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Brash (played by Pantrane)

I really like Brash. He talks like a rocker from the 90s. I did the animation and doing band stuff was pretty fun. I also had the idea to put them in a cheesy sci fi movie on one of his pages. His little brother Luke also has a character slot. The cool thing is that they’re built off the same model, but highly tweaked. So they have family resemblance.
Wilhelmina (played by Somnom)

Mina is currently one of my favorites. And I can’t stop commissioning art for her! She’s a character that’s so wild and free that writing her is actually liberating in a sense that it doesn’t take much planning or thinking to write. She’s very much go with the flow and do what she wants.
One of new wild west characters. She's role-playing already.
Shamshir (played anonymously)

A halfling knight astride his magical Capybara steed. Despite his small size he's ready and able to mess evil up!
Dr Will, my second-favourite creation and the world's best (keeping in mind that skill is relative) doctor!
DAWN (played by RimCaster)

This team is my pride. they're quite good but their universe isn't ready yet so they're almost roleplay ready.
Issac Shannon (played anonymously)

I finally got Issac, my Mountain Man created after months of procrastination.
Already writing a story with him and his wife Koko Bloodmoon.
Olva (played by Freaysia)

I have here, Olva! She does not have a last name as on her home planet they do no exist.

She is one my most proudly made characters and I love her, she is so sweet and naïve, but yet so mature for what she has endured! She had grown up in an abusive environment, but it only made her sweeter and stronger in the end! She can be used for green lantern universe purposes, but she can also have a new story be written without the lanterns. I have my characters as a form of universal, and new topics create a new time line so to say, the character sheets is the starting point, and then take it from there in their own stories! But I love Olva most because despite her hardships, she took that and used it to get away and build a better life for herself! Who knows, maybe she'll finally get to find something, or someone, that can show her that not everything in the universe is so horrible....
My blues singer
This character is basically the one behind the scenes! They are based on someone I know, so I can describe them relatively well. Funny thing is... They technically are a replacement for myself since my characters all used to be self aware.

They still are a work in progress though!
Skara Brae (played anonymously)

My latest creation. Still a work in progress bit I'd love to hear some feedback
One of my favorite characters.
Adael Lie (played by Claine)

I want to show off Adael because I just added the Random Widget to his profile! :D

It's the perfect way to add little tidbits of information that aren't really important enough to list anywhere else.
Lt Steve Harrison (played anonymously)

Adael Lie wrote:
I want to show off Adael because I just added the Random Widget to his profile! :D

It's the perfect way to add little tidbits of information that aren't really important enough to list anywhere else.

I was playing around with the random but didn't save it. I have a great idea for it though I need to find out if there are any limits on how many randoms you can put in and if there is a character limit. I think I will experiment.

Steve here who has had a few different RPs and has moved on in time and has built some history. He has his school senior year where he 'began', and some after graduation time in the U.S. Army and he has a few tidbits of him after he got out if the army. The trouble is I haven't actually set in stone how long he was/will be in the Army. I have a couple different timelines in the works. He started out as a high school playboy and is currently some years after graduation and he is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in his longest running RP.
Vuvvle Doler (played by DeeDay)

I'm showing off, Vuvvle!
Made him for a medieval fantasy RP im currently writtng. I will be happy if anyone give me any tips and feedback.
This is the first character I've done a full 5e character sheet for on the profile! I did research to write the backstory and put a lot of time into the character, I'd be happy to get feedback on the character and how the profile is set up! :)
Esther Friedrik (played by solynne)

my new girl! i don't usually play characters with "tragic" backstories so...this is interesting. can't wait to get into a game with her
othis character i took alot of time into, and its one ofthe first ive actually completed the personality for! i created him specifically for midievil fantasy, but i am still unhappy about his history. if you have any suggestions, please do tell
My beloved daughter Aylssa Nicole Kennedy
Mersy (played by dianasaurdraws)

Heyyy I'm pretty proud of this character. Shes a cat shifter, and a familiar. She can amplify the magical abilities of anyone shes bonded to, among other things. =)

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