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Rene (played by Leighoflight)

"Please don't take this personal, if it was up to me I'd say maybe hit...but not like hard....but Kill would be preferred..."
Jude (played by Banshee)

*strained look on flushed face* "I would- uh- hit you. You're welcome to hit me back. I would be totally cool with that if we hit each other."
Dust (played anonymously)

"Such an interesting girl. I will be your friend if you tell me more about yourself?" The smile she granted was one of sincere friendship. "Don't spare the details. Tell me everything, it may help, and I'm a good listener. I'll give you a friendly hit."
Dael (played by Quillweave)

"I despise this game! Why should I wish to hit anyone, nevertheless to kill, unless they were some sort of - of monster? And to perform an act so intimate with a total stranger - " He stammers, then trails off before dipping his head and, rather awkwardly, moving to kiss the back of the woman's hand if permitted. At least that gesture isn't quite so brazen, if still beyond his comfort zone.
"I agree completely with your sentiment that this game offers very little choice. I wouldn't mind just casually hanging out with you though.
"She seems to be a good healer, I'd certainly be comforted with the notion of her presence during a battle, I don't think the kill or hit options should apply to this one, as for the rest, we shall see where the fates lead us"
Sam Konas (played by ImCitrus)

“Hit.” Sam narrowed his eyes and raised a brow, a lip curling into a devilish grin that even a serpent would be jealous of. “Your face is rather annoying to look at. It sets me off in another direction which I am not pleased with.”
" Kill, as is a worthwhile punishment for the above mentioned, it is you who are at fault for looking at my face, not I who invite you to do so "
Wordlessly, she entered stage left, carrying a wooden chair in tow and placed it next to the gallant commander. Rosaline stepped on the seat, in perfect height to give him a kiss on the cheek. Just as quietly, she descended, taking the chair along with her.
with a pitiful toss, especially for a dragon, he threw an acorn at her, it did make impact, but with very little force. "i'm sorry"
U-110 (played by randomentity777)

*Nom!* U-110 bites the dragon
The Werelion (played anonymously)

“I like yer teeth, hmm.”

Cassandra (played anonymously)

I can certainly understand being lazy. Wanna be lazy together?

So you like travel? Good thing i live on a boat! If you are ok with a little larson, arson, and punching people!

Kiss! *wink*
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

"If I may be so bold," Sherlock dips into a bow, cordially taking the woman's hand into his to usher a light peck to the back of her palm.

"I imagine I could strike you, but I would much rather that be warranted. Perhaps we could commence in a duel. I find I am quite formidable with a cutlass."

He then brings himself upright and squares his shoulders as though awaiting his fate...
“Kiss~” King winked flirtatiously and seductively, “you are quite a handsome man. May I ask, are you free this evening? I would love to take you on a date.” He had no shame as he spoke with much confidence.
“Um….Well, it seems you have found someone, killing you would be against any reasons I could have….So I guess you get a hit.” She lightly “hits” the male, smiling afterwards.

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