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Nirin (played anonymously)

"You seem like someone I might have run into before on one of my hunts... I wouldn't be opposed to being friends at this point, I get the feeling you can handle yourself."

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” Befriend because you seem like a sweet young lady.”
Scylla (played anonymously)

"Totally would sing with you. We'd burn it up."
“Hmph. It’s a pass from me.”
Aloe (played by EndPhase)

Yay a friend...definitely friends, all the friends....wait...what is a date? A fruit, I think? You can eat it right?
Lunara (played anonymously)

"Oh dear.. I think I'll have to befriend you out of obligation and keep you safe from these crazed city dwellers."
The Coopers (played by Icysoul)

Markus looked up. "I'd date you." Luna shook her head. "Pass." Logan shrugged. "Friend."
Alaine Barrows (played anonymously)

"Well, the three of you are certainly interesting! Maybe we can be friends?"
Charles Joran (played by j_a7980)

So many adventurers are these outlandish people. Glad to see someone else a little more grounded.

Friend for sure. Maybe a date after we get to know each other.
“I wouldn’t mind having you as a friend.” Said the golden haired maiden with a warm smile on her face.
Rorik Reyns (played by Juls)

"A date, of course."

He looked curiously at the dark haired child with her, trying to remember if perhaps they had played this game before...
"Let's be friends." Vladimir said, looking at the human.
William Navarro Chambers (played anonymously)

William looked over curiously, his brown eyes clearly showing an interest for the vampire. "You seem like a sweet guy. I'd love to get to know you" His deep southern accent sounded out and he adjusted his hat.

Isaac Galloway (played by Claine)

Oh he's cute--





The Takahashis (played by Icysoul)

Riku looked down at Isaac. “You are kind of cute. I’d date you.” He said softly
Mari (played anonymously)

nope pass sorry! i don't date guys
“Hmm....It’s a pass from me.”
"Hm...not enough plants . I shall be your friend though !"
Lunara (played anonymously)

“You like plants?? Well, color me intrigued. Very well, automaton, you do not appear to be like the rest of your destructive kin. I shall befriend you.”
Tuqil (played by ThatKingDude)

"Truthfully, I hope we can be friends in the near future," says the alien swordsman. "But please, for the love of Zacasi, allow me to help you with that volatile temperament of yours. A sound mind makes for a sound soul."

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