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This is a relatively simple, but fun game that'll involve you creating a scenario for the character below and then said would react to it in whatever way they would. So, for instance, you'd ask... "What would your character do if they won the lottery?", you'd respond with "They'd go on a shopping spree!" or something along those lines. Sounds simple, right? Good. Since there's no one above me, I'll go first.

What would your character do if they were President for a day?
Angelique would probably cry a lot, scared the hell away by all these new responsibilities. Then she would calm down and try to make sure everyone's happy.

Silifrey would just bail, she's a coward. Maybe she'd try to make a law ordering to kill crows on sight, but I don't think she'd have the shoulders to stand one hour.

Any other character of mine is already some kind of tyrant so... Nothing good, for sure.

What would your character do if they got a genie lamp?
Mia (played by Malachite)

Mia would definitely go for the traditional three wishes. Her first wish would, of course, be to become the best magical girl the world has ever seen. She’s already made one Faustian deal for magical power, and nothing’s stopping her from making another.

Her second wish would be for her birth parents to come back to life as better parents than they were the first time around. She likes her mentor/adoptive mother Rem well enough, but she can tell that Rem’s parenting is driven by duty and faith more than a desire to have a daughter, and Mia does miss her birth parents, especially her mother. As she grows older and more mature, she recognizes that, objectively, they were terribly neglectful parents, but she still has a lot she wishes she could share with them. So she’d want a second, more healthy chance with her birth parents.

Her third wish would be for infinitely more wishes that she could use whenever she wanted without fear of them backfiring, of course! ;)

What would your character do if they found themselves face-to-face with you, their creator?
Either one would spring backwards a few steps and shout "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F#%@" and start asking a ton of questions at once before calming down for an actual Q&A XD

What would your character(s) do if they fell in love right after having their heart broken?
Luna (played by Sky_Wolf136)

She'd repeatedly tell herself not to go for this new love but end up failing. She'd try to be close, but not too clingy, she'd try to fix the way she was with her past love to prevent another heartbreak, while telling herself not to get too into it before something bad happens.

What would your character do if they won a million dollars?
Get ripped off.....a lot! Not knowing much of alien cultures has big disadvantages, and the fact Crii's homeworld doesnt use currency is working heavily against her. Eventually some kind soul might explain to her what was happening, but that would be very bad. See then it becomes a pride thing, and Crii may set off to right the injustice (which may equate to killing the ones who ripped her off, but would absolutely include beating them until they stopped moving for a while). Crii would likely get herself killed or locked up, neither one of which would be good for her health.

What would your character do if they held a job in customer service
I've selected Vitalis for this post.

She would.. honestly try her best. Sure, she gets yelled at alot, like any customer service workers do by self righteous customers, but being such a bubbly person has it's perks. Honestly, a customer trying to ask for less than half the price on one of her own items would most like end up with a gentle asking to leave, if they were nice enough. No one has ever seen that foreclaimer not smile, even when giving a threat..

What would your character do if they woke up somewhere entirely foreign, and found out that no one even knows what they are? As if the race never existed?
Inova (played by Dndmama)

This is pretty much Inova's life no matter where she goes as her actual race comes from a place almost no one goes to or comes from but she herself was actually born on the material plane. She's never even met another of her own race save for her mother, who's dead.

So what would she do? What she always does. Disappear into the shadows, laughing to herself. After all, if they don't know what she is, how can they guard against her?

What would your character do if they were cursed by a witch to die on a certain day that's coming up soon?
Yuuki would risk everything he ever wanted to and try to enjoy everything without worrying about his reputation while fretting constantly about his death. He’d definitely eat a ton and try to ignore food rules he has, because he wouldn’t be so concerned about how his body looks.

What would your character do if they were suddenly thrust into a world where everyone hated them?
Monique Couture (played by Deumeawyn)

Find a way back to my bookstore somehow all the while wondering why everyone hated her.

WWYCD if they had to choose to either betray their friendship in order to save them or stand with them and see them die?
Alfie (played by EterniGhost)

Alfie would betray the friendship to save the friend. It's fine, he can go solo.
He doesn't need friends, they disappoint him

WWYCD if they found out they were replaying the same day over and over again?
"My job. Maybe it isn't the same day over and over, but it may as well be... clear a ville... leave.... comeback... clear the ville again... leave..."

"WWYCD if they realize they have stepped on a landmine pressure-plate?"
Sasha Antonova (played anonymously)

"I've done that. I first pray there isn't a timer fise on it and I get my knife out and carefully squat down to slide it under the plate without letting up too much weight on the plate. Once I get my knife on the fuse switch I weight it and move the pressure plate where I then stick something in the safety."

Sasha lookes at the knife she always carries.

"What would you do if you found yourself being held under water?"
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

Fight like my life depended on it!

What would you do if you found yourself in need of but without toilet paper?
Avri (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Avri stared at the questioneer for several moment in a semi bashful manner before dropping her eye contact, maneuvering her eyes only downwards a moment as she began to speak. "Same thin I alw'ys does, th'rs more than jus paper. Or yous has to jus wait fer laters," she said with a shrug. The childs dirty appearance and sincere disposition suggest this is an earnest comment.

What would your character do if they were stuck at home in a world wide medical pandemic
Summer Nicoleson (played anonymously)

"I would sneak out to the beach while it wasn't crowded. I mean... I'd still be social distancing, right?"

Summer smiled as she looked back down to her phone, giggling at the meme and forgetting about her answer. She did eventually ask,

"What would you do to relieve your boredom?"
Bellerose (played by Winters_Fury)

"Look for inspiration so to compose a new piece of music to play. Inspiration might be hard to find an or come by at times, but once you find it you need to get it down quickly before it goes away. "

WWYCDI: They had the most beautiful voice and can attract anyone, but when they talk they sing every single word they speak
Crii would literally panic. Singing in her culture is considered the way their people speak to their Gods, and while their Gods don't openly forbid them to sing, it's become a belief among all Voldarians that if you sing outside of ceremony, your Goddess would stop paying attention when you needed her.

Crii is a very traditional Voldarian, which makes her extremely religious. She would likely take a vow of silence unless she was in ceremony. The idea she couldn't prevent herself from singing would be very mentally damaging for her, and it may lead to more serious problems if she continued singing without wanting to.

WWYCDI their home planet or homeland were under attack by superior forces.
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

“Defend it of course.” Charlotte says as she refills coffee cups along the counter.

“What would you do if you were defeated and captured by the above-mentioned superior force?”
Skully (played by Eve_is_Back)

Skully laughs uncontrollably for a moment. "Lady, I live in the Underground. Everything is "superior" to me. They cut off my hands!" She shakes her head, still chuckling, a dark smile having spread across her face.

"What would you do if a human-sized spider walked casually up to you and asked if it could borrow your phone?"

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