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You wake from a night terror only to find a massive monster crouched next to you. It's talons mere inches from your face as though you were it's chosen meal. Once it notices that you are awake, it stumbles away in full panic, cawing and beating it's massive wings as though it was lit on fire. Suddenly this gangly, were-raven looking beast vanishes into the darkness. The only proof that it was ever there are a few giant feathers, gently floating to ground like ash.

When the sun rises you ask about the feathers and strange creature only to be met with fearful looks or avoided all together. Eventually an elder points you towards a dead forest, shrouded in thick fog that rests on Carrion Mountain. This forest is known to be especially haunted and it's said that those who set foot within it never return. Then he turns to the feathers that you hold and informs you of a sinister race known as the Valra that supposedly reside there, though no one is sure. He suggests that you keep an eye on the trees lest the Valra turn you into their next victim. Could these fearful creatures truly be the same you saw that night?

The markets were full today but everyone was on edge since the news of a Valra sighting. Their gazes constantly rising to the bright sky. Many even murmured to themselves that the Valra were nothing more than fairy tail creatures in hopes of calming themselves.

Tucked in the shadows of an alley was a figure in a black cloak. Head down, arms crossed, but watching everyone in the markets go about their buissiness. " This won't be easy today..." They thought. Just as they sighed a young Drakar woman stopped by a merchant that was near. She seemed perfectly calm as she placed her bags at her feet to look over the jewelry.

Such perfect timing and an elite at that. A smirk crossed the mysterious figure's face as they stepped forward and pulled the hood back just enough to show their nose and mouth. A few strands of black hair fell forward as they leaned in to look at what she was considering.

The woman jumped at the new shadow by her side but quickly smiled. " My don't you have a sharp eye. Tell me dear, which of these improves the elegance my wings?" She placed her hands by two different necklaces. One was heavily jeweled with rubies and diamonds while the other was mostly gold with three large rubies laid into the intricate design.

The question was perfect and the figure circled around to inspect her wings. After a bit they nodded and picked up the golden necklace. " This one will bring out your eyes as well and compliment your wings" The voice so charming that she couldn't help but blush as he placed the necklace on her. " Why thank you dear. Why don't you take your hood off so I may see your face?"

That was his cue and he took a few steps back. " Our elements don't match so it does not matter" With that he bowed slightly and walked away with a few new goods. As usual no one noticed anything that would suggest thief.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He walked over the lady with them wings quietly and steadily. Like a quick quiet midnight he stole the gold from her hand before she noticed. He disappeared to the rooftops before she got an idea of what happened and walked the other way.
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

A new scent nearby caught the attention of the hooded figure. Quickly he whirled around to try to find the source of the scent. The crowded streets made it difficult to locate a single person though and the sound of his own heartbeat reminded him that he spent too much time in the city walls. Despite that he couldn't help but grin at the woman's dismay as she tried to locate her gold. Gold!? He didn't steal that.

Everything felt wrong now like trees reaching out on moonless nights to normal folk. The light glinted off the metal on his boots as he bolted towards a dark alley. He couldn't leave yet, he needed to do one more thing.

He prayed to Lumerin as he navigated the dark and forgotten corridors. "What is wrong with me!?" he thought as he clung to his cloak. " I'm supposed to be..." Just then an ecstatic voice shattered his thoughts. " NASR!!!" Next thing he knew, he was flat on his back. A boy no older than 6 was clinging to him, eyes bright with hope. " Did you find good stuff?"

Nasr groaned as he sat up. The hood had fallen off now. " Get off..." He said as he gently pushed the boy to the side. The kid pouted but noticed Nasr looking over his shoulder as he reached into his cloak. " Did they find you? Oh maybe you got scared again!" The kid snickered but fell silent when Nasr glared at him.

