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Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)

Purring, Raven headbutts Helios’s shin.

“You strike me as someone who knows how to stir up mischief. Care to lend me a hand? I’ve got an scheme that needs a willing pair of thumbs.”

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Flynn (played by Riik)

"Kitty!!!!!!!!! Well aren't you just the fluffiest wuffiest little fluffington around, hmm? Yes you are~! I just adore little fluffy critters!"
Oliver Sera (played by ALTY_Heave)

Oliver walked over to Flynn, a small smile growing on his face. “Y- You seem energetic..and n-nice. I applaud you f-for that. Maybe you c-can teach me h-how someday…”
Ace Willams (played by satans_child)

" Heh,,,,you seem like a nice person..!" the raven-haired male gave him a smile " I..I think.."
"Hm? Another one of these demonics youths?
What is it with the underworld always letting them run rampant nowadays among the humans?

Really, it's becoming quite the pain to the mortal realm when they always show up like they own the place, without even nary a cent of rent or pittance for frittering away your time and feeble heart. Conmen and charlatans, the lot of them. I'd have them all banished back where they belong if it were not beyond the scope of my capabilities.
I'm sure several thousand years ago when I was still a mortal myself, I would have labelled this man as nothing more than a miscreant like the rest of his bothersome ilk, but such a label would be very premature and quite a snap judgement nowadays, I feel.

If Mr. Williams is truly as nice as he comes across, then he truly is all well and fine by me and welcome for tea anytime. I do hope he's well versed on his manners though."
Jason Alitt (played by ALTY_Heave)

"For a former god, you seem- far less serious than I'd imagine..." Jason gave a slight laugh and let out a deep sigh. "Hell, I'd be your friend! I doubt you'd allow it, but- oh well."
Abdessi of Karth (played by Isolus)

"You seem lost. A soul trying to make their best way. Bless your heart, I hope you find your way -- wherever that may lead you. After all, you deserve happiness too."
Yuan Ji Feng (played anonymously)

“Wow! You seem really nice. Nice AND pretty! That’s a winning combination if you ask me. I’d love to buy you a drink sometime. Cheers!”
Alto (played by milktea_dollie)

"Oh, my, adorable and deadly... I'd love to spar with you sometime. On that note though, you'd be a wonderful friend to go out drinking with!"
The arcade machine stood deathly still until Dexter's hand came through the screen, almost as if it were a portal. He pulled his upper half out of the screen and gazed down to look at the being before him. He was certainly taken aback- after all, when did he get to talk to someone and was informed specifically to not have them play the game? Nonetheless, he was also informed to give his first impression, so he cleared his throat.

"In a way, you're kind of frightening. I've never seen someone so energetic except for the little 3-to-9-year-old kids that I've met in my career of being an arcade machine." He was certainly not the happiest right now. "On that note... I suppose if I weren't, well, an arcade machine, you'd be someone I'd hang around with."
"I don't think we'd get along well." Cadmos frowned, shaking his head a little. The little arcade machine seemed a bit too.. much in his opinion. Then again, Caddy never had been one for those sorts of games. "You seem like an interesting... 'person', but much too nosey and insistent than most people would appreciate."
Jason Alitt (played by ALTY_Heave)

Jason stared at him, soon just crossing his arms. “Eh. You seem- fine, I guess. But are you a pushover on purpose?” He raised an eyebrow. “Fine by me, but I don’t know if we’d get along quite well…”
X23 (played anonymously)

"Broken. Will you ever truly recover?"
Moxxie Fin (played by satans_child)

Moxxie stared blankly at the being infront of her, making her gaze intimidating subconsciously. " you seem...okay. i guess just chill a bit. " a cyan tile appeared infront of her and a bright light flashed onto X23 " hm. well nice to meet you X23, but amina wants blood"
Basil (played anonymously)

"You seem a lil' cool, donchaaa?" Basil hummed, starting at the girl. "I like you! But I'm obviously your superior." Basil said with a smile on his tanned lips.
Oliver Sera (played by ALTY_Heave)

“…I’m s-sorry, I don’t think I l-like you from what I s-see-“ Oliver seemed to feel bad for having to say that. “B- But I’m sure you’re f-fine when someone gets t-to know you..?”
Haruki Yahumie (played by kujiou)

"You seem cool. I'd invite you to a book club, not so much a rave" Haruki said, his eyes boring at the other, subconsciously forming a narrow.
"Oh my, very intriguing... I certainly don't mind blunt people, though," Alice mused, tapping his chin as he stared at Haruki analytically. "Perhaps you could have a less bleak outlook. Nice hair, by the way. I always appreciate a fellow dye enthusiast."
Ruslan runs his right hand through his fluffy pale hair as he lets out a blushed chuckle, "Ah a performer, I see? I've always been one to enjoy a good few magician's tricks! Is that how you got your hair to be so red?"
Marc Honganger (played anonymously)

"You seem kind.." Marc said with a smile. "I'd enjoy being your friend." he said with a chuckle, running a hand through his hair and yawning.

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