." He said.
His choice of word was indeed vague, but he, himself understood.
He closed the tome he was reading and looked at Ciel before nodding "formidable...."
Athanasia de Alger Obelia (played by jennaisante)

"Uh-huh... Brilliant?"
Ciel (played anonymously)

Needless to say, his one word description was...not that creative but... Oh well.

Finny (played anonymously)

"Fluffy!" Finny said as he gave the cat a pat on the head.
Omori Kodachi (played anonymously)

"Hm.. Sweetheart"
Erica (played anonymously)

"Hm, I believe sunny would suffice, here," Randle said with a slow, smiling nod.
Culcita (played by Samiakki)

"Solemn," came the single word. Culcita crossed her arms as she regarded the other individual. She raised a finger to place in between her brows, as though referencing a little scowl there. . .
Xailah Alptraum (played anonymously)

"Vibrant." Xailah hummed calmly, eyeing the cephalopodic being with a quick golden flick. It wasn't just in reference to the creatures physical appearance- a combination of bright pinks and purples, with a brushing of fair spots across her skin- or the striking clothes she wore- it spoke of what could not be seen; what the being did not present outwardly. This oceanic humanoid had a sparkling energy, like a lit firecracker; or the hasty, fleeting minutes of life before sunset. Loud, but charming in every way. Vibrant.
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

Perhaps it was the refined grace with which Xailah seemed to exude effortlessly or mayhap even the discernable poise of someone teeming with a gentility that suggested stature and feline elegance. Either way, James Moriarty could most assuredly glean pomp and prestige of a woman not of ill repute, but of someone with a cunning worthy of his regard.

The professor's smile was an enamored one and then it struck him much like unraveling a particularly satisfying mystery.

Someone with presence is bound to be -- "Atmospheric."
Incubus in Blue (played anonymously)

Jane Harper (played by jennaisante)

Daniel Phillips (played anonymously)


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