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Hey. This is the OOC chat for my recently posted fantasy rp.

...Not a lot to say about it. I kept things pretty humble writing this one; usually I try to figure out the whole vibe of the town. This time I'm taking a bit more of a sandbox approach.

1. Magic does exist. It is allowed to rp magical creatures, but magic is not the most common it could be. Its uncommon but not unheard of.

2. OCs are preferred to premade fandom characters.

3. We're starting small so lets not get too ambitious too quickly.

4. If you want to join in, you're free to. Of course its good if you get acclimated first but its not necessary.
Would any of my characters fit, by chance? I've got several medieval fantasy characters that I hadn't quite envisioned in a setting with firearms. But maybe my cleric Galiena? :) (Not sure how much, if any, magic you're envisioning.)

Alternately, I have this brigand Dorothy, who was built for the American Wild West. Might she fit better (assuming I drop any reference to the actual USA in the RP)?

Oooorrr.... even Jip, a gnome? Something strikes me as funny about swapping out his sword for a rifle that's too big for him.

What do you think? If they are too far outside of the setting, no biggie.
Magic is welcome. I imagined a decently magical setting, maybe not completely high fantasy, but magic's not unheard of (so the lfrp toggle thing says).

I'm not too keen on real life places being referenced in the rp but being that this is a sandbox setting (and that I've rped with people who have done this before) I'm not going to say you can't. I just don't prefer it.

Honestly any of them would do. I prefer Galiena and Dorothy since their character pages are more detailed.

But its up to you! If you feel like playing any one of them, I'm down with that.
What characters of mine might be of interest to you iltheyn?

You are far too good a writer to give this a miss!!
Tell me more about your story....

- magic allowed as in elves / druids / faes / sorcerers?

or are you leaning towards well trained, highly skilled humans like guards, rangers, vikings, bandits?

or maybe just the ordinary peasants and villagers?

- can I play a bad guy or evil badass lass?

what is the name of the lord of the lands? is that position taken?
I have posted with Janella, she just can't resist seeing someone with a cane. It seemed like a fairly nice cane as well. Could this be an easy target for a robbery? I'd be fine with someone coming across the scene to interrupt her plan, or to help Dorian fight her off.

I've got a cleric and a druid that I could bring in as well, the cleric is neutral good and the druid is kinda shady sometimes.
As I'm still interested in discussing the idea and tusitala gestured us (quite appropriately) to the OOC discussion I will paste my last comment on LFRP thread below -

Part of the reason I asked mind you, the only reasonable thing I suppose I can think of in such a setting is summoning something she could sit on and ride for awhile. Probably not a horse at her size but maybe a big dog or something (mind you this thing she summons will have been reanimated corpse more than ethereal creation). Regardless by the time she accidently finds a town she's going to want to be looking for food and rest anyway.
Thanks... and wow.. filling up with some fantastic writers here! :-o

I won't be able to post until at least tomorrow. So I'll see where it goes by then to decide which character of mine might be the most appropriate. (With the new information, I have several others that might fit the bill just as well. :) )
I'm actually in the same boat as Juls here as far as post time....I might be able to get one posted in the next hour otherwise it will be later tomorrow after work most likely
@Voldarian_Empire Yeah, being that she's a young character who doesn't have much reason to stray far I could see why distance is a concern. And yeah she's totally free to do that. It is fantasy, ofc.


1. Magical creatures do exist, they're simply uncommon. So yeah, they're allowed.

2. You can choose between the more high magic characters and more human ones. Either or is fine.

3. No, the lord of these lands is not claimed, though unless Voldarian doesn't mind I'd say that Dragofrid is more or less on the edge of the local lord's territory. If you'd like you could discuss that and I'll answer what questions I can.

Take your time to deliberate if you need it, folks. This thread's been sitting a while, it can sit a while longer.

@Janella Read it! I'm gonna give a bit of time before I reply, so that if anyone has plans to get involved immediately they can.
Well she does kind of have reason to stay far, I mean theres definate sensibility to her leaving her town which is buried in her history section. Regardless it's still a big journey for her.

And I dont mind where you put your town :) if you want it on the edge of a lord's land that's fine (after all this is your rp), Solum could still be just lost in the woods without much attention paid to it and out of this lord's land right?
@Voldarian_Empire Sure thing. She could technically be in the lord's forests and not even realize she crossed that threshold. I just imagined its easier to picture her home woods being a separate territory from that which Dragofrid is in. I only mention it like that because I don't want anyone's impression of what's going on to conflict before the rp's gotten off the ground.

We could put it a ways, say a week's ride or so from one place to another. That way there's more room for both forests to, well... be massive.
I was actually thinking the same thing as far as Mori forest and the forest in your realm being the 'same' forest so to speak. A massive single forest that perhaps the people of Solum call Mori forest but nearing the particular edge she travels towards at some point it was named something else by another town or lord who may or may not have laid claim to it. This wouldn't really matter to my town or yours if there was enough distance between them because thered be no interactions to incite land dispute at the size and distance we are talking.

I think the time can stay vague even which allows that to be added in later. It's not like she has any way to keep track of time anyway and I can see her losing track of just how long shes traveled at her age in even a single day, especially if shes sleeping on a dead dogs back during much of the travels XD
@Voldarian_Empire I could easily see that, especially with the village being on the border of a different territory. There'd be no reason for them to discuss it even if there was prior knowledge that the people of Solum named the forest something different than Dragofrid. (Especially after the incident. <<) Potatoes potahtoes.

And sure thing. There's a decent chance we won't even need to know the distance at all, but we'll see.
Could I join?This seems to be a interesting rp.
Hope you guys dont mind if I just kind of walk up....
Nothing to see here, just a little girl riding an undead dog. Carry on, folks.
Almost posted again tonight but decided to hold off for iltheyn and possible new additions
Jan might throw a rock or stick or something to try and wake her up, if she has not by the next post. She is wary of getting too close.
As eager as I am to watch her throw a rock at a clearly undead dog, I have plans for her to undoubtedly wake up in the next post....was just giving iltheyn a chance to toss something in before posting. Gonna get a shower and food and will probably post regardless though :)

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