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EDIT: honestly i was not expecting this thread to blow up like it did and i literally never check it, but i saw the complaints because people are taking this and turning it into an actual roleplay and i just wanted to say, this thread is not meant for roleplaying. it's a forum game. feel free to have characters meet here but if you want to take it beyond one reply, please use the appropriate roleplaying forum or PM each other. roleplaying isn't what this thread is meant for. i’m glad you’re having fun but please use the forums properly!

so, choose one of your characters and, IC, write out your character's first impression of the character above. it can be as long or as short as you want. it can also be either addressed directly to the character above, or you can write it like your character is describing them to someone else. i'm not sure how else to word that so if it's confusing:

Character above: Described as rude and mean on their profile
Character below: "You seem rude and mean"


Character above: Described as rude and mean on their profile
Character below: "They seem rude and mean"

also, i feel like i'm describing too many scenarios and making everything too confusing, but if your character already knows the character above, feel free to write it like your character already knows them and they're just momentarily passing by them, or something.

basically, just have fun and write it in the way you feel fits best. since i'm first, i'll go ahead and throw damian here and leave him for whoever's below me lol. (his profile is an absolute disaster right now, apologies.)
Alex Scott (played by AlexSilverX)

"Well shit... someone could use a good meal... and a couple hundred push-ups... Damn, poor guy."
Keanu (played by Asroc)

His ears perk up as well with his tail. A tiny paw raises up at the other.

"Well well..."

That voice came out from the kitten? Go with it. He sat up on his haunches as if he was playing with the air with his front paws.

"Someone like you looks like they went with an adventure in their life. Oh tell me about it. People say I am "cute"."
Holly Steiker (played by Gab)

The little vampire girls squeals with delight when she looks at the kitten. "A talking kitty!? So cute! Can I pet you? Please please please pleeeeaaaaassse? You look so fluffy!"
Keanu (played by Asroc)

His ears perked up. He liked being petted.

"S-Sure. You can pet me. My. I think.." He pranced over to her, reaching his paw up. "I like when two leggers give me compliments. For I will say this. I like you~"
One (played by AlexSilverX)

One would look curiously at the feline who was chatting away with the young woman, lightly quirking a brow.

"A talking cat... you wouldn't be an alien, would you?"
Kuroba Mikazuki (played by AgitoAceXIII)

"You're hostile, Ein. Now I wanna count in German...Hmph!"

Crossing his arms, the Remnant sighs.
"Ni shuo shenme? He's the hostile one?" Xiaolong gave a slight chuckle as if to poke fun at the man, "What you just said seemed rather aggressive. Well, I suppose most Germans are."
Upon seeing his eyes, Alice shys away and hides,"eep! You look scary. Im not a bad kid. Please dont hurt me Mr. Im not a bad German blooded person!" Alice trembled.
Xel Key Ash Zed (played by AlexSilverX)

"...I'm not the only one who thinks this girl is pretty small and skittish, right?"
"A human yet not. Truly fascinating how far our technology has advanced but I have to wonder are all these enhancements truly needed or are they simply installed to make life easier?"
The Detective (played by Xiaolong)

"I deduce that you, my dear, are not very foreign to that type of technological advancement, since you show a lack of surprise. That, or you have some mental problems. Or both. I also figure that there is no way I'm wrong. A detective cannot afford to be wrong."
The man spoke in a heavy Irish accent while covered from neck to toe in white bandages, some hidden beneath his suit and brown trench coat.
Alvis (played by Enter)

Golden eyes scan the man, showing intense curiosity. "Hmm...a reanimated detective. Most curious...scans show the presence of metals and detect those bandages as being made of spider silk originating from the body. Rather than standard bodily fluids, many body organs appear to instead contain some form of magical energy..." The man continued to ramble on robotically on all manner of details.
Byron Brown (played by jeondoe)

Byron put a hand to his head, closing his eyes tightly, "God you're annoying. You're giving me a headache!" He digs through his pockets, pulling out a small tub of aspirin and takes two before huffing in annoyance at the hologram.
Keanu (played by Asroc)

"A two legger?"

He was curious. He stood up on his hind legs, trying to get a better view. "They way you are acting makes it sound like you have some troubles. Do please keep it down, mighty two legger."
Alvis (played by Enter)

"Ahhh, a talking cat..." The golden eyes shift over to Keanu. "But is it biological or magical in nature? Most curious..." He then begins rambling over many hypothesis, going over every possibility in moments.
Akumi Crescent (played by AgitoAceXIII)

"A weird little projection...guy...thing." Having little clue as to what she were babbling about, she shrugged. "...Very...uh, interesting to say the least."
Finn O'Hara (played by Lanx12)

Naomi: "Daddy ! She is pretty!"

Finn: "Yes I know she is and skilled like me huh?"

Naomi: "Hi pretty lady!!!" She waved then blushed hiding behind her father.

Finn: "Oh dear....I apologize...One Assassin to another."
Ryu Sekigahara (played by Xiaolong)

"Oh. Two assassins?" a boy, no more than fifteen or sixteen spoke in heavily accented English. He then turned towards the small child that spoke previously, "She is very pretty. I wonder if she is American. That would make my day."
Referring once again to the two adults, "I'm an assassin as well! Do you think we could all spar sometime?" behind him at a respectable distance were two men in black suits and ties with their arms folded behind their backs.
Akumi Crescent (played by AgitoAceXIII)

"You can try, but the upper hand would probably belong to me!" Choking on her words for a second, she stammered hopelessly. "Uh...You certainly are an interesting fellow...Hmm. Very...thick-accented. I can barely understand you."

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