" New scent..." His expression softened then changed to one of concern as he pulled a bag of candied lunar fruit out and handed it to the boy. " WOW!! You brought me candy today!? Thanks!!" He was so excited that he forgot about Nasr's fears. While the kid mowed down his treat, Nasr stood up and stared at the end of the alley.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He bit the gold he was holding, “real but not that good”, he said then began concentrating one of his elements to his feet. He was a rare find and wanted to keep it that way. After gathering some dark energy to his legs, he took a step to the air like walking up stairs and began to walk on the air.
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

It wasn't long before the boy finished the bag of fruit. "Hey Nasr, do you have more?" The question pulled Nasr from his thoughts. " Hm? Oh...sure. Here kid you'll find more food in the pockets" He took the cloak off and handed it to the kid before turning to walk away.

The boy eagerly dug through the cloak and pulled out a bag of roc jerky before looking back up. " Can you leave without your cloak?" The kid lifted it slightly, a sad look on his face.
Nasr looked back long enough to nod. " You know me better than that" The shadows swirled around him briefly just before he took the shape of a raven with a jagged beak.

He rose quickly and decided it would be fun to scare the jittery masses. His call rang out like a dirge as he burst into the light once more. Everyone scattered below, some even dropping their goods. Though the response was priceless something was wrong.

There, in the air was something, no someone he had never seen before. The darkness was something familiar to him though and he flew closer to get a better look. Then he noticed it, the new scent was from this person. Who was this stranger?
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He looked over at the commotion and saw a weird looking bird flying at him, “someone’s bird went loose I guess”, he said silently. He walked the other way away from the bird. The darkness seemed to become much more than before
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

How strange it was to Nasr that someone would not fear his presence even as a raven. It made him curious about the stranger.He chose to follow and hopefully steal something as a joke....Or so he thought. A deep voice boomed from below. " There he is!!" Unilas were filling the markets now and focused on the stranger. " Capture him for the Luminaries! Remember they want him alive!"

The he hated them. There was no time to think as the Unilas prepared their light magic. Instinct dominated Nasr's fear of new people, driving him forward towards the growing darkness. He tried to speak but only a loud caw rose from him.

Time was up for changing plans though. Powerful beams of light rapidly weaved through the air towards them.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He saw this scene and quickly went to the path of the beams. With a quick stroke of his finger, dark energy formed a wall to block the beams. The darkness collected the beams and wrapped them into a ball, “that’s a lot of energy.”, he looked down at the men that attacked, “so do you want this back?”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The Unilas stood gaping at what he had done with their magic. Some started to back up while others were frozen in their place. " H-he caught the magic?"
" What is he!?"

The scene was most amusing as Nasr glided around him, chuckling in the way ravens do. This guy clearly didn't his help....atleast with these fools.

A Unilas in the back gained his composure and pointed towards the stranger. " He's the Valra! Don't hold back!" Their horns lit up once more to prepare for another attack.

Nasr looked at the stranger before glaring at the Unilas. The fools had no idea what a Valra looked like. His feathers puffed like an angry cat and his eyes burned with a dark fire. Only one thing ran through his mind. " Finish them"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He snapped his fingers and the ball went up in the air and delivered a loud bang. The light energy emitted was like a small sun exploding blinding them for a small while, “the next bang will be closer to you and I will be using up your energy again. He said to them, “now leave”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The shockwave from the blast sent Nasr reeling towards the ground, Feathers slowly following him.

The Unilas were knocked to the ground or staggered backwards a bit. The force this stranger held was unexpected. They heeded his warning and scrambled away in a most chaotic fashion. All except one. The same fool who stood his ground earlier. " The Luminaries will hear of this Valra! I'll bring you in MYSELF!!"

Nasr regained his humanish form within the shadows of an ally. " Idiot..." He stood up and slunk along the wall. The horn on the Unilas lit up again giving him the chance he needed. In an instant darkness clawed at the lone soldier's feet. It crawled higher until they felt talons at their neck. Next thing the Unilas knew was that he was being held in the air by a were-raven beast.

The terror that glimmered in the soldier's eyes was ambrosia to Nasr. " Look at me and know the Valra" The revelation struck the soldier's soul like lightning but it was too late. His cries echoed through the city as his eyes were pecked from their sockets.

