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Provide a situation, and the next person has to say how their character would react, then provide another situation. I'll do the first example!

WWYCDI they woke up one morning transformed into the opposite gender?

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Cerai (played by Dragoncat) Topic Starter

Cerai would think she was still asleep and dreaming, but she'd go straight to the bathroom and attempt to pee standing up lol.

WWYCDI they found a wallet/pouch/etc with a million in their currency just sitting on the ground?
Maxwell (played by Lucretire)

Maxwell would take it back (if there's an ID) or turn it in to the police (if there's no ID)... Unless he can't find the original owner or the equivalent of 7 days has passed at the police station, then he would keep it.

What would your character do if a neighbor showed up at their doorstep asking for sugar?

rolled 1d6 and got 4
For a bit of randomness.

Asugi (played by Dragoncat) Topic Starter

Asugi would give them some, then ask what they're making and if he can have some.

Did you roll dice to decide what character to use? Great idea! I'll have to do that sometime...

WWYCDI all their friends shaved their heads?
Snow (played by Holly-Leaf)

I would buy them all wigs. For every single one of them and make them wear them. It'd probably be silver wigs...........

Anyways.. WWYCDI they won the lottery?
West (played by Claine)

He'd blow it on drinks and cheap thrills and basically live like a king. But it is inevitable that all that money will attract attention, and it'll only a matter of time until somebody beat the daylights out of him and take it for themselves.

WWYCDI they found a potion said to give immortality.

rolled 1d10 and got 10

Leo (played by Dragoncat) Topic Starter

Leo would go "meh, who wants to live forever, it'd get boring eventually" and think it's a scam, but just in case it's not he'd dump it out on a tree or something.

WWYCDI they were being followed around by a baby duck that imprinted on them?

rolled 1d8 and got 5
To pick a character

Jade song (played by Raider-jack29)

Jade might get annoyed at first but being the child her husband kaden is she'd be forced to take it in and would eventually grow attached to it

WWYCDI your character could travel back in time to stop one major event
Troven'Kal (played by Zarienai)

Trov would find the man responsible for the attack on his people and probably kill him. Thinking it the only way to save his clan.


their best friend/ally decided to give up their goal?
Snow (played by Holly-Leaf)

Of course I'd first give them the silver wig and then we would have a nice freindly pep talk. It would be like.... "HEYY FREIND YOU NEED TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK. LETS GO!" And I would probably motivate them every day with the same pep talk.

WWYCDI They went into every single movie they loved.
Arinbjorn (played by JayBird)

I would pack some wine, and perhaps a chicken breast in balsamic vinegarette, with plans for more meals and refreshments along the way. Every movie I love will require quite the amount of time to watch. If you have nothing to do for a few weeks, you're welcome to join me.

What would your character do if... They suddenly found themselves as the head chef of a resort in Mexico?

rolled 1d6 and got 1
Character selection out of 3 possibles

Snow (played by Holly-Leaf)

Oh that's easy. I would be showing my skills to the rest of the world making everybody happy. I would probably make a lot of fruit dishes since I love fruit. I mean who doesnt love sour fruit. Sweet fruit. I love it!! Anyways that's what I would do.

WWYCDI he/she had powers? Would you use them to save the world? For your own goods? Or to rule the world?

(I've been to Mexico before :3 My Grandpa and Grandma have a Ranch there)
Milena (played by Sanne)

That's a tricky one; Milena already has a bunch of powers and lives in a gateway dimension that connects to an infinite amount of other worlds and dimensions. I'm going to assume she'd grow more powerful, in which case she'd likely be too scared to really utilize it all properly.

She's a big believer of 'with great power comes great responsibility', in particular because her world lives by that mindset every single day, and those who don't follow by that statement are not welcome anymore. That amount of power makes it difficult to foresee what consequences using it will have, so she'd refrain from using them beyond the levels she was born with.

WWYCDI they were suddenly unable to speak (and relearn) their native language, and could only speak in a language nobody around them speaks?

rolled 1d10 and got 4
Rolling for public character selection!

James (played anonymously)

James would be terribly distraught. He's already blind, so it would make communicating even harder. He'd probably try to find some books, and force people to learn the language... Or just stop talking entirely and get depressed and isolate himself, because he's easily discouraged.

WWYCDI if they were stranded on a deserted island for whatever reason, with their arch enemy (or someone they strongly dislike, if they don't have one)?
Snow (played by Holly-Leaf)

I would probably go nuts, and get into small fights. But we would most likely get along at the very end and when we finally get off the island, we would probably be enemies again. *Shrugs* That's what life is about.

WWYCDI you had to eat the worst tasting peice of food for your everyday life.
Nielle (played by Lucretire)

This little brat would cause a fuss, sulk in corners, and overall gripe until he got real food in his stomach. He may even go as far as to steal a decent meal from somewhere. He hates to eat bad tasting food, and he will let you know it.

Let's see... What would your character do if they were the very last person on earth, and the only person who was left aside from them was someone they weren't really fond of? Bear in mind, they may have to repopulate the species.

rolled 1d6 and got 5
Rolling for character selection~

Arinbjorn (played by JayBird)

Dark side of Arthur time: He would undoubtedly kill the other person. He would have been waiting for his own death for 1200+ years at that point, and that would finally let him have it.

WWYCDI... They were a professional wrestler?!
Snow (played by Holly-Leaf)

Me?! A professional wrestling!? You gotta be kidding me! I mean, look at thes scrawny paws!! *She showed her skinny paws* But if I was a pro, I would challenge everybody in school and probably get detention. Or even expelled. That would be awsome

WWYCDI it was a Pokemon? And what Pokemon would it be? No legendarys or mythicals
Tsane (played by Claine)

Not an easy choice, he has so many elements I could choose from. But I'll pick the somewhat obvious choice of Bisharp. Armoured swordsman after all.


WWYCDI they found a stray puppy.

rolled 1d10 and got 9

Snow (played by Holly-Leaf)

It would be like my very best Freind. Because puppies I think are sorta my size.

WWYCDI You went to school terribly and forgot it was picture day.

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