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"Politely pass.." She said in a light french accent.

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"You're too young, plus I don't think you're into guys, so pass"
Kimberly Russo (played by PinkBrat)

"Pass." No explanation would be given.
"I'm sorry..but pass." She gave a small, calm, apologetic smile. Her head tilted ever so slightly.
"Pass...." the Marine said gently
"I'll just calmly pass."
He he, adorable. *pats Peanut's head*
But pass.
He spoke to the AI in his suit "hey, play the saxophone part from George Michael's song Careless Whisper! I'm gonna try and flirt with her"

"I'm sorry..but pass." She gave a small, calm, apologetic smile, pushing her glasses farther up on her nose.
Red Hood (played by VoliminalVerse)

"Ugh. Pass." - Jelena
Jiro (played by Astrobeans)

"Pass", he said as he worked on his motorcycle, he puts the tool. "If I would want anything that seemed like romance to any of you two, my father know what never mind", he said as he shook his head.

(Path Chosen: Pass)
Epox (played by X2C)

Well I am definitely Not going to Romance him, so you figure it out
"That's going to be a pass from me." He chuckled.
Maggie (played by PinkBrat)

"Romance. You'd be a breath of fresh air."
"Pass seems to be my only recourse, as well as various other reasons. None of which are a personal slight against you" he said after removing his glasses and looking up at her

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