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“Depends on which side of me you’re referring half, the culture is entirely a backwards society and the other is only what little children dream of until you enter the palace.”

“If you could have anything as a pet, real or not, what would it be?”

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Sasha Antonova (played anonymously)

“I’m a simple girl, and I look forward to being able to settle down and be able to adopt a kitty.”

“Where is it you would like to settle down and live?”
Harhi (played by randomentity777)

"Preferably somewhere with a little bit less sand and a bit more moisture in the air than where I currently live, but sadly I can't leave Arrakis. The Fremen usually don't travel offworld, as the spice withdrawal can be...fatal."

"Anyways, what would your approach be to setting up a planetary mining operation?"
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

"A...planetary mining operation?" Maisi squints at the other woman, as if trying to figure out whether or not it's a trick question. "I guess you'd have to make sure the planet was...suitable for mining? Maybe check to make sure the operation isn't going to damage any local flora or fauna in a severe way... Then I suppose you'd have figure out where you wanted to mine, get your supplies there and set up some kind of headquarters, bring your crew in..."

She pauses. "I mean, so I assume. That's kind of what they did in this movie I saw once."

The artist shrugs and grins a bit, turning to the next person and inquiring curiously, "If you could be anywhere you wanted to right now, where would you be?"
“Away from Portland for a few days. This woman needs a break from her....”

“Do you have any siblings—older or younger—who idolizes you way too much like Portland does to me?”
Cora (played by Dib2435)

My little sister Mela idolizes me. I and she have a good relationship and she doesn't idolizes me a lot. With me being the second female among my siblings, Mela and I spend a lot of time with each other.

Do you like any kind of weird food?
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

“Weird is subjective I’d say. Some would find my diet weird, I just can’t understand why salmon and strawberries together is a really, what is a weird food?”

Whats the one thing that will cheer you up no matter what?
"A gorgeous woman, a quart of drink and a good smoke"

How do you wish to die ?
Dael (played by Quillweave)

Marcus Leocadus wrote:
"A gorgeous woman, a quart of drink and a good smoke"

How do you wish to die ?

Dael turns rather red at the blunt answer, clearing his throat and staring at his feet before providing an answer of his own. "Peacefully, I should hope." His expression softens, going solemn. "... And - I should hope, only when my responsibilities here on this plane are done. Death is a natural part of the cycle, but I have so much left I wish to see and do, and I would not wish to leave my sister alone.

If you could have a single question answered truthfully, no matter how obscure or difficult, what would the question be?"
Messlea ambers (played by Dib2435)

" Do both of my parents even care for me ... " Mel said frowing softly as she look at the ground

" If your fictional crush had to fight your real-life crush, how would you react to it, and would you try to stop it? >
Ruin (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"Would I try to stop it?" He recast the question. "No, it would be far too entertaining. I'd sit back and eat the popcorn."

"Consider your past failures for a moment. Would you attempt to succeed by giving it another shot with the possibility of failing again, or just abandon them?"
Lady Lilac (played anonymously)

For a brief moment, the friendly facade of the halfling woman vanishes, replaced instead with a cruel, devious smirk- her pupils dilated like a hawk poised for diving its prey.

“I always settle my grudges. ALWAYS!”

Then she’s back to smiling sweetly to the next person.

“Would you like to live in my town? It’s lots of fun.”
Ruin (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"I think you misunderstood my simple question Lady Lilac. I enquired about past failures, not grudges. Two distinctly different words that have no relation. I will answer your question though. No, I prefer the more modern scenario with paranormal activity and motorbikes and a nice cozy place in the country with all mod coms."

He turns to the next character with a friendly smile.

"Would you prefer to visit a doctor for simple medication or just pick something up at the drugstore?"
“Pick something up at the store, doctors take too long. Especially if your Robin-Hooding your way around the seas.”

*turns to next character*

“Hey you, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”
" To battle my dame, I would go to battle. For to those whom have tasted the air of the battlefield there is no place grander or more deplorable, a bittersweet purgatorium where my likes are most at home, where I belong. "

If you could choose a means for yourself to be tortured, how and what would it be ?
Dael (played by Quillweave)

"... Physical torture. If my bones and flesh must be broken and split, so be it. Better that than to lose my mind, or my spirit. I - I am not a brave man, by any means, nor any sort of particularly hardy physical specimen." Indeed, the boy rather looks like he might be blown by a foul wind. But he sets his jaw, solemn. "But I would prefer it, nevertheless.

Would you accept great power to overcome an enemy, even if it meant going against your beliefs or becoming a hypocrite?"
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

The artist considers the question for a moment, then slowly shakes her head. "No, I wouldn't. I'd rather lose to my enemy than sacrifice my beliefs or become something I'm not. The gratification of victory couldn't ever be enough to make it worth that. In fact, I don't know if I'd really call it a victory at all if I'd gone against my beliefs or morals in the process."

She contrasts the previous shake of her head with a nod of decision, pushing a pale hand through her hair and drawing the loose locks back from her face. Her expressions settles into contemplation before she snaps lightly with her free hand, giving the next person a tranquil smile.

"I think I'm just about at my limit for heavy conversations tonight, so I'll ask... What's your go-to comfort food?"
"Imperial spiced wine, paired with grapes and slivers of fire-roasted venison and hare's haunch and then a good smoke afterwards, likely utilizing an elven pipeleaf. That would make for a good meal."

Faced with certain defeat what is your course of action ?
River Moore (played by Zoe_Ana)

"Walk towards defeat with my head up. With the grace of an adult and not the grief of a child. Why waste time on being bitter at having been defeated once in battle when you've already won the war?"

Which is greater: Strength or Wisdom?
Dael (played by Quillweave)

"Wisdom." Dael does not even need to think on his answer, not for a moment, and in a rare display of certainty he stands chin raised as he speaks. "All the strength in the world means nothing in the hands of one who cannot use it wisely.

Would you rather have a chance to undo a past mistake, or be given the knowledge to avoid a future one?"

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