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Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" How nice..." He stated while he reformed with his arms crossed. An equally blank look was returned. " It's Valkaur but I know where I stand with you now" The blood dragon strode over to a seat and sat down. Even as a human he held himself with pride.

A few moments were taken to look over her. He got an interesting grin when he saw that she and Shinigami were the same. " I hear you seek compatible dragon blood...most fascinating. Let me clear up that ghost's answer first. Blood Dragons and shapeshifters, the family of gods I'll specify, are the MOST compatible. The volatile genes are stabilized by set genes, meaning we can cross with anything" His grin was hidden behind his hands as he shifted. " You want the full list though, I right?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Then I will be taking your crystallized cells Lisa....oh you're busy. Then vulgar would you mind sharing. I'm trying to make humans with cat ears or horns or half beasts. Shinigami said he was going to have a whole harem of cat eared girls before I could make mine. So you see it's a race one I forgot about till I heard Travis. You're shapeshifter but I need something with a physical body. But your blood can help humans in ways not seen. Have you ever given it before", she asked giving him a normal look
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" horns or half beasts? You could collect Nyctorans for that now cat eared..." He sat upright and shook his finger as though she were onto something. " They would be something new to this world"

He looked over to Shinigami now and thought about what he just heard. Keeping Kuroi would be impossible if he pulled that off, then could be most amusing if he found out about the shapeshifters curse. Vaulkar chuckled and his eyes lit with delight as he focused back on Elena. " Help humans? How so when I just said my genes will stabilize, or become human"

A wave of his hand dismissed his last statement. Something in his expression showed a glimmer of hidden knowledge but it was quickly snuffed out. " There is no amusement favoring one race over the other. I suggest you use the blood of the celestial siblings...unless you can offer a trade that's worth my blood. It won't be cheap"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I will give you the blood of a ice dragon with that of a crystal dragon", he said blankly as she wrote down, "I have about a whole box of vials of them. How much of your blood are we looking at",

By the way you used half of those blood already", Lisa said take a deep breath

Then the blood of a valra. Anyway what you said hit me. Your blood could be used to join the genes together since its docile to the genes. But what could go wrong from using your blood", she asked looking up at him, "I can sense feelings you know"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Valra blood? Oh come now, surely you have something I don't have in spades" He chuckled and looked off to the side. The smile lingered for a moment but faded when he shifted his eyes to look at her. He heard of empaths but it was a well known trick for many. " What feelings do you believe I have then?"

He rested his head on one hand and began to play with magic in the other. " Now, you've asked a very important question. Much can go wrong. There is a small chance that a solid will gain the shapeshifting power. Unlike Kuroi or I, any changes made will be agonizing. A simple conflict of the genes. Problem two, a hybrid may occur. As the creator of fleshy creatures, my genes take dominance so they would be more dragon than human"

His hand was raised and a random human was created, standing to face Elena. The crimson magic constantly swirled and danced around them. Vaulkar had shifted so all his focus was on her now. " Ofcourse this hybrid could appear equally dragon and human resulting in the first blood elemented Nyctorans. Without Lumerin's blessing, you could find him dogging you for eternity. But enough of that! The most entertaining and my favorite danger is this. " He said flipping his hand palm up. " I'm not flesh. Mixing MY blood has a...negative effect on solid genes. It blends perfectly but desires to remain liquid, weakening the genetic structure. The moment the mix exists they begin to deteriorate. Quick and painless, or slow and agonizing, in the end..." The human burst into blood, splashing across the floor when he closed his hand. A few body parts swirled in the mess to give a real impression of the illness.

