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Neo Sparda (played by dantefrancis)

Neo walking through the enchanted forest. Suddenly the ground started to crack, and he fell down the hole. He used his sword, Red Queen, and slowed down his descent.Let's just say that didn't last long as the sword came out of place and he fell faster. He hit the ground pretty hard groaning. He got up and saw that the cave system was pretty big.He attached his elbow to Rawhideto see if it could reach the top. It didn't. He sighed, and went to explore the cave. And after a bit, he saw 7 different weapons at the time.

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Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

Aladdin walking through some enchanted forest trying to find something to do as he spots what seems like a giant crevice where to floor collapsed.
Finding this entertaining he jumped down, falling with full force of his body as he was shirtless, handsome with a androgynous features, long white hair tied into a braid as it was pointed upwards as he fell wearing more desert oriented clothing and looking foreign in all means.
Soon he lands perfectly even with the momentum of his fall, walking forward exploring the cave system as soon he arrives to see another person and 7 weapons, one catching his eye, what seems like a shortsword.
Neo Sparda (played by dantefrancis)

Neo heard the footsteps, and quickly took out the double-barrel revolver he called Blue Rose."What are you doing here?"He asked bluntly. He wasn't going to talk. He wasn't in the mood completely. So the man either had two options,walk away or get shot.He can make his choice
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

He chuckled as he spoke
"Well I saw the big hole and jumped down it" he said with an idiotic grin as he stared at the short sword "hey what are these anyways" he said as he appears to be unarmed
Neo Sparda (played by dantefrancis)

"Hell, if I should know. I fell in a hole, and the pointed staff is mine."He said as he went to the bunch of weapons and picked up the chained staff. It felt light. But when he saw the man staring at the short sword, and grabbed it and threw it at his feet.
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

He stared, picking up the weapon as he grins like an idiot, looking at it, inspecting it
"Man this blade is so cool"
He say down on the ground with his legs crossed, minding his own business as he inspects it as if he knows what he is doing.
Was walking around a forset too collect some berries of some reward at a village. As she was collecting them her foot caught a branch and she fell into the pit, sliding around the edge of the wall she flipped into the cave. She looked up and saw she couldn't get up unless she used magic, but the last time she did it didn't turn out well. She walked threw the cavern and saw that two other people had fallen in as well. "So you two got stuck in here as well. Have you found any way out?" she looked around and saw they had weapons, careful backing up she placed her foot on a spear and was ready to fight if she had to.
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

Aladdin stares as he grinned holding the blade as he sheaths is, saying happily "oh a new face"
He seems harmless, almost childlike in personality.
He sits back relaxing as he looks around the cavern for anything else interesting, eyes the two others to check if they pose any threat to himself
Kathrine looked at Aladdin, "nice to meet you as well..." Her eyes travel to Neo and his weapons. sighing she stepped on the blade and the shaft shot up. She grabbed the shaft and held the spear, she knew it was not normal her magic could sense it. the Boy appeared to be harmless except for the sword, but that man... His arm looked like it was a demon arm, wait... it was, strange. She figured if there was a fight he would have the advantage. She could see he had multiple weapons besides the staff.
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

Aladdin sat bored, getting up as he looked over to katherine, he then inquires "Do you have a way to get out of the cave, I planned to jump or run back up from the pit area".
He asks with a curious tone, staring the the dragon symbol of the blade.
he then thinks to himself in his own head
"I bet this would make a great tattoo"
"Well, I could try to use the spear to make a pillar to climb up... But what are we supposed to do about the other weapons..." She walked over a strange looking bow and smiled. "Or we just do this." She grabbed the bow and tied a piece of rope and shot it to a tree, the arrow got lodged in the bark. Kathrine pulled on the rope to make sure it wouldn't break. "Well that solves that problem, but what are we going to do about the other weapons, I don't think we can just leave them here."
Neo Sparda (played by dantefrancis)

"I think we should take them because people are going to come down and take them. So there's a reason."Neo would grab the weapons and in a blue flash, they disappeared."So,who's going up first?"
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

Aladdin grinned, carrying the shortsword "I will head up first" He soon gets a running start as he jumps with great force and vigor, being propelled out of the pit and landing up at the top, standing in the forest
Neo Sparda (played by dantefrancis)

Neo sighed as he shot Rawhide lower, making it lock place. He then ran up, using his demonic arm to help him up. After that, he let Rawhide down, for the woman is going to climb up."Grab on, I'll help you up."He then waited for her to come up.
Rolling her eyes "Men" she muttered. Strapping the spear to her back, she used the rope to swing out of the pit. "Your turn" she called down.
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

Aladdin stares at the women as he shivers, being shirtless with a bare minimum of clothing, the baggy pants and all as he looks foreign compared to the others.
"Here kid" She threw a jacket to Aladdin, "Next time wear a shirt."
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

He puts it on "thanks....and for the record I am not a kid, and I am used to the heat, I come from a desert region afterall"
"You think thats hot?! Try falling into purgatory, then come talk to me." She laughed, "I never got your name..."
Aladdin (played by PhantomRabbit)

He chuckles "ahh right, my name is aladdin.....I dont really have a last name so it is just aladdin"

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