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Contessa Beauregard (played by MercyInReach)

IC game.

This game is simple, how would/does your character react to the character above them standing on their door step when they open their door after knocking?

Play fair, if you see a blank on the main forum page it means the most recent person to post is someone you have blocked, and you should wait until someone you can actually see has posted so that no one is skipped. If someone is skipped on accident it's understandable but try to avoid it ^-^

You can have your character recognize, know or have no idea who the character is. Make it fun, pretend there's a connection good, bad, neutral, or no connection at all. Your choice.

Let's start with Contessa. The first person to reply has to put how their character reacts to Contessa knocking on their door and being on their doorstep, the next person puts how their character reacts to the next character and so on.
Unnamed (played anonymously)

"Oh, what a beautiful lady! Wonderful hair and sense of style. This may be a little strange seems how we haven't met before, but would you be down to model for a painting? You'd make a lovely subject!"
Dr Will (played by Moono)

Ah! I take it you're my next patient! You're here for a check-up? No problem, come in! Mind the bloodstains, my last patient got a bit agitated at the word "vivisection" and tried to leave. Sit down there, I'll be with you in a moment!
Cid Myers (played by Lanx12)

His eyebrow twitched seeing the doctor before him on his doorstep. "Uh...Yeah look I already got my flu shot so..." Slams the door and locks it due to a fear of doctors. His body shaking a bit as he thought of another needle. "Nope not seeing another way!"
Bryce Geoffrey (played anonymously)

"Oh hey man. The camaros in the garage, come check it out."
Rosetta banner (played by Dib2435)

" Hi there , is there any way I can help you " rose smile softly and friendly
The bronze-scaled dragon-like warrior looks almost out of place in casual clothing, standing at the door of a modest appartment, but radiates strength all the same.

"While it preferable for those seeking the aid of the Pentatheon to visit the Temple of the Five during designated hours," he says with a bemused yet polite smile, oxidized-copper-green eyes kindly and warm in contrast to his imposing frame.

"I also know the need for guidance or a guardian does not stay confined to a convenient schedule, and am not surprised when a person in need is able to find me, however," he ontinues, "How through me may the gods aid you, young one?"
Florence Elizabeth (played by AmberShades)

"Wow- Uhm.." Florence blinked, blankly holding the door open. She held her free hand outwards, tapping the warrior-dragon's chest with bewilderment in her wide, hazel eyes. "I didn't order a dragon.. Just new paintbrushes.. Wrong house!" The artist called out to whoever was listening, quickly shutting the door and debating if she had gotten enough sleep the previous night.
"Well hello, I wanted to have nap, but I guess you are here." Anne would look a little sleepy "So tell me what's the matter, it's quite alright if something is wrong since that happens to many people." Then she would close the door, but not fully so she still could see who was standing infront of her door.
Mikaze looked at the woman, tilting his head to the side. "Hmm? What are you doing here? I've never met you before!" He said, smiling still. Calling back into the house, he turned around. "Moooommm! Is this one of your friends? She showed up at the doorstep today..."
Chiyoko Hasegawa (played by Lithe)

Chiyoko looked at the strange boy at her doorstep. “Well aren’t you a cutie? But for real, who are you? Do you need my help? Because if so, I have no problem helping you! If not, well, my name’s Chiyoko, and you can come inside if you want. But don’t steal anything or hurt me, ok? I can fight, and I can fight damn well.” She said, warning him.
Cleone Pawtra (played by MercyInReach) Topic Starter

"Well, you've come a long way haven't you?" She smirked.
Avri (played by Alien_Princess)

The door casts open almost as if untouched to reveal the small Avri, staring up at Cleone nearly hatefully as she works to interpret what she see's. "A C'lestal?" the girl asks with dropped brows as she scrutinizes her visitors appearance. "What you'll want fr'm me?" she asks releasing the nob of the door and reaching the same hand up her wrist to pull down a proportionally sized short sword, rearing it back ready for combat. "I hunts a demon....the golds figer dosn scares me."
Valentine (played by KingdomOdd1)

He peeked through the open door, and saw Avri. With shaky hands he opened the door wider and held up his notepad trembling. Notepad: I-I have nothing for you to take! I promise! Please don't hurt me.
Janus Flint (played by Cactus_Jones)

The war veteran opened the door to his home slowly as he had not expected visitors to come. When he opened the door he saw expected some sort solicitor but saw a young male with a bit of pink in his black hair in the shape of a heart which confused to why but ignored thought it was some statement made from the next generation. He began to chuckle lightly and asked the kid, "What do you need from me, young man?"
The green devil man opened the door and recognized the aura of a war hero. "Ah, a fellow veteran. I was wondering if I'd meet someone from a different battle than me." He shook the man's hand as a sign of thanks from him. "Thank you for your service."
Elide Hofer (played by vlpingree)

Elide’s eyes widened upon seeing Nightmare on her doorstep. She had just been enjoying a nice cup of tea while on a phone call meeting with woman who had employed her services and the two were discussing her successful hit on an abusive ex-husband. She had to end the call early when the doorbell of the residence she was occupying for that week rang. The man was altogether quite normal looking with dark hair, blue eyes, a normal build, and clothes that looked like they were from this century. The only off-putting thing about him was that his skin was green. The young woman had had her fair share of run-ins with the supernatural, but she’d never seen a specimen like him. “...May I help you?” she asked. It wasn’t exactly every day she was employed by a green-skinned being.
"She looks mean," Isabella worried out loud to her large male zombie companion. Letting the drape go, she turned to look at him with worry drawn on her face, "I don't think we should let her in."

The undead companion of the girls simply stared back with a blank face, unanswering. After a moment, the child finally sighed deeply. "Fiiiine," she said poutingly as she hopped off the chair and retrieved her tome, pressing it firmly against her chest as she turned towards the door. "But you're opening it."

Without hesitation the man turned and walked to the door, pulling it partially open to reveal Elide on the porch. Isabella stood behind the mans legs, keeping herself well guarded as she spoke to the strange woman. "Hi...can I help you?"
Shantotto (played anonymously)

Shantotto went to open the door of her witch's cottage, always happy to receive customers.

"Oh my, it is not often I get a child. That is rather wild." Indeed, didn't children usually steer away from obvious witches?

"Hm, but you're not a regular one. A being such as you I cannot shun."

"Come inside and sit for a spell. I believe our time together will be quite swell."
Zaharah (played by hexblading)

(Picks this up because why not! Plus, I simply adore Shantotto.)

"Ah, do mine eyes deceive me? Nay, not for such a striking stature, mistaken it cannot be!" Rosaline gasped, quite instantly recognizing the telltale sight of a Tarutaru as soon as she opened the door, but the surprise came from who exactly she was. "The unlearned give you not the respect earned your station, but I can only hope this suffices such a sudden visitation."

"Come in, come in; I shall serve you cookies and tea! You are a guest of honour, O Lady Shantotto; celebrated you shall be."

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