Nasr dropped the Unilas and looked up as a shrill whine filled the air. The Sunstone Tower was now charging magic. The magic from that was impossible to avoid or reflect in anyway. It was time to leave.

He looked up at the stranger and smirked. It had been fun. " I would leave....Valra"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He gave a little dumb look, “the bird turned into a man and talks. Valraraven, is that what they call them. Well, I’m not one of you boy or bird. Just one thing, what are luminaries, or Valra,”, he said scratching his head the landed on the ground, “also, do you take to birds, one of them have my hoodie and won’t return it even when it burrowed it”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The sound of the tower only got louder. There was no time to lose. Nasr reached out and grabbed the stranger's shoulder. Darkness swallowed them up and swept them away.
When it faded they were in the middle of a foggy, dead forest. The terrain was rocky and treacherous, Carrion Mountain.

Nasr let go of the stranger's shoulder and stepped back. He shrank down until he was 5'8 and humanish once more. " I know you are not Valra" light erupted into the sky with a crystaline sound. A few moments later the shockwave blew threw the forest like a storm.

Once it calmed down, Nasr motioned in the direction of the blast. " Luminaries are the....leaders and ones who used the tower" He walked over some treacherous stones until he balanced on the point of a giant boulder. " Valra well....we are just mythical creatures. Tools of the political game. We don't exist" Saying the words left a bitter taste in his mouth. He turned to face the stranger once more. " Before I say anything about birds, who are you?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“I’m just a guy, who’s has a lot of ridiculous energy and elements and bla bla bla. I’m human or demon I guess.”, he said rambling, “and etc, now your turn. Teleportation, with dark element. You are instresting”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Demon huh?" He raised his hand and beckoned to something unseen. " We may get along after all." A raven burst from the fog and perched on his arm. It seemed quite happy to see Nasr but watched the other closely. " You already know what I am. My'll see more in due time. Name's Nasr"

He stroked the bird a few times before whispering something to it. The bird cawed softly only to fly off once more. " While we wait, this bird that stole your hoodie...." He held up a gold coin that he managed to pilfer during the chaos. " A raven or something else?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“No it’s like a white robin, small and cute and sweet. It’s laying it’s eggs when the next fell so I gave it my hoodie for a while. You know what. Let it keep it. Robins grow fast anyway”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" A white robin..." He seemed to fade into thought for a time. The sound of wings started to fill the air and shadows moved through the fog. These brought Nasr back to reality. He nodded with approval of the choice. " You will be abused in this world despite your kind heart."

The trees started to fill with hundreds of ravens. Each one focused on the new guy as though he was prey but none moved from their perch.

Nasr crouched down and pondered on how much to trust this one with so soon. " And four elements shall rule over us. Day, Night, Light, and Dark." In response to his quote, a new voice answered from within the fog. " Why then are we denied our place?" Nasr looked up and pointed at a massive shadow that was approaching from behind.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Cause the rest refuse to admit that you all are the same”, he answered the figure, “the rest think they are so good.”, he said looking around at the birds, “ are they glad to see me or something”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The shadow took form to reveal a black griffin, half wolf, half raven. " You are the first of the dark element we have seen in a long time." The griffin then looked to the trees and nodded. Each and every raven plucked some of their own feathers and brought them to the feet of the stranger. Were-ravens stepped from the fog with handfuls of their own feathers. The griffin pulled some feathers from his chest and added them to the pile. " If what you said is true then offer these in trade for your hoodie. You will need it."

He then looked up at Nasr who was missing his cloak. " NASR! Where is your cloak?" Nasr nearly fell off the boulder from the start. " I gave it to that kid. I can always make another one"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Dark element, that’s what you call it. Actually, I am of many element. People of my existence have been avoiding people for a long time. But I think hanging around you all won’t be bad for me, I hope”, he said picking up the feathers, “the bird might not take it but I will try”

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