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"Interesting... I do believe we have some values in common. There's a big height difference between us as you are tall and I am small, but at the very least I could see a friendship working out between us." She claimed in neutral yet positive tone.

A few moments passed in which she looked him over. She seemed to be scanning his traits and trying to figure out what to make of him.

"It looks like you and I are not like each other. At the same time, neither of us is like the others... I like that." She added.

"Friends it is, then." She concluded with a nod of the head.
H2 O (played by fiesch)

"Ah, tricky...." A slight grimace would appear on the synthetic's pale blue face. "You are into politics and in a sense so am I highly doubt we would get along under any circumstances so I will have to pass. If it helps though I would feel somewhat regretful if I had to take on a contract for you as you do seem to be a decent sort for an organic.
He raised an eyebrow, wrinkling his nose a bit.
“Erm... you’re not really... my type... and you seem a bit too... stiff.... to be a friend. I’ll have to pass.”
He shrugged and tugged on his hair, looking around a bit awkwardly.
“One day, good sir, you will find everything you need and want...Until then, I would see no problems with being your friend.”
Elizabeth Harrington (played anonymously)

"Why you are absolutely fascinating! I wouldn't mind expiri- I mean, being your friend" Elizabeth shrugged off before looking away.
Paige Kim (played by luvss)

"Why not? Can't do much worse to me than my parents did. Friends?"
John Robert Marron (played by Juls)

"We can do better than friends, can't we, sweetheart? Lemme take ya on a date, far away from those parents of yours."
"Ha." The lich says, unamused. "Firstly, I'm straight. Second, look at me. I don't even have lips. Finally, even if I wanted romance, it sure as hell wouldn't be with a flat-footed imbecile like you. However..." Several zombies abruptly arise from the ground around him. "You aren't entirely useless, meat." With the point of a finger, the zombies shamble forth after the man. Satisfied, Louis promptly begins to leave.
Jacobi (played by fiesch)

"Ugh what is that smell?'s you." A grimace would form on the man's face as he leaned back away from the..whatever that thing before him was. "That is a pass from me, good luck with that whole thing." He would wiggle his fingers dismissively at Louis as he spoke, "Maybe try a bath."
Pint (played by MordosKull)

"Oi mate! Yer pants are falling off, might I suggest getting yerself a belt. And yer hair's so long it drags on the ground, donna ye ever step on it accidentally? Och.. I guess I can befriend ye, just donna become an annoyance or get in the way of me killin'."
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

"I think maybe we could be friends. Ya know, you remind me a this doc that dug a bullet outta me once. Yinz related?"
Maddie Renee Woods (played anonymously)


She gives a little giggle, a smirk appearing on her thin face, "Can't turn down a hillbilly with a bullet scar!"
Erin Demond (played anonymously)

"She's small and fragile" Erin thought as he looked at the female, not knowing her well enough to know if she was actually weak. Well he couldnt let just anyone take someone so small.

"I suppose I'll friend you. Just to keep you safe" he patted her head and looked away
Venus (played by JetStorm)


"Nothing personal human....Just don't think we'd be a good match..." she says with shyness in her voice.
"Pass. We wouldn't see eye to eye."
Neku And His Comrades (played by Zelphy)

"Huh...I don't think a uh........What are you? Er anyway I don't think you'd want to date a talking cat...Though I'm able to shift forms and change genders due to being a cat god and everything, nonetheless I'd say friends?"
“Hmm...I’d say that being friends is a good idea.”
"Friends. I'm not really into 'battleships' they always sank."
“Ah, well if it isn’t the peasant from the unsavory kingdom.” The King lifts his head, nose slowly pointing towards the sky. A heavy metallic crown now angles upwards diagonally with his posture.

“Behold I, King Haar, eye of all eyes... Master of the Luvarian mainlands... Royal of the most high....” His expression turned cheeky and his voice became almost sarcastic. “Lord of the Dance.”

“I have seen the insults one of your countrymen has laid upon a fellow simply looking for companionship. I say this to you and your kin. You are not as unique as you think. I ask that you insult no other citizens of this realm.. At least not until you learn to show expression upon your haggard faces. I have seen more emotion written across lifeless skulls... Good day to you, watcher of the night... Warden of the dark.. Keeper of the chains and pens.” Several knights flank the King, clad in colorful armor and bright silk.

Shael (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"Pthhh! Everyone's unique. Pass.!"

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