" Shapeshifters don't have that risk so..." He leaned forward and knit his fingers together. A devious light made his eyes glow a vibrant red. " Join the genes together...I sense a race to outdo Travis' goal. He left you with a single test subject, one that will explain the slaughter. With my blood a single mistake promises failure but success is a holy grail. Easier options still exist with one offering the perks of a god. Again I ask, what will you offer that's worth this?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Worth all that danger. A body. Flesh. I told you I work with flesh. Just say you want the blood of sonne in return cause that's the only thing that will satisfy you isn't it.", she said looking up from the book and an evil grin showed itself, "I fancy blood of things too. I have a mermaids blood to a dragons blood. A gods blood is something I don't have yet. Scratch that I sent something to get that. Anyway you want lumerin blood. Getting that goes against the order doesn't it. What would you want to do with all those blood I wonder. Well not my business but those problems don't really bother humans. Their cells can change to accept those of yours. Sorry I'm rambling here so I can't answer like my usual self", Elena said

What she means is say what you want for the blood and leave the rest to us. A simple exchange nothing more", Lisa said, "she's a racket sometimes"

Oh. True. So what this dark and nonhuman thing you want so much to exchange for your blood even going through the length to tell me all this when you know someone else can just take it if they liked by force", Elena said taking out a piece of paper, "wanna write it down or you wanna name your price"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Oh, I enjoy working with you" A vial of gold was held up as he chuckled. Delicate solar flares danced around it's warm glow. " You're right, the blood of a god is what I desire but your son did well in obtaining Sonne's blood for me" The vial was tossed up and caught then placed in his pocket. " But there is a third god. Didn't know that? Good, that's how the suns want it"

Even in the shape of a human he held blade-like claws. The paper was taken with great care to avoid tearing it. Blood ran along his claw and became as ink. As he wrote a smile like he knew some dark secret showed.

" As an extra treat ask about Kuroi...if you find him" He said as he handed the paper back. In writing more graceful than Sonne's was written, Unbeknownst to Lumerin, a god is sealed in the depths of this world. His name is Enki. If you find a child then you can keep it but Enki's blood is mine.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

So even she doesn't know about it. Oh I'm here one day and I already find a new purpose. The blood is yours vials depend on how much vials you give us", she said looking over the paper, "tell me this person and my son. Who do you think is more dangerous", she said

Lisa raised her head to look at Elena, "shi is not a god"

I know but I still want an honest answer", she said with a wide smile
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

A tough question indeed. Vaulkar leaned back with a sigh as he ran every memory about the two through his mind. After what seemed like eternity, he answered. " Honestly that's tough to say. Your son hasn't shown power enough to be sealed so...let's place bets on Enki"

He chuckled again as he looked at the boy. A fight could be most amusing to find out who was stronger but something else could be far more amusing. " I you think you could challenge or trust in the pride of this god?" He said pointing at Lisa. The hand was raised rapidly to shake it off as he turned his focus back to Elena.

A bag of empty vials and bottles manifested in his hand to be set before her. " I will give nothing until I know without a doubt that the blood you provide me is from Enki. Keep your end and I will match the amount. Return with the secret I know and I will double it"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Well it will be instresting. Ok. Deal. Any thing else we need to know", she said looking back to the book, "well since he achieved immortality my clan can finally go back together so it will be a side quest till that's over. Also I want to see what this person has on my son",

Don't send him off to die again", Lisa said

Die. He's immortal. A royal test subject. There's no need to worry for hom", she replied
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Need to know?" He drummed his finger on his chin as he thought despite knowing the answer. " Yes, it was someone's brilliant idea to seal Solarium in the world instead of killing her. I would be wary of that"

Slapping his legs, Vaulkar stood up and looked over them with a smug grin. " Concern for an immortal? Most amusing. I'll leave you to gather your clan" He said with a wave. As he headed to the door he mumbled. " Humans and their excessive emotions...he won't miss the goddess with her around"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh he will. He doesn't like losing friends. That's why he didn't get mad at you", she said going back to the book, "also if you see averin tell him we are getting guests soon. Call them the clan elders. ", she said moving her pen on the book

So he's leaving. Bye vulgar", Lisa said then went back to work

Don't blow too much you don't want to weaken or stretch out his lungs", Elena said to her

I know what I'm doing", Lisa smiled back
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Her ears were finer than he expected. He paused and looked over his shoulder as he listened then nodded. " You could always call him but I'll keep that in mind" With a wave, he vanished out the door. " I'll return...especially if there will be experiments with flesh and blood"

A detour was made to the library on the way back to his spot in the castle. When he returned the ghostly presence was there, staring into the blood for some reason. " What are you doing? You have work to do. Seems 'the elders' of that boy's kin will be here" Vaulkar stated as he lifted his head.

