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Hello! My name is Xanthe Oliver, and I am embarrassed to say that I have no experience with roleplaying. A friend of mine is hooked on it and I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I'll admit the concept is interesting, especially considering all of the possibilities for writing and designing. I'm excited to see how this experience will all play out, but I'm sure I'll get addicted.

My favorite novel genres are romance, adventure, and mystery (all with bits of horror), so i feel like I'll be more inclined to do roleplays related to those. I would definitely be interested in doing a few one-off scenes once i have designed a character so that i can get a feel of my writing style and gain acquaintances and experiences for my characters.

On a side note, I hope everyone is having a wonderful night and I look forward to meeting you all! I'm delighted to be here!


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THE SKETCHY LIFE (played anonymously)

Welcome to RPR!

I hope you can find a good group and friends here that will make your first time experience greater.
Hi there, Xanthe!! Welcome to RPR! I'm already loving your aesthetic and dedication to design! I hope you have a lot of fun here and I'm glad we have you!

RPR has its own little forum about roleplaying if you'd think it'd be helpful to you! - Here's the link!

I'm a multi-paragraph third-person writer myself. I've been roleplaying for seven years give or take. I'd love to write with you sometime!

*Cue A French Guy Kicking Down The Door, Following With Jazz Hands*

Bonsoir, Mon Ami! :D Welcome To RPR! If You Have Any Questions, Or RP Ideas, Don't Be Afraid To Ask/Tell! Happy Writings! <3
Welcome to the site, Xanthe! I hope you're settling in okay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Lost of friendly folks around willing to help out.

Cheers to making new friends and having tons of fun RPs! :D
Hello and welcome to RPRepository. You'll make plenty of freinds in no time.
Hello! Welcome to RPR!! <3


I'm sure you'll love it here and I hope you have fun! If you're confused with something, I'd be glad to help you! :)
Hi, welcome to RPR! :)
:star: Welcome to RPR :star:

Lucky for you, in RP discussion forums there are many topics to assist writers if you feel inclined <3 We all started somewhere... and then we got hooked and never left.
Hi Xanthe! I'm new here too - not much for horror though. I hope you're settling in okay and meet plenty of RP partners.
Hullo. :) Welcome to RPR, I hope you'll have a good time here.
I personally enjoy action, romance, and sci-fi fantasy, but horror is fun on occaision. I think it requires some stomach to do it properly, but when it's well done it certainly adds spice to a fictional story. I think full-on horror isn't really my thing, though.

Anyway, we're glad to have you! A new friend/member of the community is always fun for even a brief stay, so if you truly become dedicated to the art and work that is RP, I think you'll be comfortable here.
So, welcome! If you have any questions there are heaps of people who can and will answer them; if you want backup or betas or instructors, it's only a thread or a few away to find some help; if you just want to share in the joy of new characters, creativity, and camaraderie, that's fine too, and there are forums, groups, and games all over! I'm happy to answer some questions if you have any, and friends are nice so you can chat with me whenever, if you like. :P
There's lots of lore to explore, groups to traverse, and guilds to be joined, so go on out there and have some good fun! :D :D :D
But no rush, of course. Everyone has their own pace. Haha.
Have a good one! :3 :)

<3 <3 <3
Welcome to RPR!!!
Welcome. Even with no experience, I think you'll have loads of fun with it! There is something for everyone and experience levels never matter! Have a good time.

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