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Eric Rockcliff (played by Aggy1231)

This is the second character I made. I made him 5 years ago and he is my little baby.
Aylssa Nicole Kennedy the proud mother of Melissa Ann Kennedy.
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

I’m in an rp where I am a tragic woman rock and roll star that spiraled out of control and crashed and burned at the end of a tour. I went on a bender after the 2nd-last gig and the band and manager quit, only sticking around for the last show. I went on another bender and only lived thanks to a dear friend of mine.

Starting a new to set ten years mater when the band gets together for a fundraiser. I’m working on my ‘future personna’ now.
My newest wild west character🍻
Willow Stevens (played by Autumn_Vale)

One of my newer girls, i haven't created a backstory for her yet as im not sure what to use her for.
Preferably modern or apocolypse type scenarios i think, shes the bad girl and she likes it ;)
Handsome Devil (played by Winters_Fury)

The face claim I use here is Jon Schaffer and he's part of a band called DEMONS & WIZARDS.

I first saw him, and first heard of the band, in the new music vid called Diabolic, via YouTube, and it's from their new album coming out next year.

I talked to my friend Sky about this, and I said: "Using him as base to make my own Lucifer. For now I will keep him to Krispy and I. So many people make or rp Lucifer in general. Only difference with mine, is an older looking one plus making him a musician since that is what his base look is."

Sky had said they liked it, and I said: Really? Sky answered with: "its interesting, cause almost all Lucifer characters people play are the young types"

So, here ya go. My version of an older Lucifer, who's still up to no good.
4-8-2 (played by staticnightmares)

Mmmmmm this girl has been awakening my inner gay for the past few days.

I am very proud of her as of now. I coded the template myself too... wooooo!
My hit woman. She's a real gangster.
A brave volunteer army sergeant fighting for our country.
Nathan Collier (played anonymously)

My 'western' character. A brutal bounty hunter who really doesn't care if he lives or dies.
My hacker baby, Cosima. I'm quite proud of myself for getting her profile done and complete.
Sarah is the main character I use in roleplays. She's a dancer and is family oriented.
Atlas Quinn (played anonymously)

Brand new in the roster of anonymity; a Fallen angel (Now Demon) who restores Art while 'watching' people to see if their souls are corruptible.
Bellerose (played by Winters_Fury)

This handsome guy is my newest OC, Jules.

Jules is the son of Jonathan Harker from Dracula, and the backstory to Jules begins with the fact his father didn't get Mina back. Mina is still with Dracula. Be it you want to say that Dracula turned into Alucard from Hellsing, or just somehow escaped Abraham Van Helsing however he did, the point is: Jonathan never got Mina back.

Jonathan moved on and re-married and had a son, which happens to be Jules. Unfortunately...Well. I won't go into more detail. But due to events out of Jules's hands, his father Jonathan ends up disowning him. Thus Jules begins a new life with a new identity.
Rolf Steiner (played anonymously)

Fighting street-by-street in Rostov doesn't give Steiner much time to rest, but the Russians are running out of buildings. The fighting in Rostov was a precurser for what was to come later in Stalingrad....
I am extremely happy about how this guy came out! I did a lot of research to make him as close to reality as possible while adding some stuff here and there... (he’s still a semi WIP)
My most beloved characters Aylssa and Melissa Kennedy. Mother and daughter.
Darrell Sanders (played anonymously)

My Bohemian hippy rock n roller Darrell. Currently in a long running RP with another singer. Its been a joy to write!
Heather Greene (played by Deumeawyn)

I'll show off Heather again.... she is still looking for a boyfriend.
Ardira Tinume (played by EarlyGrey)

Not sure if I've ever shared Ardie here, but she's one of my oldest OCs and has a special place in my heart. <3
It's always been my plan to write a book about her, if I knew how to go about doing so.

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