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I love that everyone on RPR has such different icons to associate with their account and how it's all personal to them! But sometimes, with the size being what it is, a lot of details and quality are lost.

I would like to see bigger versions of your RPR icons if you'd like to share them! Especially if you're changing the icon to be more Halloween themed!

I will share mine because Kruhee did such a great job that I just had to show off the spooky spud! :D

And this was the previous icon I had, also commissioned by Kruhee!

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Thanks Somnom!! <3

Doing a potato for you inspired me to do my own icon :) Because there was no reason not to!
This is currently my RPR icon. It's Noctis from the Final Fantasy series. B.t.w. love the spoopy spud icon you have.

Here is my current icon for Halloween. Good thing I have a bigger version saved on my page, as I think RPR decapitated the head.

Ring Wraith in Winter

My icon by xArix <3 (minor body shape edits made by me)


But I also have this one I'll be using during non-holiday seasons by DarkCrow! <3

Libertine Moderator

Highly Serious Business Upgrade.

Libertine wrote:
Highly Serious Business Upgrade.


Hands down, the best. I love it! XD

Staticnightmares did mine, not Halloween themed but I love it. They did a super job.
In the spirit of this joyous and smexy event, I've come to partake in some serious biting and sucking.

I'll probably revert back after Halloween, so I'll make the most out of it.


cough cough wheeze


(Art by Silverjow)
Eh ^^;

Mine is actually this picture, drawn by a friend of mine ages ago - and - my sad attempt at coloring it (with a few line changes)


It's of and one of the many renditions of my main OC/persona since I was a teen. I believe it's meant to be her angelic and/or magna (means 'great' in latin) form in the main background/story he used to all write us in to.

I don't have a special Halloween one!

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