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This is game kinda like the other forum games I’ve been floating around. Like “Romance or Pass” and more. But this one is different...

You have the choice to kill someone, hit them, or kiss them!

It’s all up to you! And I’ll start.

also, check out those other games. They are wonderfully made and very fun.
Estha Masson (played by Nivela) Topic Starter


Grins hugely, her pearly white teeth showing. “I’m always into a good fight.”
Jericho (played by EnkeliAgon)


*Smirks after pulled down the scarf from over his face. Light shining in his eyes*

"Sometimes the only thing left to do in life is to enjoy it!"

"I'm sorry, I'm not usually violent, but people who like orgies freak me out..."

"Mean I just hate people, but there always a chance to change my mind to a kiss depends how we communicate."
Eden (played by TheDuckDuttches)


" I'm not drunk enough for the other two."
Kat Rainda (played by RachKirk)

MoMo (played by Imthenaysayer)


“I’ll end it quick and less painful.”
Heather Greene (played by Deumeawyn)

Hit... probably run into you on my skateboard.
MoMo (played by Imthenaysayer)

with all the passion and love
Eden (played by TheDuckDuttches)


"I'm curious to see what would happen."
Blend (played by Taz)

"i will probably kiss you just to get a reaction but if it turns out bad, i cant do anything because i wont hit a nice girl like you" he says smiling
Gwendolyn Owen (played by KitKatt)


She shrugged. "There isn't an ignore option, and wouldn't put me at risk if I did it right."
Alexander Lyn (played by _BabyBoo_)


"Im not cruel enough to kill you...yet im not willing to kiss you since i dont know you"
Larry (played anonymously)

Hit. Or, more accurately, stab.
"As a great man once said, KNIFE to meet you!"
Robin (played by AgitoAceXIII)


"That was just...awful."
Keith (played by JetStorm)

neither,you didn't do anything wrong.

His cat ears twitched slightly and his cat tail swayed a bit
Larry (played anonymously)


"Or maybe it was...... pawful."
River (played by JetStorm)

"um,neither,you seem to fragile to hit,and your already dead so...."

she braids her hair.
Lon'qu - The Shadow's Sword (played by AgitoAceXIII)


"I'm not just going to hit you or kill you for no reason, and I guess I have no choice."

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