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"I've had it.... "

He got out of his bed and picked Kavern up and stalked towards the guest room Kavern was put in and he walked to the gigantic bed and he put Kavern back into his bed

"Look, don't piss me off. You know where everything is. Don't go in my room again"
Rain (played by Drake_Lie)

"You have grand respect for my father and mother, so I won't be rude, so just get out so I can sleeeeeeeep"
He sat up and his eyes instantly lit up "a sparkle dragon! Hi sparkle dragon! Are you a wish dragon?" He tilted his head.
Tensai (played by randomentity777)

Tensai rolls over in bed. "Mmmf, five more minutes, Yamcha."
Thor the Malinois (played anonymously)

He woke up and his tail started wagging. He looked at her and went and laid against her
Skep -- Skeptical (played by Foxfarer)

Skep lifted his head slightly, having just had a peaceful sleep before yelping at the sight of Thor.

"A-...Oh...It's just a dog..." He eyed it carefully, observing Thor with a questioning look. He was a skeleton after all. He was never safe around dogs.
Alucard (played by Mando)

"Ah? ...Well, I suppose this is what I get for attempting to sleep in a bed, isn't it?" He sounds almost amused. It must be a very strange night, or perhaps the moon is full.

"And it's strange, but... you seem almost familiar." He cocks his head, blond hair tumbling against pale skin. "Then again, you are a skeleton. That must be why."
Masen blue cold eyes opened.
Laying in a bath of deep red.
"Hmph", noticing the pale one at the end of his sacrificial stone bed.
"How did you get down here" his voice boomed as he sat up,
all four arms helping to allow the 8'7ft demon to stand and stare down at the Pale Skin before him.
Alucard (played by Mando)

A demon. That is a demon. He knows very much about demons and most other things that go bump in the night. It comes from his parentage and upbringing.

"...How does this keep happening?" It's the energy of his father's castle. It's a place of oddity, and that strangeness seems to cling to him and follow him like an unwanted guest, a guest that refuses to be confined to walls and stone. It was foolish to think that it would ever change. And, in all honestly, his very existence is to blame. After all, he's also strange.

"I'm afraid that I... am not really certain what to say now."
Keiko Kennedy (played by Astrobean)

Content Warning: Brief mention of blood
Keiko tossed and turned around in her bed. It was almost like someone was there at the end of the bed. Her thermoreception wasn't going off even slightly. Her gut told her otherwise and she instantly risen from her bed.

"Holy Sh-", Keiko jumped up in surprise when she found the pale, tall man in her and her beloved's room. The long-haired man with luxurious blond locks was a vampire. "If you came for prey, I have to tell that my girlfriend and I are vampires." She got out of the bed and moved closer to him. "However, we stored some blood in the kitchen. Human or Goat?"
Miles 'Tails' Prower (played by Foxfarer)

The young kit wasn't exactly expecting this. When he finally decided to sleep for once, when he opened his eyes he was greeted a very unusual sight.

Tails was quick to jump from his bed, eyes wide with a look of confusion and caution before giving a small pause. She didn't...seem like a threat?

He took a deep breath, giving an awkward smile towards her. After all, this wasn't an everyday occurrence.

He was sleeping too hard to notice, and his kitten was "making biscuits" on his head.
The first thought to hit her mind was a question of her sanity. Was this a dream, a nightmare, or some weird unholy mix in between? Surely there was not some humanoid alien at the foot of her bed, just. . . standing there.

Then it occured to Emelia that she has not had a dream in months. The many downsides of living as a dead woman, and thus being unable to sleep. Or, the many upsides, in the case of nightmares.

Still. . .

"I have no idea who you are, but you have ten seconds to vacate your two hundred pound rear from this room before I go ballistic. Please take your admittedly adorable kitten with you."
Before a single word was uttered, Marcus cast his hand unto the leonine sword tapping the hilt upon a stone wall to set the blade alight with flames, searing and bright and issued a whistle to alert his war-hound Thor to the presence of the intruder. A stern expression settled upon the wolf's grizzled features, his scowl expressing utmost displeasure as if composure was held by but a few threads, his words were spoken with anger and disgust

" The presence of one befouled by the wretched and loathsome taint of undeath within my quarters is an intolerable affront, even more so when the hallowed mantle of an inquisitor is desecrated by such a visage, one that I would make haste to rid the realms of, even if it meant casting this entire fort into ash and smolder. "

There was then silence, he kept his gaze still on her, his grasp upon his sword tightening his eyes closing in what was certainly an expression of lamentation, grief... truest grief for what had befallen her, he could not even bear to look upon her as he turned his head to the side, his tone lowering.

" Alas, I know your tale... and the great honorable woman you once were, and in this circumstance, I cannot bring myself to inflict wounds upon you... for what can this sword do to you that those corrupt and excommunicated mongrels in the rogue inquisition already haven't... an Inquisitor's presence is rarely a good omen, that of a deceased one is unforgivable... yours ?... yours is a heavy, heavy burden upon all those who must stand for what is right and what is just... and upon my principles and my honor and the honor of the legion of Cornaeth, we must stand for your cause. I presume you came here for some purpose, well then, let me fulfill it... you know well you cannot stay in Cornaeth and I shall request that in the spirit of equal courtesy you refrain from... "

Marcus paused taking a deep breath and then releasing to calm himself

" Disfiguring or consuming any corpses "
The first thing Sprite saw when she opened her eyes, was a white, rugged face staring down at her.

