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Miaha (played by MordosKull)

Hobgoblin Ninja looking for things to kill.
This is my newest OC creation, his name is -inhale- Percival Atticus Ulysses Quincy. However, he goes simply by: Percival Quincy.

He's an aristocrat, and not your typical aristocrat. You'll just have to read about him to find out what that means.

His base is from the mobile game: Disney's Twisted Wonderland. And upon first seeing Divus Crewel, the base look's name, I knew I MUST make an OC with him!
Sgt Saunders (played anonymously)

My World War 2 American platoon seargent. He is a mingling of two idols of mine, Sgt Saunders from the TV series 'Combat' and Sgt Hill from the tabletop board wargame 'Squad Leader'. Stay tuned for some After-Action Reports...
Beatrice (played by Claine)

I think I'll show off a newish character :) She's made the switch from Fantasy to Modern, and I think I have things worked out. I'm also pretty please with the art I drew of her.
Young adventurer with more than a streak of viciousness, but a little bit vulnerable too
The Glaivesinger (played by Riik)

Just finished character art for this smol bean. Something tells me I'm not going to find much opportunity to utilise a Hollow Knight OC, but after starting a playthrough of that game, I couldn't not make a character.
Korrivar is the first character i ever completely finished. im just having trouble with his history right now.

he's a switch for midevil fantasy and modern themes.
Yellowbeard (played anonymously)

Arrrrgh.... me pirate! I be eat'n Sparrows and Blackbeards for breakfast...
One of most popular characters. I've been updating her a lot lately.
Sawney Erminion Furo (played by Ozzyotter3001)

Ferret boi. Do I need to say anything else?

Okay fine, he's a thief who steals food to feed his mama and two younger siblings.

He likes to say/scream "aaaaaaaaaaa" whether internally or externally.

Do I need to say anything else?

Okay FINE yes he likes it when you pet his ears.
Maurice Deuguerre (played anonymously)

I thought I’d dust off my French soldier Maurice and put him on display. He’s only in one slow-moving 1940 fall of France rp and is seriously underused.
A truly professional soldier.
Wayne Harrison (played anonymously)

I created Wayne Harrison as he tended to show up in the many RPs that Steve Harrison has been in. Apparently some girl Steve knew in high school has the hots for me!
Nicole Dayne-Harrison (played anonymously)

Same with Nicole Harrison. Both of these profiles need fleshing out which I'll do as I go mining all of Steve's RPs to get key points mentioned for each of them.
If anyone wants to rp after reading this then just shoot me a pm. 💕

Angel Estella Steiner. German. Widow. Police Detective. Angel is one of the sweetest, kindest humans you’ll ever meet, giving off an aura of calmness and affection, never one to seek unnecessary confrontation. She’s an intelligent, empathetic, hardworking, quick witted, thoughtful woman always willing to help others, she may seem like an airheaded coquette to many who don’t know her. But make no mistake, if you cross her, she’ll bite back, fighting her corner with her teeth bared. This woman has steel running through her veins, her life experiences making her someone you’d regret crossing – she’ll handcuff you to a gate with a smile and compliment, making you wish you’d never underestimated her.

Aziza Eshe El Jaouhari. Middle Eastern. Stall Holder. Middle Child. Quiet, careful and mischievous, Aziza gets into trouble regularly, but always manages to slip away before the final verdict lands. A natural creative, Aziza can often be found daydreaming over what could make a classic piece of art better, or brainstorming some fabulous new idea that's sure to change the world. Funny, bright, and with a knack at getting her own way, Aziza is a spitfire wrapped in sugar.

Clara Irma Fitzgerald. Air Hostess. African American. Unhappily married. Articulate, respected, and sarcastic, Clara is a woman with a wildcard streak that leads her to impulsive decisions. She keeps to herself, but isn't rude or unsociable, simply careful with her time and energy.

Delilah Nell Marchande. French. Writer. Divorced. Closed off, but not cold, Delilah grew up highly educated. She reached adulthood known for being reserved, not overly rude, but certainly self-assured and pithy. She’s prickly and melancholic, but not exactly a recluse, she’s simply careful with who she surrounds herself with, bringing wit and wisdom to her small group of friends, striving with ambition to create a life of the best calibre. Her baby son went missing before his 2nd birthday and hasn't been seen since, Delilah never giving up the search.

Irene Keeva O'Farnon. Irish. Actress. Single. Devious, calculating and sociopathic to the extreme, Irene’s never got along well with other people, her personality not inviting friendliness from most outsiders. With her formative years being spent in a mental health institution for severe psychological illness, Irene rarely tolerates any company other than her own, aside from the company of those she needs to use for personal advancement, such as a director of a show. With a sense of humour deemed scathing, and a charm only brought out to play during manipulation, Irene’s personality isn’t that of someone who would help you if you were being robbed in a dark alley, she’s more the type of person who would attack both the assailant and yourself, before claiming the spoils as her own.

Lia Angelica Marquez. Hispanic. Nurse. Single. Bright and bubbly, Lia can usually be found smiling, dimples popping as she does so. Spreading laughter and kindness wherever she goes, it might be thought she hasn't a care in the world. However Lia is a very deep thinker, often worrying over a patient she tended to that day, or thinking ahead further than she would ever need to. Popular, the woman has many friends, and she'll go above and beyond for any of them, rarely finding time for herself.

Nancy Tallulah Alice Zsereda. Ukrainian. Prostitute. Single. A riddle wrapped in an enigma; Nancy is far from what you first think. Coming across as fun loving, charming and quick witted, with enough bubbly self confidence and cuteness for an army, something more sinister lurks underneath. She’s painfully self-critical, educating herself instead of losing herself in the misery of her situation. She’s a fighter, the most resilient of people, and she deserves much more than what she currently has. She's brilliant at thinking on her feet, and is a woman of loose morals and hardly any conscience.

Queenie Bluebell Reedbourne. Australian. Student. Single. Described by her earliest social worker as a firecracker with a heart of gold, Queenie had to grow up fast, developing a personality that many would deem volatile and troublesome. What those people don’t know is that it’s just a front, below the headstrong, stubborn façade, Queenie is insecure and vulnerable, full of anger and bitterness, but also a sense of humour rivalled by none, and a steadfast resilience. She cares for nothing and no one except her daughter, who she loves and cares for more than anything in the world.
My blues singer who gets a lot of role play. My tribute to Bessie Smith and Billie holiday.
Rashne (played anonymously)

I only recently got comfortable showing my characters off; I love all of them, and right now Rashne is my main man. He is so fun to play.
My millionare daughter looking for Love.
Araval Talandren (played by Novus)

Well, I only have three, but Araval is my newest.

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