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Mmmm. Go to the recruitment on the looking for roleplay form to join. It’s called SummerCamp for gifted and powered
Reena (played by sleepily)

Heavy steps clung on the earth, crunching the frosted ground underfoot. The source of the sound was a young teen, black hair framing his sun tanned cheeks, and a wild smile plastered across his face. He chuckled as the beads around his bare neck clattered, his golden eyes ever bright. This Boy was none other than Adonis.
But only few knew who this young Adonis boy was. He was heir to the throne of ‘ancient’ Egypt, after its recent return from extinction. Adonis pushed into the Trypophobia Cabin and greeted his dear friend, Zack. The two boys exchanged a few words as they waited on the summer Campers. Adonis was not of this cabin but he cared little for rules, his wild nature leading his pharaoh mother to send him here for three years prior.
Reena (played by sleepily)

Faint classical music played through Reena’s earbuds as she made her way through the commotion of campers finding their cabins. She seemed to have lost her way as well though, because for some reason she couldn't seem to find the “tarp cornucopia” cabin.
Reena looked at her scribbled notes again.
Trypophobia. That made a lot more sense. She plopped onto a bed on the far right side of the cabin.
“Claimed,” Reena flipped off her shoes and her third eye shone a pale grey. Lazy. She checked her text from Ramen.
Ramen- What’s up big tiddy goth gf ;)
Reena smiled and replied with:
Reena- my pp
She chuckled and turned off her phone, leaving the music on as she turned over on her side and nestled under the covers. This bed was actually very comfortable. Small, but comfortable.
Reena felt herself slowly fall asleep, that long trip and car sickness was over with and a cozy and warm nap is what she needed. She snored softly.
Adonis’s gaze flickered from his friend to the newblood, he chuckled, smirked and stepped over, “Hehe, Look Zack, Newblood is out already and we didn’t get to explain the New Blood’s challenge. Tsk tsk.” He jokingly shook his head as he sighed.
Reena (played by sleepily)

Reena awoke by falling face first off her bed with a “Ouf!”.
She rubbed her eyes and got up, stretching her long limbs. Her tail swayed contently behind her as she fixed her hair. Reena fixes her light washed jeans, tucking in her loose white t shirt. She sits on the side of her bed to put her sandals back on, humming a soft sad tune. Her third eye shines a pale yellow. Content.
The dark purple haired male rose up and smiled at the new girl, “Hey, your new right?”
Taz (played by Taz)

Taz arrived and thought to herself " where the **** is Nyctophobia cabin?"
she looks around and sees the sign right in front of her. she mutters " im so bloody stupid" while she walks in the direction of the cabin. she looked around, it seemed quite calm and peaceful here at the moment.

as she got into the cabin Taz chose her bed and laid on it, she was currently in her hybrid form so her scent would fill the place in a day or two if she stayed like that. exhaling she hummed a tune to her self passing the time.
Reena (played by sleepily)

Reena smiled at the smaller boy and replied “Seems I am,”.
“What’s this place like anyways? Uncle sent me here,” she said, her third eye remaining yellow.
Reena wiped sweat from her brow and pulled her short hair into a small ponytail.
The taller boy, with the darker complexion smiled. “I’m Pharaoh Adonis and this is my pal Zackary. He can show you around, meanwhile, I should head to my Cabin, Nyctophobia, if you need me.” The boy; Adonis, stepped to the wooden door, his golden gaze catching the newblood’s. “Dont cause trouble, ‘aight?” With that his feet carried him to Nyctophobia.

He pushed open the heavy door with little effort, gaze sweeping the room and landing on the hybrid. Oh. Another Newblood. He stepped over to a bed not but three or so down from the other’s. He traced it with his finger, his name shimmering in hieroglyphs on the sheets, Adonis Amun. He smiled warmly, his sun bronzed skin gleaming in the artificial cabin lights.
“Camp Hellbound. Place where all the failures and magical mistakes go.” Zack sighed.
Taz (played by Taz)

Taz looks towards the person who had just walked through the door. But didn't keep his gaze, however she followed his gaze to where he had his bed. And a weird signs that laid there. She built enough courage to speak to him "h..hello?" She spoke in a calm and peaceful tone towards the stranger. She was still laid upon her bed watching him curiosity she had many questions to ask but she held them back not wanting to annoy them.
Reena (played by sleepily)

Reena chuckled softly after the taller one left, looking at Zack again, “Mistakes, huh? Well, I’ll be damned. Sounds like my kinda place,” she said.
She held out her hand for him to shake.
Brady had been there all year, his stuff strewn out in a corner he’d claimed. The cabin was never crowded, especially during the rest of the year, and always seemed that he was one of the only ones in the ‘Agoraphobia’ cabin. Hm. He flopped down on his bed, looking up at an etched ‘B + K’. Shaking his head, he remembered his past summer crush, a cute girl he’d gotten to know quite closely, but unfortunately wasn’t returning this year. Taking a pocket knife from his jeans’ pocket, he scribbled the letters out and put it back away. There were always other summers, other girls...
Brady Flint (played by 111dev111)

((Wrong character, meant to post as him))
Taz (played by Taz)

((anyone here?))
Reena (played by sleepily)

Reena wandered around the camp site, stopping to overlook a vast lake. She sat down by the edge and skipped stones across the water. First day, everyone’s just settling in. Boring.
Reena sighed. She already missed home. Well, what home was supposed to be.. She fell onto her back and looked up at the blue sky with cotton candy clouds. Reena couldn’t help but smile as she imagined the clouds as different animals and objects.
“A crocodile.. a horse... a um, pair of scissors?” she whispered to herself, chuckling quietly.
Brady Flint (played by 111dev111)

Brady strolled out from his cabin to the lake, following the short winding path through the woods. The cabins and mess hall was in a clearing, and all the activities were in surrounding clearings or at the lake. There were paths similar to the one he was traveling on all around camp.

Once he exited the woods, the vast lake opened up in front of him and he saw a girl skipping rocks and looking up at the sky. He quietly walked closer to the girl, making little noise at all, all the while grinning to himself. Once he was close enough, he focused on becoming an ant and simply poofed into one. Crawling along the ground, he got close, sitting next to her, and then returned to his normal form. “Heya!” He greeted, looking at the girl.
Taz (played by Taz)

Taz didnt wait for a reply, she wanted to explore the wilderness out side. she tought she would be nice and say "bye" she smiled as she changed to her wolf form in the cabin. huffing while looking at the person she clawed the door which was on a hinge and trotted out side seeing that there were two people near the water. she padded towards some logs and climbed up them with her large wolf paws and fit body. she could see everywhere from up there, so she laid down resting her head on her paws watching the two near the water.
Brady Flint (played by 111dev111)


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