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Studio Alluvio (played by Auberon)

Somnom is our winner!

I've been on a chibi kick lately, so I'm offering up one icon done in the following style:

9BbuwFx.png P3yiqRV.png

As you can see, I can do humanoid and anthro. Monsters welcome as well!

I am also open for these as $10 commissions.

I currently have my wait list open for these artist's choice icons. Clothing, pose, and accessories are up to me. I'll be opening for another batch next week -- this one closed in minutes after I announced it on my Discord server. To get on the wait list, fill out my commission form below and PM me. I also do icons of real people, if you'd like one for yourself!

Fall Chibi Icon:

Character Name:
Character Age:
(If custom/closed, link to species info)
Gender Presentation: (if applicable)
Character Refs: (give me your best visual representation -- imgur folder preferred -- if linking to a profile please specify which images are most accurate)
Is this commission Anonymous?
Best Contact Info:
(i.e. deviantART, Discord, RPR, etc. How can I reach you for feedback?)
Your Paypal Address:
By commissioning me, you verify that you are 18+ years old:
(Here's where you say yes.)

The Rules:
  • Post your best autumn-themed meme in this thread. Try not to repeat any that have already been posted (though if this gets a big response, I understand that'll be tough). Memes must abide by RPR's PG-13 standard!
  • Enter as user accounts only, not characters.
  • One entry per person.
  • This raffle will end at Noon EST on September 13th. No entries after that time will be counted.
  • Winner will be chosen via digital dice roll on Furcadia (screenshot will be posted).

1. Jena
2. Fairytale
3. HoundDog
4. Moql
5. savannahsage
6. Volka
7. StaticNightmares
8. Dragon_Eye
9. Kruhee
10. Somnom
11. Beastie
12. sadi
13. Caroline
14. Mercyinreach
15. Dndmama
16. Psyche
17. emroidz
18. Vinters
19. winplaceshow
20. Keo
21. miarup
22. Hikari_Yagaza
23. 8_Stars_8

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Do Halloween memes count? (':
Auberon Moderator

Halloween memes absolutely count!

I'm so ready.
Time to get spoopy

Literally my fiance
Auberon Moderator

man now I want pumpkin pie 😩
In honor of Grumpy Cat being gone: Fall-Meme-29.jpg

I... can not even begin to say how true this is.


Thanks for hosting this raffle! It's so generous of you! :D
20 or 30.. whatever... I do what I want! :O xD!
Auberon Moderator


Make it rain memes
You're too sweet 💗

And apparently so was this pumpkin.
Omg this is amazing


I live in So Cal. We don't have autumn per se. It's more like Summer 2: Electric Booglaoo. But I am totes down for the sudden influx of pumpkin in all things ever.

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