" Hm? I'm trying to find a way to help our lady. Since we shall have guests I will think as I work" Averin rose into the air before floating towards the blood dragon. He stopped when he noticed a familiar book in his hands.

" By staring at blood?" Vaulkar chuckled. " Forget it! It's not help she needs but a choice. Fun or move on" The book was shaken a bit and he stepped forward.

" Fun? Is that why you're holding that book? I know you, what are you planning to do to her?" The ghost reached out to nab the book but Vaulkar rushed to the far side of the room. It was held up so the title was visible, The Book of Shapeshifters.

" Not just her. I intend to try them both" A cruel grin crossed his face and his eyes lit up. Averin merely shook his head. Only one thing fit that statement, the shapeshifter's curse.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

A portal appeared beside them. Elenas head reached out, "you mind keeping it down in trying to study", she said then her head went back and the portal closed. Shinigami began breathing no ally in an hour and began to sleep
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The two stared at her, confused. Where they were was far from his room. How could she hear them?

Within the hour Averin kept busy preparing the castle for the guests. He noticed Inei and the boy had not returned. A problem since their task of finding Nasr should have been simple.

Greater concern built in the ghost when he found Yuuma in the library, hunched over the tablets and piles of books. The shy dragon's eyes were dark but he refused to set them aside. "...Which was merciful...genocide or...what the boy will face..." He muttered as he worked.

As he traced the carvings in a tablet, Pavol placed his hand in the way. " The trouble is over right? Where is Shinigami and Nasr? I want to play"

Yuuma smiled and roughed up the kids hair. " Shinigami is probably busy as always. Why don't you help me? It'll be a mystery game. If you figure out more than me, I'll treat you to something special"

The kid scrambled onto the table with a big grin. I faded when he saw how complex the tablets were but the elite schooling revealed something. " Hey, my dad knew these marks. He called them...I don't remember but they were used by the first race. That's what we're taught" He said pointing at them.

" The first race? Then this could affect them too...I wonder..." Yuuma began to shift the tablets around. The pictures and writing no longer made sense but the random grooves now connected to create a circle he had never seen before.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

A portal appeared beside Yuuma, "I heard something that has to do with the first race", elenas voice said as she walked through it red glasses on, "by the way shinigami is sleeping. He had trouble breathing and fainted caused the pascal of air was messing with his head. He's ok now but his heart rate still needs to calm down. He will wake up tomorrow morning. Now I pride myself with hearing things when I working and I heard someone say something the first race used. You mind if I join in on this game that should be easier than me messing with your memories", she said sitting down, "oh avein. You're everywhere. Any troubles"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

He jumped at the voice and turned in time to see her step forth.
" He's sick? I hope he gets better soon" Pavol said as he slumped across a tablit.

" She just said he'll be fine tommorow" Yuuma shoed the boy off the tablet before looking at Elena. Though he was unsure of where she had been, there was no denying her uncanny hearing. " Um...s-sure you can join. Just t-trying to figure this out. I guess it...explains why the humans had to die...and more"

The pieces were carefully slid near her to reveal the recently discovered circle. " It seems the tablets have more than one way to read them. Are you familiar with this circle"

While those two were eager to unravel the mysteries of the stones, Averin grabbed some books and put them away. " No, no troubles so far. Inei, Keiran, and Nasr are still missing but they should return soon. I hope"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh that's troublesome. Well let's see the tablet", she said kneeling down beside it to see it
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

For the moment, the images and words were scrambled. The circle itself was whole though whatever color it might have been had long since washed away. Should the pieces be arranged so the images and writing made sense, the circle would appear as random marks or detailing.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

i l ow this words but the circle is incomplete. Hey averin you mind, your mistress must have taught you to learn the language right", she said looking at him

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