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dragon-secretary.pngBecame a RP Repository journalist in this contest!

Choose a genre or style of RP that you have not personally done yet, or one that you don't personally enjoy or see the appeal of. Using interviews with other players on the RPR, learn about why people like that type of RP and what it takes to do it well. Report your findings in an article of 400 to 1200 words, as if you were a journalist.

If you don't want to write an essay but you'd be willing to be interviewed, you're free to say so here as well! ;)

Grammar and spelling are important in this contest. Please proof read your entries before posting them!

All winners will be featured in the RPR News.

  1. The article must be entirely your own work. HOWEVER, you may have friends proof-read your draft to help you catch spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Articles must be positive. Even if your research doesn't change your mind and you still don't personally see the appeal, report on why others do!
  3. You MUST interview a minimum of three other people on the RPR who engage in that kind of RP, and include a quote from each of those three in your article. If you do not have quotes from at least three other players, your article will not qualify.
  4. Give credit for all your quotations.
  5. Essay should be between 400 and 1200 words.
  6. Please keep your subject matter PG13 and in line with all of our site rules for public portions of the site.
  7. One entry per person. You may make edits to your entry until the deadline.
  8. Contest runs from April 24th until May 21st.
  9. After the contest closes a team of judges will score the articles and prizes will be handed out. Good luck to everyone!

If we get enough entries, we may add more prizes. :D

The last day to submit your essays is on May 21st.

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Where should we submit our entries to?

This topic. :)
I'm willing to be interviewed. = v = /

Preferred genres of RP:

Cyberpunk Lite
Medieval Fantasy
Modern Fantasy
Slice of Life
Survival (nuclear fallout / winter, zombie apocalypse, severe plague, stranded and forced to live off the land, etc.)
Oh man, I love these essay contests. Time to start thinking on what I want to report on!

That being said, I'm also willing to be interviewed. I myself tend to stick to adventurous types of roleplay, mainly medieval fantasy, steampunk and cyberpunk. if that's something you want to know about, hit me up!
I don't have much interest in writing but if anyone wants to interview me, I'm willing! Bring pizza and wine ;).
Don't think I'll have time to enter this, but if someone who does wants to interview me hit me up. I write any genre aside from romance.
Not good at doing essays but I am up to be interviewed!

My preferred genres are:
Slice of Life
Modern survival(mostly just living off the land stuff)
I wish there was a story contest of any kind of story. I would've posted my story "The Run".... Wait, I didn't want to but if its for epicness... Sure! If it is possible!
I'm happy to be interviewed for

Modern Fantasy
Medieval Fantasy
Science Fiction

I haven't settled on a genre to write about yet but It's be interested in taking to people who RP
Canon Characters
Modern (with no magical elements)
Ohh like this but I have learning disibity my grammar and stuff is horrible :(

Welling to do interview

I have alot of opinion of every genre but mostly modern fanasty and sci fi (werewolf and space)
It is time to launch my career as a hard hitting Role Play Journalist.
Not going to participate, but I'd be happy to help by being Interviewed!
I’m new to this site, but not to RPing. I’d be glad to help participants by optimg to be interviewed. You can ask me regarding Dark Fantasy, Superhero comic RP, sci fi, space adventures or just fantasy.
I'd write but I'm a bit late to the party so...I'm open to interviews!

Favorite Rp genres:
-Modern Fantasy
-Psychological Horror
-Supernatural (not the TV show! Most of my characters are not human...that's what I mean by supernatural.)

If anybody is still looking for interviews~

Orrik_Zynn_x2 wrote:
I'd write but I'm a bit late to the party

There's ages left! :-)
I'd love to participate this year, but I'm too shy to ask people questions myself... However, offer me cookies and I'll be more than happy to come out of my blankets for an interview!

Hmm, my preferred genres are:

☆Original Character RP
☆Adventure RP
☆Fantasy RP (Modern, Dark, Sci-fi... Aside from Medieval and Low Fantasy, you name it, I love it~)
☆Sci-Fi RP (As a heads-up: I'm more on the Sci-Fi Fantasy range of Sci-Fi. You have been warned.)
☆Romance RP
☆Slice Of Life RP
☆Multiversal Style RP Elements
☆Supernatural RP Characters and/or Elements
☆Adult/18+ RP Elements (Erotic or otherwise; since this is PG-13ish, my answers pertaining to either will be clean. Just remember to keep your questions clean too!)
This says genre 'or style of rp', would interviewing people who do furry RP or play as furres/ferals count?

((if so, anyone volunteering to be interviewed?))

CelestinaGrey wrote:
This says genre 'or style of rp', would interviewing people who do furry RP or play as furres/ferals count?

((if so, anyone volunteering to be interviewed?))

Yes, this would work as a topic. :)
Looking for Slice of Life players to conduct some interviews.

If you're up for a crash mode interview from now till end of weekend... send me a message!

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