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Denver (played by Jejune)

“’am....I’m gonna have to arrest you for trespassing” He said warily, looking up at the woman with intent curiosity. “How did you even...nevermind. You have the right to remain silent..”
"Oh no- the police! Time to run! Nishishi!"
“Uh....Wait a minute, you’re not one of my sisters? Would you kindly get out of here, before I call the MPs?”
Percy Hargreaves (played anonymously)

“I’ll have to kindly ask you to leave...” he muttered, yawning.
K1-B0 (played by DanganronpaFan)

"W- W- W- What...?" The small robot looked down in fear, almost ready to cry.
Flara squeals! "R-ROBOT!" Immediately, she hides under the covers.
"im going to give you five seconds to leave my room and get far far away from me before i start setting things on fire"
“I don’t know who you are, but you need to leave.”
Red XIII (played anonymously)

"Hmm!? Cloud!? What are you doing here?" Nanaki peered at him with his one good eye and attempted to smirk. "Did you get lost on the way to Tifa's room? Hahaha!"
Ryoma wasn't surprised. Nothing really shocked him anymore, so he just kept on sleeping.
He yelped and crawled further away.

“I- I don’t like this..”
"get out of my room and away from my bed before i make you taste the power of my lance"
Percy Hargreaves (played anonymously)

He slapped him away and crawled back. “What the hell??”
Mukuro awoke and started to scream, then ran off to alert Sayaka of the intruder.
Beetle (played by Jejune)

“Aha..Who let you in here?...Doesn’t matter, would you like to see my pet snail?!” She smiled happily
Kiyotaka said nothing. Instead, he waited for his alarm to go off so he could get ready for school.
Maverick Pierce (played anonymously)

“Uh..” he kicked him away and went back to sleep, sighing.
Eir (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

She doesn't care when she finds the man at the end of her bed, simply going back to sleep.
“...Why are you standing there when you could be right beside me here?”
(Yes, my Fjorm is actively Supporting Eir.)
Nails (played anonymously)

Nails bolted up right, tonfas whirling. "WHO THE @!$#$ KEEPS BARGING INTO MY HOUSE-Whoa!" She stopped once she noticed the figure in front of her.

"Hello! Okay, I'm weirded out now, are you trying to rob me or is this one of those nightly companion delivery services? I honestly can't tell with what you're wearing."

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