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Taluna (played anonymously)

“Frowny Face!”
Ariel Phoenix (played by Berrystar)

A hum came from her as she smiled at the tone of the voice, a nickname coming up instantly. "Tiger lily. Feisty yet gentle." She might have chosen something different, for Ariel wasn't able to use her sight at all.
“Hmmm im thinking Ari or Ghostie.”
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

"Je vous appellerai Sirène," the detective smiled benignly. "I've always had a fondness for the sea..."
Dael (played by Quillweave)

Dael frowns briefly, giving the spindly man an up-and down with his arms folded behind his back before he quietly nods. "Falcon," he offers in a murmur. "There is a sharpness to you, and a keenness to the gaze."
Agatha hurriedly read the legend of Icarus and Daedalus, and then threw it into a trash can. "Lets just say... "Archivist" Seriously, you're in a library, I think."
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

"Oh, I know--Mothra! Not necessarily after the monster, though; more because your lamp-collecting reminds me of moths, and throwing an 'a' on the end of it is reminiscent of your actual name, which I thought was nice." The artist nods matter-of-factually, probably giving too much of an explanation for her name choice.
Deanna Harris (played anonymously)

"Denny?" It seemed logical to her.
The Harlot Starlet
"Bastard with a Mouth"
Ruin (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"I believe you already bear a suitable epithet, Commander Leocadus. However, I'm inclined to nickname you The Lion, majestic, Machiavellian, savage, and of course imposing."
"Much as you bear one that befits your destructive potential, I do not think titles would mean as much to you as they would to those whom try to decipher your enigmatic nature, without much success I must add, I'm sure the mortal ilk has called you many names in many languages across the aeons and ages. I think the concept of finitude or limitation eludes you, I am convinced this mortal form of yours is only to lend a tangible medium to those whom you choose to speak to. Thus, The Abyssal One seems a worthy title for therein is that portrayal of the fear of the unknown and what lurks in the darkness which is so primal to us all."
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

"Oh, are we comparing sizes now, gentlemen?" Moriarty chimed loftily. A polished smile crept across his features as he stood some few feet away from the two.

"I want to play," he continued, his words bearing a playful tune before the shrewd businessman reclaimed his tact. "And since you were so inclined to acknowledge a light in all of this dismal inanity, you've earned my favor. I should like to refer to you as 'Tempest.' Whatever battle you take to, be it within your mind or on the field, you shall incur rightful retribution."
Ariel Phoenix (played by Berrystar)

With a smile, she nodded as she knew what nickname suited him most. "Playful Prince is suitable for you. I can tell you like to tease..." Ariel giggled wholeheartedly, her smile brightening up the mood.
The warlock hummed and tapped her chin, looking at the woman in deep thought. "Lily of the valley. They represent a sweetness and femininity that quite suits you."
“Hm.. Hellspawn.” Iseki narrowed his eyes unkindly. He ran a hand through his silver hair, strands tickling his face. “Warlocks are just that. Hellspawns.”
"Silver." The trans man said, glancing at a blur of movement from around the corner. His brother lurking around no doubt...he ignores it. Nothing scared him anymore.
River Moore (played by Zoe_Ana)

Narrowing his silver eyes, he stares at the person before him thoughtfully. "Possibly Cordis." He gives a slight shrug, turning his gaze to the sky. "You have a lot of heart hidden beneath your exterior. Cordis means Heart."
"Styrke, that shall be your nickname." Dawn said with a wide smile on his face. "I can sense a great deal of strength in you."

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