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Chemical Saki (played by starwolf)

*he wagged his tail happily* “can we be friends please my older brother scares them off mostly but if you want be my friend you seem so fun and cool to hang out with!” *he was beaming with joy*
Gillo Pico (played by kujiou)

Gillo looked at the other, a smile on his lips. "You seem to be nice. Wish there were more like you in the world." He stated, a pensive look on his face. he shook his head and looked back up, smiling. "You're adorable! And I really like the colour of your hair!! Is it dyed, or naturally like that?" He asked in only what could be described as joyful curiosity
" oh my. You do seem like a kind being and rather gentle at that. " She smiled small, hands clasped before her. " and super sweet pike a cinnamon roll or puffs of sugary apple bites. "
Jimnir Wyrdrage (played anonymously)

"Oh sheesh, some prim and proper Princess, dime a dozen! How boring.. hey, wait a minute!" The gnome inspected the Princess with a magnifying glass. "That form of yours is an illusion.. you're not human at all, are you?? Interesting, maybe there's more to you than meets the eye."
Drans (played by LostWanderer)

"It's rude to look through other's illusions, but hey it is certainly useful. Anyway you seem like the type who is curious, despite the circumstances that you are in. Which can both be good and bad." Drans said, looking over the gnome.
Rikka Loveheart (played by kujiou)

"You seem to be...s m a r t." Rikka said, spite in his tone. He walked around Drans, cautiously, as to not get close enough to punching range. "You look odd." Rikka hummed, crossing his arms and slightly popping his hip. "I don't like that." He once again stated. "But.. I'm sure-" He gagged for a moment. "I'm sure you're... FuN to be around..." He lastly said, turning away, angry he just complimented someone.
Untrust (played by satans_child)

Untrust´s cold gaze turned into a small smile and soft eyes "heh, you seem like a good recruit for my army. perfect position as a spy or 3rd in command." she took a swig from her metal flask that was full of liquor " maybe we could hang sometimes, shoot off enemies. how bout it?" the mysterious female held out her hand for Rikka to shake
Jimnir Wyrdrage (played anonymously)

"Wow, you have issues."
Aasa (played by kujiou)

"Woah, you look sick!" Aasa said, his eyes sparkling. "A great first step to my summoning ritual!!" He said, making a fist in excitement.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

“This one has a bit of a god complex I can see. Points for trying My Dear”
Zaharah (played by hexblading)

"An impressive and niche profile for creating pacts with probable candidates; what's more effective to give to those who covet than the very thing they seek? But that being said, I'm currently not seeking anything that I can't go out and get for myself, thank you."
Demeter (played anonymously)

“Fight fire with fire, hm? They do say the best way to catch a rogue is to send another rogue after them.”
Paradise (played by satans_child)

" Y-You're really pretty miss! " she smiled a bit " you remind me of one of my friends!" Doubt put her hands on her hips, smiling brightly, and her ears twitched in anticipation and her tail flicked " I hope we can become friends!"
Jason Alitt (played by ALTY_Heave)

“You’re kind…but at what cost?” Jason rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. “It seems as if so much has happened to you…I wish you luck in life. Take care, okay?” He seemed genuinely worried.
Phoenix (played by Rayne_Storm)

"...Y-you se-seem like y-you've been th-through quite a-a lot..." Phoenix looked away as he sighed before slightly smiling "Tr-try to t-take c-care of yo-yourself b-better, ok-okay...?" He sounded worried but also spoke softly with a stutter.
"You remind me fondly of someone I used to know... Lots of good memories." Mary said, looking at the child with curiosity in her eyes, "Though what exactly are you? You aren't like anything I've met before."
Jimnir Wyrdrage (played anonymously)

"Holy crap! A dragon!!"
Rikka Loveheart (played by kujiou)

"You seem way too amused at that," Rikka said, rolling his eyes. "Might as well have someone dress up in a maids dress and dance to YMCA." He said, scoffing at his "funny" joke.
"Maaaan, just another run-of-the-mill asshole! All of you guys are the same, all sad and wimpy on the inside. Weak. Nyehhh!" Noel stuck his tongue out. "Built like a bean pole too! Why run into you of all people?"
Ivory (played by Rayne_Storm)

"Hmm, you seem like you just look down on people that you see as "weak" but I bet you just need someone to talk to!" They slightly frowned before sweetly smiling.

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