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Avah was inspired by a bunch of other people’s characters and some of my own ideas.
Jessica (played anonymously)

"Hi! I'm a middle-aged mother of six daughters. I've had a rathervaried career around motherhood, and am currently the late-night news anchor and evening weathergirl on my local CBS Network affiliate.
Heather Greene (played by Deumeawyn)

I love reading all the character profiles!

I created Heather here not too long ago from a mix of partially written stories I have done over the last few years. Kind of excited she has a couple Roleplays going!
Halasian wrote:
I don’t think I’ve shown off Halasian, my longest-running character. He got his start in the ‘Shadow Over Arnor’ RP over on The one ring back in 2000. His story is quite well developed and his days in Middle Earth have come to an end with his son Hanasian taking up the mantle. I sort of resurrected him here for an unfinished rp from another board but it didn’t last long here. He’s an old ranger warhorse.

(Always loved this family's story!)
My Ruby here is a half troll living in the legendary Troll Market currently accessed under the Brooklyn Bridge. She works on conscript for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense(The BPRD) in the defense of the world from things that go bump in the night...except she IS one of those things.

I haven't gotten to write with anyone for her yet, but I'm excited to delve into the modern day supernatural world with her. I'm sure she'll prove to be quite the adventure!
My all time favorite character has a 5 year old daughter. Aylssa Nicole Kennedy is no longer a party girl. She now has a miniature version of herself.
Reece is an old character that I have recently revamped. He grew up as a simple priest, but turned out to have magic powers that, when unused, eventually get out of hand. It led to him involuntarily reducing his hometown to rubble and having to flee, leading to a life of persecution, resentment and trying to build something normal. His faith in his god is crumbling and he is alternating between giving into the public perception of him and desperately wanting to get back into his god's good grace.
Cailiawen (played by Deumeawyn)

I finally got my middle earth ranger character re-created here. I RPd with Cailiawen in 2016 on another fire. I’m so excited to have found another middle earth ranger woman!
Jann is my only Skyrim character, a half-orc and I love her to death! 💕
Griffin (played by DarkCrow)

-Will Smith meme here-

I love my post apocalyptic boy, I really want an RP for him at some point <3
My favorite musician to roleplay and she's done a few already.
Avalina (played by cirene)

This sweetheart right here is my all-time favorite. I've been building her story for almost 10 years now.
These two are amazing in their own right, but they shine best when they're together! I adore their dynamic, but I haven't gotten many chances to explore it in a roleplay. Maybe one day!
James Alverez (played anonymously)

This is my 'fed' cop. He is a new creation for an RP I'm in need of replying to and is pretty much a work in progress. I plan on writing his history based on his current RP. It seems I'm backlogged in my replies again and the weekend didn't give me much time to get responses done.
Rachel Kimberly Zimmerman my freedom fighter she's outside the norm of my usual characters but I'm proud of her.
Sephira Helshvax (played by Izumikora)

One of my main characters over several years that originally use to be a NPC to aid my then main character but slowly evolved to taking over.

One the head guards for an alternative universe that had male characters fight in gladiatorial combat run by a cast of half demon women. She isn't against manipulating others or forcing her guards to do her bidding.

She finds the male populus beneath her and has a high lust for violence, both as a witness and as the perpetrator. She is fond of hand to hand combat but is more then willing to use a Mecha Suit if it means causing destruction and massacres.

If she meets someone who is capable of matching her or her guards in combat, she will make it her mission to break them, bring them to heel and licking her boots as they beg for mercy.

"The weak ones deserve to be turned into dust, trampled beneath the boots of our legion, to spend eternity ground evermore with every step we take."
Thea is my rogue royal. She hates being a princess and wishes she could be normal, but when she becomes queen, other nations will definitely suffer to her might.
Yetta Godfrey (played anonymously)

I wasn't expecting this, but Yetta seems to be my most popular character, so I'll show her off a bit. She was meant to be my "innocent" buccaneer, but I've had several not-so-innocent plots with her with various other people. :P

I really want to roleplay out my new character, Antoinette.
This is my beautiful chick, A-215. It took me over an hour to make up and complete her bio! Check her out and tell me what you think!!
Allison Kaye (played anonymously)

I originally was A minor character in a school group RP and have become a big part of that ongoing story in a 1x1 with one of the characters. I have since managed to get into some other RPs and show off my assets and attributes without question. Feel free to message me if you want to RP!

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