"AGH- SHIT!!" With a magnificent thunk, she dropped off her cot, face smooshing into the raw sandstone. Struggling to find her footing in her drowsy, heart-quaking state, she climbed up using her ramshackle, and flopped into a sloppy salute to the man with the scarred eye. "Sorry, sir, I'd forgotten the time, sir!" But even in the dimdark of the barracks, she quickly realized that this wasn't a sir of the Skylax's.. An expensive-lookin' fur collar rimmed the broad shoulders of the man, topping off a uniform that looked like nothing she'd ever seen. "Eyy, wait-a sec.."

He couldn't be Coalition. They did the steel armor stuff, but not in the ornamental and oldschool way like this guy had going on. Besides, melee weapons were only for the freaks, and a sword of that size certainly had no place on the Konian battlefield. Something didn't add up here..

"Ey uhh, y'lost? Think y'took 'em wrong turn in 'em time machine.." Though no one really knew what the Precursors of Konis'd looked like, this was what Sprite'd envisioned when she'd first learned about them. At any rate, this man belonged neither to her gang nor the enemy, which made this bedside encounter all the more absurd. "Can help y'get back, but uhh- gotta be quiet. Don' want 'em higher-ups figurin' out I'm smugglin' a time relic 'round with me." Blindly grabbing her belt and axe from behind her, she looked the bearded man up and down. "Heh, not sayin' y'look old. Jus'.. not of 'tis day an' age. C'mon, let's getcha outta 'ere. Last thing y'want is the Sarge comin' for your ass."
Thor the Malinois (played anonymously)

Thor would lift his head and would immediately rush to Marcus as soon as he sensed him. His tail wagged as he looked upon Marcus's familiar features. He would whine with excitement before putting his front paws on Marcus's shoulders and started licking his face. This whole time, Thor's tail never stopped wagging.
(( Hey man, I already replied Marcus, I’m afraid! ))
Wally (played anonymously)

"O-oh." Wally batted his eyes open to see Sprite standing there. Weakly lifting himself up from the bed, he looked at Sprite for a moment, tubes hanging out of his nose, connected to what seemed to be some kind of tank.

"Are.. Are you lost? A guest?" He asked with a soft, quiet voice that had a little raspy-ness to it. "Maybe mom can help you out.." He murmured, rubbing his eyes.

(Bonus, for Thor_)
If the boy glanced out his window, that was slightly uncovered by the curtains, he'd see a dog.

He smiled briefly, but redirected his attention to Sprite, concerned for her.
Isa blurrily rubbed at her eyes. Something interrupting her sleep was unheard of for the eldritch entity, much less within her own pocket dimension.

Feeling a presence, she sat up. Her sharp smile, always present even in sleep, shrank slightly at what she saw. There at the end of her king-sized bed was a small human with tea green hair and icy blue eyes. He had on a sky blue jacket and tan pants, and seemed on the lean side as far as children went.

Only, he didn't seem to be alone. Several animals, if Isa could call them that, were all around her. On her left, a large navy blue bipedal creature that almost looked like a cross between a jet aircraft and a shark. On her right, some kind of metal . . . thing with what appeared to be three magnets on parts of its body. On her bed was a cat with lavender and cream fur, as well as some rose plant that looked like it had just stepped out of masquerade party. Above her was a large blue bird that seemed to mostly be a cloud. Finally, a white-skinned humanoid that reminded Isa of a knight stood behind the human. With arms that seemed to be blades and deep-set scowl, it looked ready to defend the human no matter the cost.

A child and several strange creatures, all in her private space. She would have been upset if it weren't for the fact that the human seemed just as confused as she was.

"Well, this is interesting." Isa began. "I suppose if you ended up here, you aren't exactly looking to buy my wares." She threw her bedsheets off, covering the cat and the rose thing. They began scrambling out of the sheets, making sounds of annoyance. The woman paid them no mind as she exited her bed, ducking under the magnet creature.

Many eyes followed her as she dug around for a tea set. "Here, I'll make something. We can chat about how you could have possibly ended up here." An interesting conversation laid ahead, and Isa could not wait to hear how they managed to end up here.
At the sound of a creak emitting from their floorboards, they rubbed their eyes and squinted, sitting up with a low groan. Once adjusting their vision to the dark, their eyes widened, and that groan turned into a short shriek as they flinched back instinctively, the back of their head hitting the headboard.

They let out a grunt, rubbing the nape of their neck and momentarily forgetting the intruder that stood in the same place as before. Their pale eyes locked gazes with the figure, a sneer making its way on their face as they spoke in a low, accusing tone. “ You have minimal time to leave before I start screaming and running at you,”

They said, carefully slipping a metal bat from underneath their many pillows into their hands, taking it into a white-knuckles grip.

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