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wyvern (played by starwolf)

"I cant kiss since Im a wyvern and theirs no reason to kill you so a small hit to the face will do sorry if my hookclaws stab you I dont mean it you seem like a unique person in a way"
Aegis (played anonymously)

*bonk with a pillow shield*
“A kiss has never hurt anyone.” She said with a smile on her face before she placed a kiss on the cold metal of the helmet.
"i hate to break it to you but that's not a helmet, and i don't think he can feel much of anything." she said as she blew a kiss.
“I suppose a kiss would go a thousand ways. Unfortunately for you, it’s just the “European greeting”. Es tut mir leid, if you were expecting something else.”
Tensai (played by randomentity777)

"I'll hit ya, just to keep you on your toes." She goes Super Saiyan, her hair crackling with energy as it glows blonde. "NOVA...KAME....HAME....HAAAA!!!!!!!!"

"I hope I didn't overdo it."
Kit (played by RussianRxulette)

Kit slowly walks up behind her, unnoticed. They quickly hit her, then scurry off with a small squeak.

Lt Donna Nickers (played anonymously)

“A light hit because I’m not going to kill ya, and have no,inclination to kiss ya.”
“Ma’am! Please forgive my actions as there is no other choice!” One could tell that the young Staff Sergeant was very serious about soldiers as she simply gives a small kiss on the cheek, salutes, then does a right face to walk away. Kiss
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

"I'm not sure you'd appreciate a kiss, and hugging's not an option... I'm definitely not going to kill you..." The artist puzzles over the situation briefly before seemingly making up her mind; with a decided air she reaches over and gives the sergeant a light pat on the head. Apparently she qualifies this as a hit because she makes no other move, except to smile and step politely out of retaliation range.
Rin (played by starwolf)

*lightly hits her* "sorry I dont want to kill you and I dont even kill people so a light tap it will be sorry once again... not into kissing a girl no offese dear but just into girls"

“ What in the seven hells would possess you to do something so uncivil? Just because someone is not your sexual preference doesn't give you the right to strike them!” Charlotte clenches her fist, reels her arm back, and punches this random stranger with the force of a giant gorilla.
Carys (played by pixl.Bee)

"A kiss, if that's alright with you. I don't really like the more violent options, and besides, you're.. pretty."
“A hit, just a small one, I promise, merely because you are bit too young for me, young lady. I wish you luck on your relationship endeavors.”
Emerson Steele (played anonymously)

"kiss! you look so adorable!"
Scoios (played by AliRevellian)



"I won't kill you, only because I have absolutely no reason to and I see no sense in mindless homicide, but a good knock up never did too much harm. Though, I may take that statement back in a couple moments," he grinned maliciously, his fangs proving more as a threat rather than a natural vampire feature.
IS-2 (played by Angel_Dust)

*diesel noises and turret whaps Scoios* hit
"Kill....because CLEARLY my cannons could take out that tank."
Sgt Saunders (played anonymously)

“Kill! I just radioed an American B26 attack bomber squadron your coordinates.
"Huh? There's no option to hug? Don't hurt me, please." She nuzzles against Saunders for protection.

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